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Arrest of terrorist suspect sparks rampage in Maluku (30/11/2005) #11307
The Jakarta Post, November 29, 2005
M. Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon. Enraged by the arrest of terror suspect Syarif Tarabubun, hundreds of people attacked and burned down on Monday a Muslim boarding school believed to have been harboring terrorists.

Another terrorist training camp uncovered (30/11/2005) #11306
on Maluku Islands
AsiaNews, 28 November, 2005
by Benteng Reges. Jakarta (AsiaNews) – High alert in Haya, a village located in the mountains of central Maluku near Tehoru, where residents torched the Mujahidin pesatren hostel, which hosted Muslim students. People burnt the structure after police announced that the hostel's leader, Ustad Batar, was a su! spected terrorist.

Indon president orders lifting of ban on US terror expert (30/11/2005) #11303
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Tuesday November 29, 2005 3:59 PM
JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered the lifting of a one-year-ban on US terrorism researcher and Jemaa! h Islamiyah (JI) expert Sidney Jones.

Indonesian sunday school teachers lose appeal (30/11/2005) #11301
Christian Communication Network, November 28, 2005
INDRAMAYU, Indonesia, Nov. 28 /Christian Wire Service/ -- Christian Freedom International urges the immediate release of Dr. Rebekka Zakaria, Eti Pangesti and Ratna Bangun. The women are currently serving a three year prison sentence in the Indramayu district of West Java, having been wrongly convicted of "attempting to coerce children to change their religion" under the Indonesian "Child Protection Act."

Obscure Islamist group on Batam recruiting members (29/11/2005) #11297
The Jakarta Post, November 28, 2005
Fadli, The Jakarta Post, Batam. Around 1,000 people from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia, calling themselves Jamaah Usaha Dakwah or preaching community, arrived here on Saturday for a three-day gathering amid growing concerns over radicalism and the spread of militant ideas.

Police hunt down financial backer of Noordin's network (29/11/2005) #11296
The Jakarta Post, November 28, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta/Makassar. Police are currently looking for an East Java resident believed to be a financial backer of terrorist operations led by Noordin M. Top and the now dead Azahari bin Husin, as part of efforts to halt terror activities in the country and capture Noordin.

Minister Deems Jones a Security Threat (29/11/2005) #11295
Paras Indonesia, 11, 28 2005 @ 08:17 pm
Roy Tupai. Justice and Human Rights Minister has defended the government’s decision to ban American human rights activist and terrorism expert Sidney Jones from Indonesia, claiming her public comments are a threat to national security and stability.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 495 (28/11/2005) #11290
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, November 27, 2005
TERRORIST NEST UPROOTED - A rather spectacular anti-terrorist action was carried out by police forces from the Ceram capital Masohi in cooperation with Mobile Brigade police and Ambon Ressort police personnel. On indication by local residents - thus was declared to mass media by proovincial Police Chief Commander, Brigader General Adityawarman - the police arrived at the village of Haya (Tehoru district, South-Ceram) at 2.50 a.m. on November 25.

Suspected militant leader arrested (28/11/2005) #11289
News.Com.au, November 27, 2005
INDONESIAN police are reported to have arrested a Muslim cleric suspected of being one of the leaders of a militant group blamed for continuing violence in religiously-divided Maluku.

Who's Afraid Of 'Dangerous' Sidney Jones? (28/11/2005) #11284
Paras Indonesia, November, 26 2005 @ 12:38 am
By: Roy Tupai. Indonesia has barred American human rights advocate and terrorism expert Sidney Jones from entering the country for a year, claiming she is "dangerous" and could "disturb public order".

Crisis Group Shocked at New Ban on Sidney Jones (26/11/2005) #11282
The International Crisis Group (ICG), 25 November 2005
Brussels/Jakarta, 25 November 2005: "The International Crisis Group is shocked and mystified by the decision of the Indonesian government to ban Sidney Jones, our South East Asia Project Director, from entering the country," Crisis Group President Gareth Evans said today.

Indonesia bars US terrorism researcher for second time (26/11/2005) #11281
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Fri Nov 25, 2005 3:47 AM ET
JAKARTA (AFP) - Indonesia has barred entry to prominent US terrorism researcher and Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) expert Sidney Jones, who said she had "no idea" why she was turned away from the country.

Hundreds of Maluku villages lack access to electricity (26/11/2005) #11277
The Jakarta Post, November 25, 2005
M. Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post, Ambon. Thousands of residents of 333 remote villages in Maluku province have no access to electricity, a senior government official has said. "As they have not been supplied with power, the residents use kerosene lamps at night," said A.G Simarmata, who is t! he chief of the Maluku administration's Mining and Energy Office.

