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Death Valley National Park, CA

When you cross the geography of the Great Basin (or Basin and Range region) with that of the the Mojave Desert, you get Las Vegas. But combine that with the western hemisphere's lowest elevation, and you get Death Valley. Although the park is bigger than two Delawares, it is so barren that there is almost nothing recognizable as human -- and yet the rugged starkness of the terrain, the heroic struggle of the early miners and travelers, and even the scrappiness of the surviving native life forms are all inspirational. But I wouldn't want to live there.

Date of visit: 023 (aka Groundhog Day) +/- 1.

For an earlier, quicker trip, see my Mt. Whitney page.

Dante's View Zabriskie Point composite view
Scotty's Castle Ubuhebe Crater Little Hebe Crater
Mosaic Canyon 20 mule train Artist's Palette Golden Canyon Federal banality

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