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??, ?? (i98)
??, ?? (i144)
??, ?? (i159)
??, ?? (i162) (living status unknown)
??, ?? (i163) (living status unknown)
??, ?? (marriage to Andrew CROOKS) (i628)
??, ?? (marriage to Charles JOHNSTONE) (i354)
??, ?? (marriage to David MORROW) (i516)
??, ?? (marriage to Dr James McILROY) (i128)
??, ?? (marriage to Eleanor McKAIG) (i98)
??, ?? (marriage to Hannah ANDERSON) (i159)
??, ?? (marriage to Rev. James Johnstone WALKER) (i388)
??, ?? (marriage to Thomas ("Strandview") JOHNSTONE) (i62)
??, ?? (marriage to Thomas H. McKAIG) (i94)
??, Abigail (marriage to ?? CROOKS) (i630), b.1696-d.1783
??, Catherine (marriage to James LOGAN) (i542)
??, Derick (i160) (living status unknown)
??, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert MCCREVEY) (i268), b.1797-d.1853
??, Frances (marriage to James JOHNSTONE) (i75)
??, Joan (i147)
??, John Trevor (i145) (living status unknown)
??, Mary (marriage to William BARRY) (i585), d.1821
??, Mary Charlotte (marriage to George Christopher Trout BARTLEY) (i591), b.1841-
??, Mary Jane (marriage to ?? MAGILL) (i467)
??, Rhoda (i99)
??, Rhoda (marriage to James WILKINSON) (i99)
??, Sarah (marriage to Robert BARRY) (i581), b.1780-d.1846
??, Wanda (i148) (living status unknown)
??, William (i146) (living status unknown)


ALEXANDER, Charlotte Hester (i292), b.1852-d.1932
ALEXANDER, Charlotte Hester (marriage to William PORTER) (i292), b.1852-d.1932
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Erskine (i18), b.1842-d.1906
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth Erskine (marriage to Francis JOHNSTONE) (i18), b.1842-d.1906
ALEXANDER, Robert (i417)


ANDERSON, ?? (i82)
ANDERSON, ?? (marriage to ?? JOHNSTONE) (i82)
ANDERSON, Christian (marriage to William "Hawthorne Villa" PORTER) (i290), b.1798-d.1870
ANDERSON, Ethel (i150)
ANDERSON, Ethel (marriage to ?? BROWN) (i150)
ANDERSON, Hannah (i158)
ANDERSON, Hannah (marriage to ?? ??) (i158)
ANDERSON, John ("Sunbeam Cottage") (i142)
ANDERSON, John ("Sunbeam Cottage") (marriage to Robina JOHNSTONE) (i142)
ANDERSON, Louisa (marriage to Thomas JOHNSTONE) (i105), d.1950
ANDERSON, Mathew (i83)
ANDERSON, Olive (i143) (living status unknown)
ANDERSON, Olive (marriage to ?? ??) (i143) (living status unknown)
ANDERSON, William (i149), b.1895-d.1918


ARCHER, Betty (marriage to Peter IREDALE) (i608)


ASHTON, Elizabeth (marriage to Alexander Fiskin PORTER) (i652)


BAILLIE, David (i189), b.1854-
BAILLIE, Eliza (i186), b.1838-
BAILLIE, Isabella (i191), b.1847-
BAILLIE, James (i183), b.1833-
BAILLIE, Jenny (i182), b.1831-
BAILLIE, John (i180)
BAILLIE, John (i184), b.1835-
BAILLIE, John (marriage to Jane (Jean) JOHNSTONE) (i180)
BAILLIE, Jonathan (i192), b.1849-
BAILLIE, Margaret Jane (i185), b.1836-
BAILLIE, Mary (i187), b.1841-
BAILLIE, Possibly - Robert (i644)
BAILLIE, Robert (i181), b.1830-
BAILLIE, Thomas Johnstone (i190), b.1846-
BAILLIE, William (i188), b.1844-


BARBOUR, Beatrice Helena (marriage to Paul Rodgers LYNN) (i208), b.1900-d.1966


BARCLAY, Matthew (i513)
BARCLAY, Matthew (marriage to Abigail MORROW) (i513)


BARKLEY, Anne (i499)
BARKLEY, Annie Spence (i343), b.1846-d.1847
BARKLEY, Capt Matthew (i23), b.1837-d.1919
BARKLEY, Capt Matthew (marriage to Eleanor JOHNSTONE) (i23), b.1837-d.1919
BARKLEY, Capt Thomas Johnstone (i348), b.1873-d.1951
BARKLEY, Capt Thomas Johnstone (marriage to Wilhelmena Seeds (Ena) THOMPSON) (i348), b.1873-d.1951
BARKLEY, Doreen Charlotte Glenfield (i370), b.1905-
BARKLEY, Doreen Charlotte Glenfield (marriage to Malcolm DAVIDSON) (i370), b.1905-
BARKLEY, Eleanor Glenfield Johnston (Nellie) (i375), b.1878-
BARKLEY, Eleanor Glenfield Johnston (Nellie) (marriage to Harry LOWRY) (i375), b.1878-
BARKLEY, Grace Thompson (i342), b.1835-d.1851
BARKLEY, James Morgan (i512), d.1883
BARKLEY, John (i498)
BARKLEY, Margaret Thompson (i339), b.1869-d.1911
BARKLEY, Mathew (i373), b.1875-
BARKLEY, Rita (i371)
BARKLEY, Rowan (i374), b.1877-
BARKLEY, Stanley (i372)
BARKLEY, William Morrow (i338), b.1871-d.1893
BARKLEY, William Morrow (i340), b.1814-d.1883