Attacks leave Palu gripped by insecurity (25/11/2005) #11271
The Jakarta Post, November 24, 2005
Ruslan Sangadji, The Jakarta Post, Palu. "I don't dare go home too late at night now. I used to return after 12 midnight, but now I'm already home by 7 p.m. I'm really worried about the terror in Palu these days," Palu resident Jemmy Sundah told The Jakarta Post.

New violence breaks out in eastern Indonesia, one dead (25/11/2005) #11270
ReliefWeb, 24 Nov 2005
Jakarta (dpa) - A clash between rival villagers broke out in Indonesia's troubled eastern province of Maluku, with at least one person reported killed and 15 others wounded, local media reports and police said Thursday.

Cavalry called in, brawl erupts (24/11/2005) #11266
The Jakarta Post, November 23, 2005
AMBON, Maluku: Army soldiers and police officers were fought a pitched battle at dawn on Monday in Ambon city, leaving three civilians injured.

Maluku Islands on high terrorism alert (24/11/2005) #11265
AsiaNews, 22 November, 2005
Ambon (AsiaNews) – In Ambon and Ternate, Maluku Islands, security forces are in a higher state of alert in the run-up to Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Politically Motivated Executions? (24/11/2005) #11264
Paras Indonesia, November, 22 2005 @ 08:37 pm
By: Roy Tupai. An American Christian group is claiming the Indonesian government's decision to uphold the death sentence for three Catholic hoodlums convicted of premeditated murder and inciting deadly religious riots in Central Sulawesi was taken to "balance" the death sentences for three Islamic militants involved in the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings.

SE Asian Terrorists Cash-Strapped (24/11/2005) #11263
After Losing Saudi Funding
CNSNews.com, November 22, 2005
By Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com International Editor. (CNSNews.com) - Terrorists in Southeast Asia were funded by Saudi Arabia until that source was cut off by the arrest of a middleman, forcing the terrorists to sell mobile phone vouchers to finance their activities, Indonesian lawmakers have been told.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 494 (23/11/2005) #11262
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, November 22, 2005
VIGILANCE – Under the nation-wide threat of terrorist activities to be carried out around Christmas and New-Year, in Ambon and Ternate watchfulness has been stepped up by means of various measures:

Indonesia attacks funded by phone card sales: Police (22/11/2005) #11255
The Jakarta Post, 11/21/2005 6:48:41 PM
JAKARTA (Reuters): Militants in Indonesia are short of cash and are funding terrorist operations by selling mobile phone vouchers after other options including sources in Saudi Arabia dried up, the National Police chief said on Monday.

Palu attackers targeted couple, say police chief (22/11/2005) #11251
The Jakarta Post, November 21, 2005
Ruslan Sangadji, The Jakarta Post, Palu. Police investigating the shooting on Saturday of a Christian couple in the Central Sulawesi capital of Palu have found evidence leading them to suspect the victims were targeted by the attackers.

Lawyers for detained Indon cleric to ask for case review (22/11/2005) #11249
The Jakarta Post, 11/21/2005 12:47:51 PM
JAKARTA (AFP): Lawyers for Indonesian hardline Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, jailed for his role in the 2002 Bali bombings, will request later this week that his case be reviewed, one of his lawyers said Monday.

Indonesian Christians in fear after attacks and beheadings (22/11/2005) #11248
ekklesia, 20/11/05
Christians and foreigners living in many parts of Indonesia, the word's most populous Muslim nation, are increasingly fearful for their safety following the Bali bombings and a series of brutal religious attacks over the past few weeks.

Machete killings fuel Indonesia's religious hatred (21/11/2005) #11247
Guardian Unlimited, Sunday November 20, 2005
First light is the most captivating time of day as you cross the vastness of the Indonesian archipelago.

Christian couple shot in C. Sulawesi (21/11/2005) #11246
The Jakarta Post, November 20, 2005
INDONESIA: A Christian couple was shot on Saturday evening by unidentified attackers in Palu, Central Sulawesi, a day after a teenage girl was shot and killed in the same town by unidentified assailants.

Police identify third Bali suicide bomber (21/11/2005) #11241
The Jakarta Post, November 20, 2005
Eva C. Komandjaja, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The National Police said on Saturday they had identified the third suicide bomber of the Oct. 1 bomb attacks on Bali, as efforts in the manhunt for Noordin M. Top and other terrorists continued.

