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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview


Note:  This free web site only allows a capacity of 50 guestbook signings.  This site has now reached that maximum - so, to allow for more guestbook signatures and comments above, I have duplicated the first 50 guestbook signings below - work-in-progress - and deleted them from the guestbook above)

1.  Cindy Hudson
What a wonderful tribute you are doing for these remarkable people.  Thank you so much.  Some of these wonderful people are from my home town of Grande Cascapedia, Quebec.  Until now, I didn't realize the extent of their contribution.  Thanks.
May 25 2005

2.  Dennis Morley
I know what those Canadian lads went through.  I was there.  I wish all survivors good health, good luck, and God bless.
May 3 2005

3.  James Hightower
My uncle Jack Lewis L. Lansford 200th CAC Reg. Hdqtrs. Bataan/Capt. Corregidor died 1/14/44 Niigata 5-b pneau.  So many of your boys died there too.  He was from Waco, Tx.  I was hoping some one may remember him.  If so, please write or e-mail me.
April 20 2005

4.  Ron Parker
Beautiful new look.  Good on you.  Five stars.

5.  Chris Jiggins
After finding out that the newest road in my small town of Port Hope Ontario Canada is going to have my last name, I wondered why is that?  To my surprise, I found out through my local legion that one of my estranged grandfathers' brothers had fought in WWI
February 23 2005

6.  Jeff Yam
Thanks for this good web site.  It tells me a detailed story of a soldier who helped in protecting Hong Kong.  I am from Hong Kong.  Thanks for those who fought at that time for this small place.
February 23 2005

7.  Ron Parker
A tremendous effort on your part Michael.  You have done your grandfather proud.
November 24 2004

8.  Winnie Malbeuf
What a great site.  My dad was a POW in Japan in WWII.  His name was Fred Malbeuf and was with the Winnipeg Grenadiers.

9.  Bob Sweek
Wonderful work you have done thus far Michael.  Good luck as you develop more.  PS - My father was Royce (Bud) Sweet.
November 13 2004

10.  Colleen Clair
Such a wonderful thing to do!
September 2004

11.  Mary Gwen Nee Smith Collet
My mother Mary Louise (Paulie) Smith Pateman's brother was Cyril Albert Pateman.  He died in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  He was brave to the end.
September 19 2004

12.  Ward Stepanchuk
Interesting - my father was there.
September 1 2004

13.  Sharon Stepanchuk
Father was a member of the Royal Rifles.  Always interested in related information.
August 31 2004

14.  Cathy MacKinnon
What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather.  I am from St. Peter's and I knew him as the Postmaster.
July 31 2004

15. Jon Rimando
Very nice web site, I really enjoyed it.  My grandfather was a fellow POW with you, his name is Charles W. Tucker POW #294.  I believe he was with you throughout the whole ordeal.  I am sorry to report that he passed away on 12 March 2004.
July 9 2004

16.  Kevin Cabaj
Very interesting web site.  I enjoyed it very much and will come back again.  After all, George was my uncle.
May 26 2004

17.  Mike Ferrier
I was born in Canton in 1927.  Went to school in HK and evacuated to Australia in 1941.  Dad was with the HK Naval Volunteers interned at Sham Shui Po; Mum at Stanley.
May 5 2004

18.  Michael Hurst MBE
An excellent site with great potential.  It is well planned and laid out for easy browsing.  Good research done so far with excellent references and links.  Keep up the great work - you and your grandfather can be proud of this site.
April 20 2004

19.  Cathy Palmer
The site is great Michael.  Very interesting and informative.  I am sure Grandpa would be very impressed with your hard work.  I look forward to the updates.  Great job!
April 16 2004

20.  Gerald Dickie
Thanks for the site.  My uncle John McKay died in Hong Kong with the Royal Rifles.  My wife's uncle died in Japan, Fred Willet.  Sadly there are no pictures or history for either.
April 12 2004

21.  Lou (Kilmer) Palmer
You have done a fabulous job.  Your dedication to the task and rapport with the contributors has been superb.  Your grandfather would be very grateful for the huge volume of work you expended to tell his story, and would be very proud of your achievement.
February 10 2004

22.  Mitzi Ross
I am very proud with what you have accomplished on your web site.  My father, Lancelot Ross, has enjoyed talking with you by phone and he is very pleased with your work.  I will be sending your site address on to other Hong Kong veterans and their children.
February 7 2004

23.  Lancelot Ross
You've done a great job Michael.  I will read it all in-depth later on.  Keep up the good work!
February 7 2004