BARRY, Deborah (i583), b.1812-d.1893
BARRY, Eliza Wilson (i39)
BARRY, Eliza Wilson (marriage to James ("Knockagh") JOHNSTONE) (i39)
BARRY, Ezekiel (i195)
BARRY, Ezekiel (marriage to Agnes (Nancy) JOHNSTONE) (i195)
BARRY, Robert (i473), b.1778-d.1830
BARRY, Robert (i582), b.1827-d.1869
BARRY, William (i584)


BARTLEY, Bryan C. (i593), b.1875-
BARTLEY, George Christopher Trout (i589), b.1842-
BARTLEY, Lilian Cole (i588)
BARTLEY, Lilian Cole (marriage to Francis (Frank) Johnstone PORTER) (i588)
BARTLEY, Rev. George Henry Cole (i592)
BARTLEY, Stanhope C. (i594), b.1878-


BEDFORD, Annie Carol (marriage to Robert JOHNSTONE) (i595)


BELL, Douglas (i534)
BELL, Eysebella (i227), b.1858-d.1925
BELL, Eysebella (marriage to Francis JOHNSTONE) (i227), b.1858-d.1925
BELL, Henrietta (marriage to Frederick TATESON) (i565)


BERTRAM, Mary Barbara (i337), b.1886-d.1968
BERTRAM, Mary Barbara (marriage to Harold Vivian JOHNSTONE) (i337), b.1886-d.1968
BERTRAM, Robert (i568)


BOYD, Charles (i366), b.1849-
BOYD, David (i357)
BOYD, David (i369), b.1858-
BOYD, David (marriage to Hanna JOHNSTONE) (i357)
BOYD, Eliza (i360), b.1858-
BOYD, Eliza (i365), b.1847-
BOYD, Ellenor (i480), b.1866-
BOYD, Hannah (i362), b.1864-
BOYD, Hannah (i367), b.1854-
BOYD, James (i576)
BOYD, Susanna (i359), b.1852-
BOYD, Thomas Johnston (i358), b.1850-
BOYD, William (i361), b.1860-
BOYD, William (i364)
BOYD, William (i368), b.1856-
BOYD, William (marriage to Susan JOHNSTONE) (i364)


BROWN, ?? (i151)
BROWN, ?? (marriage to Ethel ANDERSON) (i151)
BROWN, Ann (marriage to James CARR) (i521), b.1819-d.1861
Brown, Barbara (i152) (living status unknown)
Brown, Barbara (marriage to ?? SWITZER) (i152) (living status unknown)
BROWN, Ellen (marriage to George DIXCEY) (i552)
BROWN, Gerald (i156), d.1985
BROWN, Geraldine (i157) (living status unknown)


BULLEN, William (marriage to Eliza Eleanor JOHNSTONE) (i310)


CAREY, Capt Douglas (marriage to Sarah JOHNSTONE) (i46)


CARR, Anne (i20), b.1847-d.1926
CARR, Anne (marriage to Thomas JOHNSTONE) (i20), b.1847-d.1926
CARR, James (i520), b.1810-d.1866
CARR, Mary (i574), b.1841-
CARR, Mary (marriage to John HAGAN) (i574), b.1841-


CHALK, Augustus Stanley (i71), b.1921-
CHALK, Ernest Outred ("Woodview Cottage") (i70)
CHALK, Ernest Outred ("Woodview Cottage") (marriage to Mary (Maimie) JOHNSTONE) (i70)


CLARKE, Adam Boyle (i204)
CLARKE, Adam Boyle (marriage to Janette Johnstone LYNN) (i204)
CLARKE, George McFerran (i206) (living status unknown)
CLARKE, Olive Mary (i205) (living status unknown)


CLOSE, William (i678)
CLOSE, William James (i677)
CLOSE, William James (marriage to Agnes RODGERS) (i677)


CONDON, George William (i558), b.1896-d.1970
CONDON, George William (marriage to Veronica Mary Hope JOHNSTONE) (i558), b.1896-d.1970
CONDON, Thomas (i586)


COOPER, Eileen Veronica (i556), b.1905-d.1983
COOPER, Eileen Veronica (marriage to Francis Edward Thomas JOHNSTONE) (i556), b.1905-d.1983
COOPER, Henry Frederick (i566)


CRAWFORD, Mary (marriage to Robert ("Shipyard") JOHNSTONE) (i507)


CROOKS, ?? (i629)
CROOKS, Agnes (i622), b.1760-d.1844
CROOKS, Agnes (marriage to John PORTER) (i622), b.1760-d.1844
CROOKS, Andrew (i627), b.1728-d.1817


DALRYMPLE, William Robert (marriage to Eleanor JOHNSTONE) (i522)


DAVIDSON, Leslie (i501)
DAVIDSON, Malcolm (i385)
DAVIDSON, Malcolm (marriage to Doreen Charlotte Glenfield BARKLEY) (i385)
DAVIDSON, Pamela (i502)
DAVIDSON, Rosemary (i500)