CIA bought foreign cooperation against terrorism (21/11/2005) #11239
Guardian Unlimited, Saturday November 19, 2005
Julian Borger in Washington. The CIA set up a network of secret joint operations centres with two dozen foreign intelligence agencies to hunt down suspected terrorists in the years after September 11 2001, it was reported yesterday.

Thousands of militants with foreign experience hide (21/11/2005) #11238
in Indonesia: report
Xinhua News Agency, 2005-11-19 10:33:37
JAKARTA, Nov. 18 (Xinhuanet) -- Thousands of Indonesians with experience as Islamic militants in Afghanistan, Southern Philippines, Sri Lanka and Libya are believed to be residing in big cities in Java and West Sumatra although it is not known whether they were also part of the terrorist network led by the Malaysian terrorist duo Dr Azahari and Noordin M. Top.

Rector to be quizzed again over weapons (19/11/2005) #11237
The Jakarta Post, November 19, 2005
AMBON, Maluku: Police investigators are planning to question again Muhammad Attamimi, the rector of Ambon State Islamic Institute (STAIN), for his role in the alleged storage of weapons and explosives within the institute's compound. Attamimi was earlier questioned in his capacity as a witness in the case.

Woman murdered in fresh attack in C. Sulawesi (19/11/2005) #11236
The Jakarta Post, November 19, 2005
Eva C. Komandjaja, The Jakarta Post/Jakarta. A cosmetics salesgirl was attacked and murdered on Friday morning by three machete-wielding men in Palu, Central Sulawesi, in yet another grisly terror attack on young females in the tense province.

Radical groups must be outlawed: Ex-spy chief (19/11/2005) #11235
The Jakarta Post, November 19, 2005
The police shot dead Indonesia's most-wanted bomber, Dr. Azahari bin Husin, and one of his followers, Arman, in a raid on their hideout in the East Java hill resort of Batu a week ago, and subsequently arrested at least five terrorist operatives. Former National Intelligence Agency (BIN) chief A.M. Hendropriyono recently spoke with The Jakarta Post's Ridwan Max Sijabat on the raid and the counterterrorism effort in general. The following are excerpts from the interview.

Westerners face "serious" security threat in Indonesia: US (19/11/2005) #11233
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Sat Nov 19, 2005 2:26 AM ET
The United States cautioned that Westerners faced a "serious" threat from militants in Indonesia and renewed a warning to Americans to defer non-essential travel to the Southeast Asian archipelago.

Militant Web site shows how to stage attacks in Jakarta (19/11/2005) #11231
REUTERS, Fri Nov 18, 2005 6:05 AM GMT
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A Web site purportedly set up under orders from a leading Asian militant gives instructions on how to shoot foreigners in the streets of the Indonesian capital or throw grenades at motorists stuck in traffic.

Terrorist threathens fresh attacks (18/11/2005) #11221
The Jakarta Post, November 17, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Semarang/Bandung. A masked terrorist, suspected to be Noordin M. Top, has issued a warning of more bomb attacks against Western targets in Indonesia, according to a taped recording released to the public at the Vice Presidential office on Wednesday.

Australia Unfazed By Terror Threat Tape (18/11/2005) #11220
Paras Indonesia, 11, 17 2005 @ 10:09 pm
Roy Tupai. Australia says it is not intimidated by threats that it will be hit by terror attacks if it fails to withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Azahari's brother apologizes to victims (18/11/2005) #11219
The Jakarta Post, November 17, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The brother of slain terrorist Azahari bin Husin confirmed on Wednesday that the corpse shown to him by police was that of his brother and apologized to his victims and their relatives.

Indonesian police: More bombmakers on the loose (18/11/2005) #11217
The Christian Science Monitor, November 15, 2005
By Tom Regan. Jakarta's police chief warned Indonesians Tuesday to "remain vigilant," following the death last week of Dr. Azahari bin Husin, top Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) bombmaker, in a shootout with Indonesian security forces. The Jakarta Post reports that Gen. Sutanto has said that Dr. Azahari
trained other JI members in how to make explosives.

U.S. believers urged to intervene in Indonesia's (17/11/2005) #11216
persecution of christians
ChristiansUnite.com, November 15, 2005
by Allie Martin. (ChristiansUnite.com) - - As violence against Christians continues to escalate in Indonesia, the president of a Christian human-rights group is urging believers to put pressure on authorities there to take action against those who are responsible.

Al-Farouq's escape 'staged': Ex-BIN chief (15/11/2005) #11210
The Jakarta Post, November 14, 2005
Ridwan Max Sijabat, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The escape of terrorist suspect Omar al-Farouq from the United States detention may be a ploy to track down most-wanted terror master Osama bin Laden, a former intelligence chief says.

