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George Palmer's Journey From Prince Edward Island to
Hong Kong and the Omine Camp in WWII

His Story
    Chronology     Capt. Wilson Interview     Dr. Gingras Interview

Note: Approximately 47 Canadian POWs from Hong Kong were sent to Japan on the Naura Maru on April 29, 1944.

Special thanks to Tse Dickuan who smuggled the name list below out of Sham Shui Po Camp during the war.  And thanks to
Tony Banham who forward the list to me)

1.   Beaton, John Donald
2.   Blueman, Henry Kendall
3.   Boisonneault, Adrien E.
4.   Bradbury, Charles
5.   Chatwell, John William
6.   Court, William Henry
7.   Cyr, Augustin
8.   Davies, John Cecil
9.   Furey, James
10. Glenn, John Eric
11. Hamilton, Wordsworth W.
12. Haskayne, Thomas Henry
13. Inglis, Walter Donald
14. Jamieson, David Allan
15. Ladds, William John
16. Lalime, Jean Peter
17.  MacTier, Allan William
18.  Mann, Weston
19.  Matchett, Eugene Boyd
20.  Meredith, Clifford
21.  Morgan, George Oswald
22.  Mulvaney, Thomas L.
23.  Novak, Lenord
24.  Patton, Herbert Borden
25.  Paulson, Soren William
26.  Pelletier, Percy Omer
27.  Peterson, George Nelson
28.  Peterson, Morris Andrew
29.  Poitras, Ferdinand W.
30.  Pollock, John David
31.  Polluck, Jack David
32.  Pryce, Arnold H.
33.  Reich, Fred
34.  Rix, Derek Everard
35.  Shayler, William Edward
36.  Slovinski, Walter
37.  Smith, Elmer C.
38.  St. Germaine, Thomas E.
39.  Temple, George Alfred
40.  Thirwell, Frederick
41.  Tuppert, William G.J.
42.  Valcourt, Leo
43.  Vales, Sidney Arthur
44.  Wellman, David
45.  Wilson, Richard Charles
46.  Wood, Leonard G.K.
47.  Wurm, Verner James