DIXCEY, Catherine Martha (i238), b.1852-d.1937
DIXCEY, Catherine Martha (marriage to Rea JOHNSTONE) (i238), b.1852-d.1937
DIXCEY, George (i551)


EDGAR, Janette (marriage to Joseph Edward WALTON) (i605)


EGAN, Kath Veronicia (marriage to Henry Frederick COOPER) (i567)


FAWCETT, Ellen Hughes (marriage to Thomas Johnstone PORTER) (i294), b.1863-d.1920


FISKIN, Alexander (i288), b.1832-d.1912
FISKIN, Alexander (marriage to Margaret Stockman JOHNSTONE) (i288), b.1832-d.1912
FISKIN, George (i632)


Frederick (i136) (living status unknown)


FULLERTON, Sarah S. (marriage to James White HAGAN) (i344) (living status unknown)


GARDNER, ?? (marriage to Augustus JOHNSTONE) (i64)


GARRETT, Robert (marriage to Jane JOHNSTONE) (i44)


GIBSON, Eliza (i487)
GIBSON, Elizabeth Mary (Beth) (marriage to William Edward JOHNSTONE) (i529)
GIBSON, James (i478), b.1867-
GIBSON, John (i56)
GIBSON, John (i477), b.1865-
GIBSON, John (marriage to Eliza JOHNSTONE) (i56)
GIBSON, Robert (i479), b.1871-


GLENFIELD, ?? (i452)
GLENFIELD, Albert Edward (i495), b.1853-
GLENFIELD, Charlotte Seeds (i483)
GLENFIELD, Charlotte Seeds (marriage to Robert THOMPSON) (i483)
GLENFIELD, Edward (i429)
GLENFIELD, Eleanor (i12), b.1809-d.1879
GLENFIELD, Eleanor (marriage to Thomas ("Whinfield" and "Glenfield") JOHNSTONE) (i12), b.1809-d.1879
GLENFIELD, Francis (i427), b.1811-d.1887
GLENFIELD, Francis (i453)
GLENFIELD, Henry Seeds (i494), b.1851-
GLENFIELD, Wilhelmina Seeds (i425), b.1855-d.1904
GLENFIELD, Wilhelmina Seeds (marriage to John MARTIN) (i425), b.1855-d.1904


GOYDER, Mabel (marriage to Herdman PORTER) (i651)


GRANT, Elspeth (marriage to Douglas BELL) (i535)


GUNNING, James (i575)
GUNNING, William (i216)
GUNNING, William (marriage to Eliza JOHNSTONE) (i216)


HAGAN, ?? (marriage to ?? JOHNSTONE) (i80)
HAGAN, Agnes (i176), b.1849-
HAGAN, Amelia Sarah (i445), b.1879-
HAGAN, Charles Johnstone (i171), b.1840-
HAGAN, Daniel (i175), b.1847-
HAGAN, Edgar Charles (i443), b.1873-
HAGAN, Edward (i168), b.1837-
HAGAN, Edward Thomas Ha(mlyn?) (i450), b.1881-
HAGAN, Edwin Arnold (i451), b.1885-
HAGAN, Eliza (i172), b.1842-
HAGAN, Eliza (marriage to John WILSON) (i172), b.1842-
HAGAN, Eva Edith (i442), b.1871-
HAGAN, Francis James So. (i447), b.1884-
HAGAN, James (i165), b.1810-d.1889
HAGAN, James (marriage to Mary JOHNSTONE) (i165), b.1810-d.1889
HAGAN, James White (i169), b.1839-
HAGAN, Jannett (i173), b.1844-
HAGAN, John (i167), b.1834-d.1873
HAGAN, John (marriage to Mary CARR) (i167), b.1834-d.1873
HAGAN, Lavinia Reba Emi. (i446), b.1882-
HAGAN, Mabel Mary (i449), b.1877-
HAGAN, Maggie Annie (i444), b.1875-
HAGAN, Mary (i441), b.1868-d.1869
HAGAN, Olive Ethel Seym. (i448), b.1887-
HAGAN, Robert (i166), b.1833-
HAGAN, Thomas (i174), b.1845-


HAMLYN, Mary (marriage to Edward HAGAN) (i345)


HOGAN, Bridgit (marriage to Thomas RYAN) (i554)


HOGG, Eliza Anne (marriage to Thomas CONDON) (i587)


HOLLOWAY, Olive (marriage to Cletus Arthur Harold JOHNSTONE) (i563)


HOLMES, May (marriage to Mathew ANDERSON) (i84)


HOUSTON, ?? (i597)
HOUSTON, Elizabeth (i26), b.1843-d.1933
HOUSTON, Elizabeth (marriage to Charles James JOHNSTONE) (i26), b.1843-d.1933
HOUSTON, JP Thomas (i598)


HOWELL, ?? (i10)
HOWELL, ?? (marriage to Isabella JOHNSTONE) (i10)
HOWELL, Katherine (i34)
HOWELL, Katherine (marriage to ?? MORRISON) (i34)


HUGHES, ?? (marriage to Margaret JOHNSTONE) (i523)


HUNTER, Jane (Jenny) (marriage to James ("Longfield") JOHNSTONE) (i6)
HUNTER, Mary Anne (marriage to Francis REA) (i433)