Indon christians complain islamic militants close churches (15/11/2005) #11209
VOA, 14 November 2005
By Marianne Kearney, Jakarta. Christian groups in Indonesia say their right to worship freely is being hindered by conservative Muslim groups that have forced more than 30 churches to close this year. However, Muslim groups charge that Christians are violating the law by using shops and houses as places of worship.

Police, TNI spilt over Poso slaying (15/11/2005) #11206
The Jakarta Post, November 14, 2005
Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. The police said they would continue their investigation into five men who are suspected of being responsible for the recent beheadings of three schoolgirls in Poso, Central Sulawesi, despite a move by the local military to release them.

Police Uncover Bali Bombers' Video Message (15/11/2005) #11201
Paras Indonesia, 11, 11 2005 @ 10:57 pm
Roy Tupai. A videotaped message from the three suicide bombers who killed themselves and 20 other people in last month's terror attacks in Bali has been found at the Central Java hideout of fugitive Malaysian terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 493 (12/11/2005) #11200
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, November 12, 2005
TRANSIT AND TRAINING FOR TERRORISTS - According Police Precinct Chief Leonidas Braksan, the Moluccas can be called a transit and training area for terrorists. On the large island of Ceram, North of Ambon, training sites have been located, notably at the mountains of Olas and Naga, West Ceram. Excerpts from The Star daily of 11 November: Anti-terror police discovered a recently abandoned jungle training camp where militants taught bomb-making skills to scores of extremists, security officials said yesterday. Instructors at the camp in Maluku province were graduates of terrorist academies in Afghanistan and the Philippines, said police Lt-Col Leonidas Braksan.

Gun-totting civil servants caught (12/11/2005) #11199
The Jakarta Post, November 12, 2005
M. Azis Tunny, The Jakarta Post/Ambon. Two civil servants here were caught red-handed carrying an automatic rifle and several other weapons. The pair were stopped as they were riding on a motorcycle in Passo subdistrict, Ambon Baguala Bay district, Ambon, on Thursday, a senior police officer said on Friday.

Malang bishop: "Azahari bombs out to destroy churches" (12/11/2005) #11197
AsiaNews, 11 November, 2005
Malang (AsiaNews) – The bishop of Malang Diocese has told AsiaNews of terrorist threats against several Catholic Churches, targeted for destruction a week after the end of the Idul Fitri festivities. Mgr Herman Joseph Pandoyoputro said: "The information is circumstantial and reached me through many sources including public security and a prominent Muslim leader."

Indonesians see militants as heroes: official (12/11/2005) #11196
REUTERS, Fri Nov 11, 7:07 AM ET
By Achmad Sukarsono. Indonesia needs more cooperation from the public to track down Islamic militants who are sometimes regarded as heroes in the world's most populous Muslim nation, Jakarta's top counter-terrorism official said on Friday.

Bali bombers said they would go to heaven (12/11/2005) #11195
The Jakarta Post, 11/11/ 2005 18:10:29
JAKARTA (Agencies): Indonesian police said Friday they had found a video message from the three Bali bombers defending their attacks which killed 20 people last month and saying they would go to heaven.

Meanwhile: On a slow boat from Ambon to Banda (12/11/2005) #11193
International Herald Tribune, Friday, November 11, 2005
Michael Vatikiotis The New York Times. BANDA, Indonesia The eggshell-blue afternoon sky meets the ocean along a plane so perfectly horizontal it's hard to believe we are on the open sea. In bygone days, the deep blue waters of the Banda Sea were as well known to the navigators of Plymouth and Amsterdam as the English Channel and the North Sea.

Threat from JI not over (12/11/2005) #11192
The Malay Mail, Nov 10 2005
By MARHALIM ABAS. "The threat is not over" — this is the assessment of terrorism expert Rohan Gunaratna when contacted by The Malay Mail, following reports that Asia's most wanted terrorist, Dr Azahari Husin, 48, was killed yesterday. He said, even if it was proven that Azahari, a Malaysian, had died, the possibility of further attacks remained as the Jemaah Islamiah (JI) explosives expert had trained several others in the art of making bombs.

Police keeps hunt down terror suspect (11/11/2005) #11191
The Jakarta Post, November 10, 2005
AMBON, Maluku: Maluku provincial police are still tracking down Arsyad, a Muslim cleric who has been accused of helping to wage a terror campaign of bombing and shooting across Maluku province recently.