24.  H. Joseph MacDonald
Terrific work Michael, although I have not spent alot of time on it.... yet!
February 7 2004

25.  Conni Larsen (Hogarth)
God Bless you... superb web site... my father Kenneth Hogarth was a POW in the Winnipeg Grenadiers.  It must have been heartwrenching for all of the men.  Especially to see their buddies killed right beside them.  Certainly would like to know more about my father.
January 28 2004

26.  Mary (nee: MacAdam) Palmer
Your write-up on George Palmer is absolutely admirable.  It is extremely well written and thoroughly researched.  It is incredible what the POWs endured and so many survived.  George was a strong person and a leader in his camp.  I am proud of you Michael.
January 29 2004

27.  Ian Shepherd
Thank you for this web site.  My dad was CSM Harold Barlow Shepherd.  He carried that scar for the rest of his life.  We moved from Riverbend, Que, to Cold Lake, AB in 1953.  He died April 1994 in Kelowna, BC.
January 23 2004

28.  Peter Allen
I was there with him, and the horror can not be believed or described.  It's all the truth.
January 5 2004

29.  Laura Palmer
Very interesting! :)
January 5 2004

30.  Anne Trick
Hi there.  This is a terrific web site and I've given the link to my husband who is currently transcribing his dad's dairies from his experiences in Hong Kong - his dad was a Pte/Cpl there for the same length of time it seems.  I will ask him to send you further
January 2 2004

31.  David Abbott

32.  David Hughes
Great job!  Your site has helped me a great deal in researching my own Grandfather - Sgt. Harold Hughes in Hong Kong also of HQ Coy.  What you've done is an honor to your grandfather.  Thanks again.
December 20 2003

33.  Cindy Palmer
Great web site Michael!  It's wonderful to see such information and to have it documented so everyone can finally see what daddy endured.  Keep up the good work.
December 19 2003

34.  Pam Broadhead
Lovely web site and very moving to read.  Look forward to seeing what else appears in the future.  Your grandad would be proud.
December 17 2003

35.  Rebecca Larkin
Excellent work Michael!  I check the web site almost daily from work and your progress is awesome.  Can't wait to see the finished product.  Happy Holidays!
December 16 2003

36.  Debbie Palmer
Great job Michael!  There is alot of information in this.  Alot I didn't know.  Keep up the good work.  Looking forward to it.  You would make your Grandpa proud.
December 13 2003

37.  Terry Leung
I am from Hong Kong and I am very grateful to Canada and the Canadians who have contributed so much during the war.
December 9 2003

38.  Jason Palmer
It's great that you have dedicated a site to our grandfather and it is nice to have this information about him, finally more accessible.  I look forward to your updates.  Happy Holidays!
December 5 2003

39.  Michelle Palmer
Wow!  What a great tribute to Grampa.  You have put alot of your free time and effort into it.  It looks great and contains very valuable information for family members and visitors alike.  Well done Michael and have a great holiday season.

40.  Mary and Norbert Palmer

41.  Auldon Sutherland
Great job!
December 2 2003

42.  Jean Cormier
My father was Ernest E. Welsh
November 29 2003

43.  Cheryl Viner
I have printed off some of the articles for my dad, Doug Rees.  Your dad was his commander.  What an incredible web site.  It should be sent to all schools.  Very well done.
November 18 2003

44.  Colleen Monier (nee: Palmer)
I was always proud of Grandpa, but after reading all of this additional information, I'm even moreso!  I really appreciate the time and effort that you have taken to research and record this information.  It allows us to more fully and accurately remember.
November 17 2003

45.  Tany Palmer
Thanks for informing me about this web site.  I have found it very interesting and have learned a few things about my grandfather that I did not know.  I am looking forward to the rest of the information.  You have done a great job!
November 17 2003

46.  Katie Ward
A great start Michael!  I look forward to reading more in the future, since it's always interesting to hear the story told from a new perspective.
November 13 2003

47.  Grant Garneau
Great start on your web site.  I am looking forward to the finished product.  It must be exciting to discover the road your grandfather walked on 60 years ago!
November 11 2003

48.  Phil Doddridge
Very impressive, a wonderful start, well organized, and very readable.  Congratulations.  I look forward to more of the same!
November 10 2003

49.  Ron Parker
The story can never be told often enough.  Every telling has a different shade to it which helps fill in the blanks of the total picture.  You are doing a fine job.  Keep up the good work.  I'm sure your grandfather would be proud.
November 10 2003

50.  Tony Banham
In my opinion, this is how history should be written, interlacing a participant's experiences within the context of the event as a whole.  More please!
November 8 2003