IREDALE, Ada Mary Isabel (i611), b.1868-d.1879
IREDALE, Joseph Henry (i609), b.1859-d.1948
IREDALE, Joseph Henry (marriage to Ann PORTER) (i609), b.1859-d.1948
IREDALE, Martha Lizzie (i607), b.1861-d.1934
IREDALE, Martha Lizzie (marriage to John PORTER) (i607), b.1861-d.1934
IREDALE, Mary Isabella (i610), b.1866-d.1866
IREDALE, Peter (i578)


IRWIN, Agnes (Nancy) (marriage to William James (Jimmy) JOHNSTONE) (i111) (living status unknown)
IRWIN, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert JOHNSTONE) (i2), b.1752-d.1847


JOHNSTON, Alexander (i638), b.1879-
JOHNSTON, Ann (i636), b.1886-
JOHNSTON, Ellen (i639), b.1877-
JOHNSTON, Florence (i641), b.1888-
JOHNSTON, Isabella Agnes (i640), b.1876-
JOHNSTON, William (i635)
JOHNSTON, William (i637), b.1881-
JOHNSTON, William (marriage to Agnes JOHNSTONE) (i635)


JOHNSTONE, ?? (i78)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i79)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i81)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i85)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i87)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i132)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i140)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (i282), d.1882
JOHNSTONE, ?? (marriage to ?? ANDERSON) (i81)
JOHNSTONE, ?? (marriage to ?? MCCRACKEN) (i132)
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (i72)
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (i217), b.1858-
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (i251), b.1857-d.1932
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (marriage to William JOHNSTON) (i251), b.1857-d.1932
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (Nancy) (i194), b.1830-
JOHNSTONE, Agnes (Nancy) (marriage to Ezekiel BARRY) (i194), b.1830-
JOHNSTONE, Albert E. (i315)
JOHNSTONE, Alfred Ernest (i331), b.1875-d.1941
JOHNSTONE, Alfred George (i248), b.1882-d.1965
JOHNSTONE, Alfred George (marriage to Ethel TATESON) (i248), b.1882-d.1965
JOHNSTONE, Alice (Rose) (i241), b.1873-
JOHNSTONE, Alice (Rose) (marriage to Thomas (Tom) WERREY) (i241), b.1873-
JOHNSTONE, Ann Jane (i659), b.1867-
JOHNSTONE, Anna Jackson (i286), b.1872-d.1943
JOHNSTONE, Annie (i73)
JOHNSTONE, Annie Maud (i548), b.1887-d.1969
JOHNSTONE, Arthur Rupert (i335), b.1881-d.1943
JOHNSTONE, Arthur Rupert (marriage to Florence Murial (Florrie) SWINBURNE) (i335), b.1881-d.1943
JOHNSTONE, Augustus (i63)
JOHNSTONE, Beatrice Irene (i547), b.1890-d.1961
JOHNSTONE, Bess (i355)
JOHNSTONE, Betty (i42)
JOHNSTONE, Bruce (i532)
JOHNSTONE, Caroline (i116) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Catherine (i232), b.1878-d.1961
JOHNSTONE, Catherine Eliza (i332), b.1877-d.1878
JOHNSTONE, Charles (i8), b.1792-d.1837
JOHNSTONE, Charles (i236), b.1879-d.1879
JOHNSTONE, Charles ("Laurel Lodge") (i265), b.1832-d.1918
JOHNSTONE, Charles ("Laurel Lodge") (marriage to Mary Eliza MCCREVEY) (i265), b.1832-d.1918
JOHNSTONE, Charles George (i324), b.1880-
JOHNSTONE, Charles James (i25), b.1846-d.1901
JOHNSTONE, Charles James (marriage to Elizabeth HOUSTON) (i25), b.1846-d.1901
JOHNSTONE, Charlotte Isabel (Rina) (i285), b.1873-d.1942
JOHNSTONE, Cletus Arthur Harold (i562), b.1909-
JOHNSTONE, Clyde (i546), b.1899-d.1963
JOHNSTONE, Cylo Jean (i601), b.1911-
JOHNSTONE, Daniel (i463), b.1868-
JOHNSTONE, David (i245), b.1880-d.1971
JOHNSTONE, Denis Albert (i114) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Desmond Hughes (i67) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Dora (i656)
JOHNSTONE, Edith (i308), d.1969
JOHNSTONE, Edith (marriage to Major Harold William PORTER) (i308), d.1969
JOHNSTONE, Edith Isabel (i333), b.1878-d.1960
JOHNSTONE, Edward (i233), b.1881-d.1963
JOHNSTONE, Edward (Ned) (i252), b.1860-d.1917
JOHNSTONE, Edward Edgar (i321), b.1874-d.1947
JOHNSTONE, Edward Thomas (i21), b.1841-d.1908
JOHNSTONE, Edward Thomas (marriage to Margaret THWAITES) (i21), b.1841-d.1908
JOHNSTONE, Eleanor (i22), b.1843-d.1914
JOHNSTONE, Eleanor (i316), b.1866-
JOHNSTONE, Eleanor (i464), b.1871-
JOHNSTONE, Eleanor (marriage to Capt Matthew BARKLEY) (i22), b.1843-d.1914
JOHNSTONE, Eleanor Glenfield (i27), b.1871-d.1953
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (i55)
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (i193), b.1827-
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (i215), b.1850-
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (marriage to David MCCALMONT) (i193), b.1827-
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (marriage to John GIBSON) (i55)
JOHNSTONE, Eliza (marriage to William GUNNING) (i215), b.1850-
JOHNSTONE, Eliza Eleanor (i309), b.1860-