Cops: Militants from all over Indonesia attend (11/11/2005) #11190
isolated jungle camp in Maluku
The Star Online, Thursday November 10, 2005
JAKARTA: Anti-terror police discovered a recently abandoned jungle training camp where militants taught bomb-making skills to scores of extremists, security officials said yesterday, weeks after suicide attackers launched fresh strikes on Bali.

Police Revise Details Of Azahari's Death (11/11/2005) #11188
Paras Indonesia, November, 10 2005 @ 12:38 am
Roy Tupai. After initially saying that Indonesia's most wanted terrorist Azahari Husin blew himself up to avoid capture, police on Thursday (10/11/05) said he was shot dead while trying to detonate his suicide vest.

Australia Welcomes News of Azahari's Death (11/11/2005) #11187
Paras Indonesia, 11, 11 2005 @ 01:22 am
Roy Tupai. The Australian government on Thursday (10/11/05) welcomed the death of Malaysian terrorist Azahari Husin as "very good news".

Azahari's deadly arsenal (11/11/2005) #11186
The Age, November 11, 2005
By Mark Forbes, Batu, Java. BALI terror mastermind Azahari Husin had constructed 30 bombs for a new wave of attacks before he was killed during a dramatic police raid on his central Java hide-out.

Thirty bombs in Azahari house (11/11/2005) #11185
The Age, November 10, 2005 - 3:26PM
Thirty bombs were found in the house where terror suspect Azahari Husin blew himself up, Indonesian police said today.

Security officials in hot water over latest Poso incident (11/11/2005) #11184
The Jakarta Post, November 10, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Senior lawmakers in the House of Representatives lashed out at top security officials following the latest terror attacks in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Money & military: a coalition in the Poso conflict (I & II) (11/11/2005) #11183
Paras Indonesia, November, 09 2005 @ 09:50 pm
Lian Gogali. Every time there is a bomb, a murder, or a sniper attack in Poso, Central Sulawesi, religious conflict almost always gets the blame. Some would try to correlate the new events to the old violence, while others would try to reject the assumption. But most who consider that the Poso conflict is much more than just a religious conflict are still shy in expressing their arguments. Most are still afraid to point that the perpetrators behind all the acts of terror are the same people benefiting from atmosphere of fear in Poso.

International Religious Freedom Report 2005 (11/11/2005) #11182
U.S. Department of State, November 8, 2005
Indonesia - The Constitution provides for "all persons the right to worship according to his or her own religion or belief" and states that "the nation is based upon belief in one supreme God." The Government generally respects freedom of religion; however, restrictions continued to exist on some types of religious activity and on unrecognized religions. In addition security forces occasionally tolerated discrimination against and abuse of religious groups by private actors, and the Government at times failed to punish perpetrators.

Bali bomber killed in shootout, police believe (10/11/2005) #11180
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 10, 2005
By Mark Forbes Herald Correspondent in Jakarta. Indonesian police have reportedly killed the ringleader of the 2002 Bali bombings, Azahari Husin, in a shootout in the Central Java town of Batu.

Bali mastermind killed in shoot-out (10/11/2005) #11179
The Age, November 10, 2005
By Mark Forbes, Jakarta. Malaysian terrorist and Bali bombing ringleader Azahari Husin is believed to have been killed during a shoot-out with Indonesian police.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 492 (10/11/2005) #11177
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, November 9, 2005
POVERTY IN THE MOLUCCAS – According to the Office of Statistics, 126,000 families in the Moluccas live under the poverty level, this is 34% of the 1,2 million residents of the Province of the Moluccas (North Moluccas is a Province on its own).

Clash erupts in Ambon (10/11/2005) #11176
The Jakarta Post, November 09, 2005
AMBON, Maluku: An unresolved land dispute between Wakololo and Lisabata villages in Taniwel district, West Seram regency in Maluku triggered a clash which has obstructed a plan to return displaced people from the villages.

Terrorist Training Camp Found in Indonesia (10/11/2005) #11174
Associated Press, Wednesday November 9, 2005 1:39 AM ET
By CHRIS BRUMMITT, Associated Press Writer. JAKARTA, Indonesia - Anti-terror police discovered a recently abandoned jungle training camp where militants taught bomb-making skills to scores of extremists, security officials said Wednesday, weeks after suicide attackers launched fresh strikes on the tourist island of Bali.