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (i91)
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (Eliza) (i261), b.1823-
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (Eliza) (marriage to Andrew ROSS) (i261), b.1823-
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane (i15), b.1835-d.1906
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane (marriage to William PORTER) (i15), b.1835-d.1906
JOHNSTONE, Elizabeth (marriage to ?? McKAIG) (i91)
JOHNSTONE, Ellen (i243), b.1875-
JOHNSTONE, Elsie Eileen (i334), b.1880-d.1960
JOHNSTONE, Emily Edith (i543), b.1896-
JOHNSTONE, Emma Grace (i113) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Esther (i254), b.1865-d.1865
JOHNSTONE, Ezekiel (i40)
JOHNSTONE, Ezekiel (i220), b.1856-
JOHNSTONE, Female (i661), b.1864-
JOHNSTONE, Florence (i255), b.1866-d.1867
JOHNSTONE, Florence (i256), b.1870-d.1891
JOHNSTONE, Florence Eleanor (i330), b.1873-d.1935
JOHNSTONE, Francis (i17), b.1837-d.1901
JOHNSTONE, Francis (i226), b.1847-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Francis (i235), b.1878-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Francis (marriage to Elizabeth Erskine ALEXANDER) (i17), b.1837-d.1901
JOHNSTONE, Francis (marriage to Eysebella BELL) (i226), b.1847-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Francis Douglas (i606), b.1907-
JOHNSTONE, Francis Edward (i280), b.1868-d.1868
JOHNSTONE, Francis Edward (i327), b.1870-d.1943
JOHNSTONE, Francis Edward (marriage to Julia Ethyl May RYAN) (i327), b.1870-d.1943
JOHNSTONE, Francis Edward Thomas (i555), b.1899-d.1983
JOHNSTONE, Francis Edward Thomas (marriage to Eileen Veronica COOPER) (i555), b.1899-d.1983
JOHNSTONE, Francis Rea (i549), b.1883-d.1945
JOHNSTONE, George (i239), b.1871-d.1956
JOHNSTONE, George Henry (Harry) (i32), b.1881-
JOHNSTONE, Hanna (i356)
JOHNSTONE, Hanna (marriage to David BOYD) (i356)
JOHNSTONE, Harold Vivian (i336), b.1882-d.1951
JOHNSTONE, Harold Vivian (marriage to Mary Barbara BERTRAM) (i336), b.1882-d.1951
JOHNSTONE, Herbert George (i329), b.1872-d.1873
JOHNSTONE, Hosiah (i77)
JOHNSTONE, Ioanna Isabella (Ino) (i28), b.1873-d.1917
JOHNSTONE, Irene Annie Florence (i559), b.1903-d.1983
JOHNSTONE, Irene Annie Florence (marriage to Alston WALTON) (i559), b.1903-d.1983
JOHNSTONE, Isabel Millicent (i540), b.1912-
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (i9), b.1797-
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (i24), b.1844-d.1920
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (i196), b.1832-
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (i213)
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (marriage to ?? HOWELL) (i9), b.1797-
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (marriage to David WALKER) (i196), b.1832-
JOHNSTONE, Isabella (marriage to John MOONEY) (i213)
JOHNSTONE, Isobel (i323), b.1878-d.1956
JOHNSTONE, James (i74)
JOHNSTONE, James (i103), b.1861-d.1936
JOHNSTONE, James (i550), b.1885-d.1973
JOHNSTONE, James (i642)
JOHNSTONE, James (i643)
JOHNSTONE, James ("Knockagh") (i38), b.1815-d.1894
JOHNSTONE, James ("Knockagh") (marriage to Eliza Wilson BARRY) (i38), b.1815-d.1894
JOHNSTONE, James ("Longfield") (i5), b.1787-
JOHNSTONE, James (marriage to Jane Eleanor JOHNSTONE) (i103), b.1861-d.1936
JOHNSTONE, James (marriage to Martha MILLIKIN) (i643)
JOHNSTONE, James Alexander (i281), b.1867-d.1872
JOHNSTONE, Jane (i43), b.1845-
JOHNSTONE, Jane (i259), b.1827-
JOHNSTONE, Jane (Jean) (i177), b.1810-
JOHNSTONE, Jane (Jean) (marriage to John BAILLIE) (i177), b.1810-
JOHNSTONE, Jane (marriage to James MCCALMONT) (i259), b.1827-
JOHNSTONE, Jane Alexander (i287), b.1865-d.1958
JOHNSTONE, Jane Eleanor (i60), b.1866-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Jane Eleanor (marriage to James JOHNSTONE) (i60), b.1866-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Janet (Jenny) (i199), b.1840-d.1888
JOHNSTONE, Janet (Jenny) (marriage to Paul RODGERS) (i199), b.1840-d.1888
JOHNSTONE, Jean Margaret (i570), b.1925-d.1977
JOHNSTONE, John (i7), b.1795-
JOHNSTONE, John (i221), b.1815-d.1881
JOHNSTONE, John ("Longfield") (i57), b.1818-d.1891
JOHNSTONE, John (Jack) (i253), b.1863-d.1934
JOHNSTONE, John (marriage to Agnes REA) (i221), b.1815-d.1881
JOHNSTONE, John Douglas (i234), b.1875-d.1968
JOHNSTONE, John Douglas (marriage to Ellen Lousia REA) (i234), b.1875-d.1968
JOHNSTONE, John Houston (i30), b.1877-d.1909
JOHNSTONE, John Rea (i539), b.1910-d.1938
JOHNSTONE, Joseph (i120), b.1863-d.1888
JOHNSTONE, Lydia A. (i313)
JOHNSTONE, Male (i320), b.1873-d.1873
JOHNSTONE, Margaret (i123)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret (i278)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret (i318), b.1870-