More violence in Poso, armed men shoot two students (10/11/2005) #11169
AsiaNews, 8 November, 2005
Poso (AsiaNews) – Two men armed with pistols shot point blank at two female students in Poso, central Sulawesi, wounding them in the head at 7:45 pm local time (11:45 GMT am)

Persecution of Christians in Indonesia Continues (10/11/2005) #11168
Christian Communication Network, November 08, 2005
Contact: Jeff King, of International Christian Concern, 301-989-1708, icc@persecution.org. WASHINGTON, Nov. 8 /Christian Wire Service/ -- The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) www.persecution.org has just become informed of a second attack on young Christian girls in Poso, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Ivon (last name unknown) (17 yrs.) and (Yuli) Siti Nuraini (17 yrs.) were shot in the head in the Gatot Subroto st area (Christian Area) of Poso near a Pentecostal church at 7:45 pm local time (11:45 GMT am).

The Poso tragedy and its significance for security (09/11/2005) #11167
The Jakarta Post, November 08, 2005
Aleksius Jemadu, Bandung. Since the first Bali bombing in 2002, terrorist groups have used two different strategies in attempting to accomplish their political goals in Indonesia. The first strategy is to target Western people and property with massive bomb attacks. The second strategy is to make inroads into the communal conflicts in Maluku and Poso (Central Sulawesi) where they try to prolong the conflict in order to make their presence relevant. The ultimate goal of the second strategy is to destabilize Indonesia by destroying the very foundation of its national unity.

Christian groups call on prayers for Indonesian Christians (09/11/2005) #11163
Christian Today, Monday, November 7 , 2005, 15:10 (GMT)
Since the beheadings of three Christian girls in Poso last Saturday, international Christian groups have condemned the attacks and expressed deep concern over the safety of Indonesian Christians.

Warning over terror gangs in Indonesia (09/11/2005) #11162
The Universe Newsroom, November 07, 2005
A Christian leader has called on the British Government to put pressure on Indonesia to allow freedom of worship for Christians. A guest of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Rev Rinaldy Damanik, leader of the Protestant Church in Central Sulawesi, warned that the terrorist groups who target Christians in Indonesia will cause problems for the international community if action is not taken.

Mr. Ramos-Horta's Diplomacy For Papua (09/11/2005) #11161
Paras Indonesia, November, 07 2005 @ 09:47 pm
Enrico Aditjondro. As it turns out, Jose Ramos-Horta has not forgotten about West Papua. But somehow, as some close to him have noticed, he has failed to recall some of the things he stood up for.

INDONESIA: Escaped al Qaeda operative a threat to region (09/11/2005) #11160
ABC AUSTRALIA, 4/11/2005 10:20:00 PM
Terrorism experts are warning of the real risk that an escaped terror suspect could be planning fresh attacks in Indonesia. It was revealed this week that al Qaeda's main operative in Southeast Asia, Omar al Faruq, broke out of US custody in Afghanistan four months ago.

THE SITUATION IN AMBON/MOLUCCAS - Report No. 491 (05/11/2005) #11158
Crisis Centre Diocese of Amboina, Ambon, November 4, 2005
BOMB EXPLOSION – A bomb exploded near a protestant church on the Jalan Diponegoro, Ambon, at 3.30 a.m. last Thursday, 3 November. However the blast did not result in any casualties. Although it left only a small hole in the road, the blast could be heard two kilometers away.

Bomb jolts Ambon; one found in Poso (05/11/2005) #11157
The Jakarta Post, November 05, 2005
Ruslan Sangadji, The Jakarta Post/Poso, Central Sulawesi. A bomb blast jolted Ambon early on Thursday as Muslims prepared to celebrate Idul Fitri, and later in the afternoon, some hundreds of kilometers away, residents in Poso found a homemade bomb in what apparently was renewed efforts by terrorists to reignite sectarian conflict in the two religiously divided areas.

Bomb defused in Indonesia's restive Sulawesi town (05/11/2005) #11156
Channel NewsAsia, 04 November 2005 1310 hrs
JAKARTA : Police have defused a home-made bomb found in the religiously-divided town of Poso in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province.

Security up after al-Farouq's escape (05/11/2005) #11155
The Jakarta Post, November 05, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said that the government would increase security measures at home to prevent terrorists from launching new attacks in the country following the escape of Omar al-Farouq from a U.S. prison in Afghanistan.

Escape of Top Al Qaeda Terrorist a Setback for SE Asia (05/11/2005) #11154
CNSNews.com, November 04, 2005
By Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com International Editor. (CNSNews.com) - The escape from U.S. custody of al Qaeda's senior representative in Southeast Asia is a severe blow to the region's campaign against terrorism, although security analysts doubt he will return to his former operational area.
MORE on Omar al-Faruq:
TIME Magazine: Confessions of an al-Qaeda Terrorist
CNN: Indonesia questions al Qaeda suspect 

JI refining its tactics: report (05/11/2005) #11153
The Australian, November 04, 2005
THE absence of progress in investigating the latest Bali bombings show the bombers have learned from experience how to better cover their tracks, an American strategic thinktank believes.

Ba'asyir to serve full jail term, Tommy gets further time cut (05/11/2005) #11152
The Jakarta Post, November 05, 2005
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. In an abrupt about-face, the government has decided not to grant convicted terrorist and Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir a sentence remission given to inmates in observance of Idul Fitri holiday.

FPI forces Kemang eateries to close during Idul Fitri (05/11/2005) #11151
The Jakarta Post, November 05, 2005
Abdul Khalik, The Jakarta Post/Jakarta. While many Jakarta residents were looking for places to eat out on the first day of Idul Fitri on Thursday, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) forced restaurants and cafes in Kemang, South Jakarta, to close.

Pentagon: Top al-Qaida Operative Escaped (05/11/2005) #11149
Associated Press, Tue Nov 1, 2005 11:08 PM ET
By ALICIA A. CALDWELL, Associated Press Writer. FORT BLISS, Texas - A man once considered a top al-Qaida operative escaped from a U.S.-run detention facility in Afghanistan and cannot testify against the soldier who allegedly mistreated him, a defense lawyer involved in a prison abuse case said Tuesday.

Muslims in tense Poso prepare for Idul Fitri (03/11/2005) #11148
The Jakarta Post, November 02, 2005
Eva C. Komandjaja and Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post/Jakarta. The conflict-ridden town of Poso in Central Sulawesi is calm before the Idul Fitri holiday, a city spokesman says, despite a series of violent incidents, including the beheading of three Christian schoolgirls and a deadly clash between the police and the Madi religious sect.

Moderate quake hits Seram sea (03/11/2005) #11147
The Jakarta Post, 11/2/2005 12:08:50 PM
HONG KONG (AP): A 5.4-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia on Wednesday, Hong Kong seismologists said. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

Another perspective on the Jihad against (03/11/2005) #11145
Christians in Indonesia (Updated)
Hyscience, November 01, 2005
Topics: Judicial Activism. An article from Christianity Today brings a slightly different perspective to the brutal slaying of three young girls by Muslim thugs. The area where these girls were so brutally murdered is teeming with jihadists of the Indonesian militant group Laskar Jihad - an Indonesian Muslim militant group whose name means "Holy War Warriors," that has killed thousands since 2000 in its attacks on Christian populations on the islands of Moluccas and Sulawesi.

Ahmadiyah worried about security (03/11/2005) #11144
The Jakarta Post, November 02, 2005
Tiarma Siboro, The Jakarta Post/Jakarta. Members of Ahmadiyah have voiced concern over their security during the Idul Fitri holiday on Thursday and Friday, following a series of attacks on Ahmadiyah owned mosques and properties by parties who view the group as a "deviant Islamic sect".

Indonesia to crack down on hate text messages (03/11/2005) #11143
INQ7.net, Nov 02, 2005
JAKARTA--Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered police to crack down on mobile phone users sending racist text messages which have flourished in the past week, his spokesman said Wednesday.

3 Indonesian Christian girls beheaded in barbaric attack (03/11/2005) #11141
The Church of England Newspaper, Wednesday, 2nd November, 2005
THE BEHEADING of three Christian students in Poso, last Saturday, has again highlighted the simmering sectarian tensions in Indonesia. The three girls, aged 16 to 19, were attacked by unidentified assailants whilst walking to their Christian school in the tense province of Central Sulawesi.

Beheading of Christian Schoolgirls Sparks Concerns (03/11/2005) #11140
About Religious Strife
CNSNews.com, November 01, 2005
By Patrick Goodenough, CNSNews.com International Editor. (CNSNews.com) - Indonesian security forces remained on high alert and religious leaders appealed for calm in the nation's Central Sulawesi province following the beheading of three Christian schoolgirls at the weekend.

Poso parents mourn, urge police to find the murderers (03/11/2005) #11139
The Jakarta Post, November 01, 2005
Ruslan Sangadji, The Jakarta Post, Palu. Lying helplessly in hospital, the stab wound on her face covered with antiseptics and gauze, the girl cries out in pain.

Church row in Bekasi resolved amicably (03/11/2005) #11137
The Jakarta Post, November 01, 2005
Bambang Nurbianto, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. Tension between Muslims and Christians at Jati Mulya housing complex in Bekasi, West Java, has come to a peaceful end, at least for the time being, with the latter agreeing to conduct their Sunday services at the nearby Social Affairs Agency office.