JOHNSTONE, Margaret (marriage to ?? McILROY) (i123)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret Anne (Peggy) (i530) (still alive)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret Elizabeth (Meta) (i31), b.1879-d.1963
JOHNSTONE, Margaret F. or J. (i284), b.1870-d.1941
JOHNSTONE, Margaret G. (i50)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret G. (marriage to W. J. Martin WALKER) (i50)
JOHNSTONE, Margaret Stockman (i14), b.1833-d.1912
JOHNSTONE, Margaret Stockman (marriage to Alexander FISKIN) (i14), b.1833-d.1912
JOHNSTONE, Margaret Stockman Walker (i59), b.1864-d.1881
JOHNSTONE, Marie Louisa (Polly) (i33), b.1883-d.1969
JOHNSTONE, Mary (i121)
JOHNSTONE, Mary (i164), b.1814-d.1874
JOHNSTONE, Mary (i279)
JOHNSTONE, Mary (Maimie) (i69)
JOHNSTONE, Mary (Maimie) (marriage to Ernest Outred ("Woodview Cottage") CHALK) (i69)
JOHNSTONE, Mary (marriage to James HAGAN) (i164), b.1814-d.1874
JOHNSTONE, Mary (Minnie) (i273)
JOHNSTONE, Mary (Minnie) (i319), b.1872-d.1925
JOHNSTONE, Mary (Minnie) (marriage to James MCDOWELL) (i273)
JOHNSTONE, Mary Ann (i231), b.1876-d.1959
JOHNSTONE, Mary Ann Wilson (i49), b.1851-
JOHNSTONE, Mary Anne (i465), b.1874-
JOHNSTONE, Mary Anne Copeland (i250), b.1854-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Mary E. A. (i314)
JOHNSTONE, Nancy (i277)
JOHNSTONE, Paul (i47), b.1850-
JOHNSTONE, Paul Ernest William (i561), b.1905-d.1906
JOHNSTONE, Rea (i237), b.1852-d.1897
JOHNSTONE, Rea (i244), b.1877-d.1918
JOHNSTONE, Rea (i544), b.1894-d.1982
JOHNSTONE, Rea (marriage to Catherine Martha DIXCEY) (i237), b.1852-d.1897
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i1), b.1744-d.1804
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i13), b.1831-d.1895
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i228), b.1849-d.1942
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i230), b.1875-d.1945
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i257), b.1820-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Robert (i322), b.1876-
JOHNSTONE, Robert ("Shipyard") (i37), b.1807-d.1891
JOHNSTONE, Robert ("Silverstream") (i3), b.1786-d.1869
JOHNSTONE, Robert (marriage to Annie LOGAN) (i228), b.1849-d.1942
JOHNSTONE, Robert (marriage to Margaret ROSS) (i257), b.1820-d.1916
JOHNSTONE, Robert Alexander (i312), b.1864-
JOHNSTONE, Robert Harold (i573), d.1981
JOHNSTONE, Robert McCheyne ("Knockagh House") (i219)
JOHNSTONE, Robert Murray McCheyne (i48), b.1855-
JOHNSTONE, Robert William (i596), b.1910-
JOHNSTONE, Robina (i141)
JOHNSTONE, Robina (marriage to John ("Sunbeam Cottage") ANDERSON) (i141)
JOHNSTONE, Ronald or Rowland (i545), b.1892-d.1970
JOHNSTONE, Rosemary Margaret (i118) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Ruth Sarah (i112) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Salomie Adeline (Lena) (i325), b.1882-
JOHNSTONE, Samuel (i260), b.1830-
JOHNSTONE, Samuel (i462), b.1865-
JOHNSTONE, Sarah (i45), b.1847-
JOHNSTONE, Sir Robert James (i271)
JOHNSTONE, Sir Robert James (marriage to Mary Anne MAGILL) (i271)
JOHNSTONE, Stanley Ernest (i572), d.1977
JOHNSTONE, Steven (i117) (living status unknown)
JOHNSTONE, Susan (i363)
JOHNSTONE, Susan (marriage to William BOYD) (i363)
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (i19), b.1839-
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (i68)
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (i104), b.1865-d.1929
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (i311), b.1863-d.1924
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (i317), b.1868-
JOHNSTONE, Thomas ("Strandview") (i61)
JOHNSTONE, Thomas ("Whinfield" and "Glenfield") (i11), b.1800-d.1872
JOHNSTONE, Thomas ("Whinfield" and "Glenfield") (marriage to Eleanor GLENFIELD) (i11), b.1800-d.1872
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (marriage to Alice KREBS) (i311), b.1863-d.1924
JOHNSTONE, Thomas (marriage to Anne CARR) (i19), b.1839-
JOHNSTONE, Thomas Frederick S. (i119), b.1909-d.1983
JOHNSTONE, Thomas Robert (Tom) (i29), b.1875-d.1953
JOHNSTONE, Veronica Mary Hope (i557), b.1901-d.1985
JOHNSTONE, Veronica Mary Hope (marriage to George William CONDON) (i557), b.1901-d.1985
JOHNSTONE, William (i102)
JOHNSTONE, William (i108), b.1907-
JOHNSTONE, William ("Bloomfield") (i89), b.1822-d.1908
JOHNSTONE, William ("Bloomfield") (marriage to Hannah SPEERS) (i89), b.1822-d.1908
JOHNSTONE, William (Bill) (i613), d.1978
JOHNSTONE, William Edward (i528), b.1926-d.1989
JOHNSTONE, William Francis (i283), b.1876-d.1932
JOHNSTONE, William Gunning (i658), b.1869-
JOHNSTONE, William Hughes ("Long Bank Cottage") (i65)
JOHNSTONE, William James (Jimmy) (i110), b.1945-
JOHNSTONE, William Roger (Roy) (i76)