President given deadline to resolve schoolgirl beheadings (02/11/2005) #11136
Paras Indonesia, 11, 01 2005 @ 11:22 pm
Roy Tupai. Opposition legislators have said President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must reshuffle the leadership of state security forces if they fail to swiftly resolve Saturday's beheading murders of three Christian schoolgirls in the religiously-divided town of Poso, Central Sulawesi province.

Authorities criticized over Poso violence (02/11/2005) #11135
Paras Indonesia, 11, 01 2005 @ 11:16 pm
Roy Tupai. While the government and religious leaders have deplored Saturday's murder and decapitation of three school girls in Poso town, Central Sulawesi province, authorities have been widely criticized for failing to deal seriously with long running conflict in the area.

Pope condemns beheadings of Christian girls in Indonesia (02/11/2005) #11131
Catholic News Service, Oct-31-2005
By Catholic News Service. VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI condemned the "barbaric" beheadings of three Christian girls in Indonesia and prayed for the end of civil strife in the area.

Shock as 3 Christian school girls in Indo are beheaded (02/11/2005) #11130
Christian Today, Monday, October 31 , 2005, 14:13 (UK)
Extreme violence and persecution against Christians in Indonesia has taken a new dramatic turn at the weekend as three Christian school girls were barbarically beheaded by masked attackers.

Three heads of the schoolgirls: Sacrificial for whom? (02/11/2005) #11129
Paras Indonesia, October, 31 2005 @ 12:53 am
Everyone condemned the beheadings of the three schoolgirls in Poso, Central Sulawesi. The difference is the statements that follow the condemnations. President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) in denouncing the murders said the act of terror was related to the excess of the horizontal conflict a few years ago. He said even though the condition in Poso has improved, "there are always groups that continue to want maintain the hostility and conflict". SBY's condemnation however, was not only irresponsible, but also boomerangs to the people of Poso.

Stirring up violence in Poso (02/11/2005) #11128
Paras Indonesia, October, 31 2005 @ 12:40 am
"The government must place Poso to the same degree as Jakarta and Bali," a man demanded at a small protest in Budaran HI today (31/10/05). The man, Prama'artha Pode of Poso Morawali (Pos-Mo) Watch, was objecting to how the central government has paid little attention on the Poso blasts compared to that of bombings in Jakarta and Bali.

Christian Girls Attacked, 3 Beheaded by Muslim Extremists (01/11/2005) #11127
Jubilee Campaign, October 31, 2005
We at Jubilee Campaign were shocked to learn this weekend of another atrocity committed against members of the Christian community in Indonesia. On Saturday morning, four teenage girls were attacked on their way to school in Poso on the island of Sulawesi. Three of them were beheaded, while the fourth escaped with serious slashes to her face. She is now hospitalized under heavy guard.

Indonesia to cut sentences of militants, including Bashir (01/11/2005) #11126
AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, Mon Oct 31, 2005 1:20 AM ET
JAKARTA, (AFP) - Indonesia's government plans to grant reprieves to convicted militants including 2002 Bali bombing conspirator Abu Bakar Bashir to mark an important Muslim festival, a report said.

Christians shorten service in face of threats (01/11/2005) #11125
The Jakarta Post, October 31, 2005
Abdul Khalik, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta. About 500 members of the HKBP, Gekindo and GPDI churches in the Jati Mulya housing complex in Bekasi, West Java, were forced to cut short their Sunday services after some 200 Muslim residents surrounded them.

Police beef up security patrols in tense Poso (01/11/2005) #11124
The Jakarta Post, October 31, 2005
Ruslan Sangadji, The Jakarta Post, Palu. Police have beefed up security patrols in Poso, Central Sulawesi,following the beheading of three female students in the vicinity of the town on Saturday.

The evils among us (01/11/2005) #11123
The Jakarta Post, October 31, 2005
Barbaric! No other word describes the anger and exasperation many of us feel at hearing the news of the killing and beheading of three teenage girls in the Central Sulawesi district of Poso on Saturday. No decent human being could have done such a sadistic thing. The perpetrators were evil. What motivated them to do such an heinous act is beyond reason and comprehension.

Communal conflicts and terrorism (01/11/2005) #11122
The Jakarta Post, October 31, 2005
Riwanto Tirtosudarmo, Jakarta. The intention of the Indonesian Military (TNI) Chief Gen. Endriartono Sutarto to revive the territorial command is not a surprise at all. It is only a reflection of a long established self image of the military as the nation's sole protector against security threats. Putting it into the global context the announcement echoes the idea of war on terror propagated by U.S. President George W. Bush after the terrorist attack in New York in 2001.

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