KER(R), Matilda Margaret (marriage to George MAGILL) (i504) (living status unknown)


KERNAGHAN, Mary (marriage to Robert ("Silverstream") JOHNSTONE) (i4), b.1792-d.1868


KNAPP, May Blanche (marriage to David JOHNSTONE) (i246)


KREBS, ?? (i665)
KREBS, Alice (i612), d.1941
KREBS, Alice (marriage to Thomas JOHNSTONE) (i612), d.1941
KREBS, Mary (i666), d.1930


LAURIE, Helen (marriage to James Anderson REA) (i538)


LESLIE, Lavina (marriage to Carlisle WALKER) (i392)


LILLEY, ?? (marriage to ?? JOHNSTONE) (i86)


LINDSAY, ?? (marriage to Agnes JOHNSTONE) (i218)


LODGE, Eva (marriage to Ezekiel JOHNSTONE) (i41)


LOGAN, Annie (i229), b.1854-d.1923
LOGAN, Annie (marriage to Robert JOHNSTONE) (i229), b.1854-d.1923
LOGAN, James (i541)
LOGAN, Jane (marriage to Edward GLENFIELD) (i430), b.1789-d.1860
LOGAN, Sarah (marriage to Paul RODGERS) (i509)


LOWRY, Barkley (i377)
LOWRY, Edgar (i382)
LOWRY, Eleanor (i380)
LOWRY, Harry (i376)
LOWRY, Harry (i378)
LOWRY, Harry (marriage to Eleanor Glenfield Johnston (Nellie) BARKLEY) (i376)
LOWRY, Isabel (i383)
LOWRY, Rowan (i379)
LOWRY, Thomas (i381)


LOWSON (LAUSSEN), Louise Levena (marriage to George JOHNSTONE) (i240)


LYNN, Beatrice M. (i209) (living status unknown)
LYNN, Elizabeth Jane Barnett (i352), b.1851-d.1879
LYNN, Henry (i350), b.1811-d.1851
LYNN, Henry ("Albany Cottage") (i202), b.1846-d.1931
LYNN, Henry ("Albany Cottage") (marriage to Mary Johnstone RODGERS) (i202), b.1846-d.1931
LYNN, Henry (Harry) (i211), b.1886-d.1957
LYNN, Jane Singleton (i351), b.1848-d.1851
LYNN, Janette Johnstone (i203)
LYNN, Janette Johnstone (marriage to Adam Boyle CLARKE) (i203)
LYNN, John (i353), b.1840-d.1859
LYNN, John G. (i210) (living status unknown)
LYNN, Mary J. (Minnie) (i212) (living status unknown)
LYNN, Paul Rodgers (i207), b.1882-d.1972


MAGILL, ?? (i466)
MAGILL, George (i503)
MAGILL, Georgina Mary Matilda (i298), b.1864-d.1937
MAGILL, Georgina Mary Matilda (marriage to Robert Johnstone PORTER) (i298), b.1864-d.1937
MAGILL, Mary Anne (i461)
MAGILL, Mary Anne (marriage to Sir Robert James JOHNSTONE) (i461)
MAGILL, William Ker (i506), b.1868-


MANNING, Mary Margaret (marriage to William JOHNSTONE) (i109) (living status unknown)


MARTIN, James (i493)
MARTIN, John (i424), d.1885
MARTIN, John (marriage to Wilhelmina Seeds GLENFIELD) (i424), d.1885


Maurice (i137) (living status unknown)


McADAM, Maude (marriage to William Hughes ("Long Bank Cottage") JOHNSTONE) (i66)


McALLISTER, Lillian Maude (marriage to Rea JOHNSTONE) (i247)


MCCALMONT, David (i178)
MCCALMONT, David (marriage to Eliza JOHNSTONE) (i178)
MCCALMONT, Hugh (i472)
MCCALMONT, Isabella (i488), b.1865-
MCCALMONT, Isabella (i489), b.1867-
MCCALMONT, James (i454)
MCCALMONT, James (marriage to Jane JOHNSTONE) (i454)
MCCALMONT, Jemima (i455), b.1868-
MCCALMONT, Robena Johnston (i625), b.1871-


MCCORMICK, Elizabeth (marriage to Robert THOMPSON) (i496), b.1830-d.1910


MCCRACKEN, ?? (i133)
MCCRACKEN, ?? (marriage to ?? JOHNSTONE) (i133)
MCCRACKEN, Evelyn (i134) (living status unknown)
MCCRACKEN, Jim (i138) (living status unknown)
MCCRACKEN, Jim (i139) (living status unknown)
MCCRACKEN, Rhea (i135) (living status unknown)


MCCREVEY, Ellen (i269), b.1839-d.1885
MCCREVEY, James (i270), b.1832-d.1870
MCCREVEY, Mary Eliza (i266), b.1834-d.1903
MCCREVEY, Mary Eliza (marriage to Charles ("Laurel Lodge") JOHNSTONE) (i266), b.1834-d.1903
MCCREVEY, Robert (i267), b.1798-d.1876


MCDOWELL, Anne (i458), b.1869-
MCDOWELL, Charles (i275)
MCDOWELL, Eliza (i459), b.1871-
MCDOWELL, James (i274)
MCDOWELL, James (marriage to Mary (Minnie) JOHNSTONE) (i274)
MCDOWELL, John (i490), b.1865-
MCDOWELL, Mary Jane (i491), b.1867-
MCDOWELL, Moya (i276)
MCDOWELL, Thomas Alexander (i460), b.1874-


MCGREGGOR, James (marriage to Eliza Jane REA) (i346)


McILROY, ?? (i124)
McILROY, ?? (marriage to Margaret JOHNSTONE) (i124)
McILROY, Dr James (i127)
McILROY, Effie (i131)
McILROY, Etta (i125)
McILROY, Isabella (i129)
McILROY, Isabella (marriage to David WALKER) (i129)
McILROY, Ruby (i126)


McKAIG, ?? (i92)
McKAIG, ?? (marriage to Elizabeth JOHNSTONE) (i92)
McKAIG, Eleanor (i97)
McKAIG, Eleanor (marriage to ?? ??) (i97)
McKAIG, Elizabeth (i96)
McKAIG, Shealagh (i95)
McKAIG, Thomas H. (i93)


MCLEAN, Dorothy (marriage to Stanley BARKLEY) (i386)


MCMEEKIN, Thomas (i633)
MCMEEKIN, William (i297)
MCMEEKIN, William (marriage to Ellenor Christina PORTER) (i297)


MCNEILL, Henry (marriage to Elizabeth (Eliza and Lizzie) Jane PORTER) (i614), d.1902


MEEKIE, Rachel (marriage to Robert Murray McCheyne JOHNSTONE) (i590)


MILLIKEN, John (marriage to Wilhelmina Seeds GLENFIELD) (i426)


MILLIKIN, ?? (marriage to ?? JOHNSTONE) (i88)
MILLIKIN, John (i660)
MILLIKIN, Martha (i657)
MILLIKIN, Martha (marriage to James JOHNSTONE) (i657)


MOONEY, John (i214)
MOONEY, John (i470), b.1871-
MOONEY, John (marriage to Isabella JOHNSTONE) (i214)
MOONEY, Margaret (i468), b.1868-
MOONEY, Robert (i469), b.1869-
MOONEY, William (i626), b.1874-


MORRISON, ?? (i35)
MORRISON, ?? (marriage to Katherine HOWELL) (i35)
MORRISON, James (i36)


MORROW, Abigail (i634), b.1793-
MORROW, Abigail (marriage to Matthew BARCLAY) (i634), b.1793-
MORROW, David (i515)


PITKETHLY, Euphemia (marriage to Robert BERTRAM) (i569)


PORTER, (i655)
PORTER, ?? (i650)
PORTER, Alexander Fiskin (i301), b.1864-d.1936
PORTER, Alfred Haughton (i619), b.1892-d.1956
PORTER, Ann (i300), b.1862-d.1940
PORTER, Ann (marriage to Joseph Henry IREDALE) (i300), b.1862-d.1940
PORTER, Anne (Annie) (i305), b.1822-d.1923
PORTER, Christian (i580), b.1825-
PORTER, Edward Arthur Gribbon (i620), b.1895-
PORTER, Eleanor Christina (i347), b.1859-d.1860
PORTER, Elizabeth (Eliza and Lizzie) Jane (i302), b.1867-d.1931
PORTER, Ellenor Christina (i296), b.1865-d.1947
PORTER, Ellenor Christina (marriage to William MCMEEKIN) (i296), b.1865-d.1947
PORTER, Female (i577), b.1874-
PORTER, Female (i653)
PORTER, Francis (Frank) Johnstone (i303), b.1873-d.1927
PORTER, Francis (Frank) Johnstone (marriage to Lilian Cole BARTLEY) (i303), b.1873-d.1927
PORTER, George (i419)
PORTER, Herdman (i304), b.1875-d.1950
PORTER, James Andrew Stewart (i615), b.1887-d.1981
PORTER, James Andrew Stewart (marriage to Kathleen Elsie PORTER) (i615), b.1887-d.1981
PORTER, James Wilson (i646)
PORTER, John (i299), b.1860-d.1934
PORTER, John (i621)
PORTER, John (i623), b.1733-d.1800
PORTER, John (i647)
PORTER, John (marriage to Agnes CROOKS) (i621)
PORTER, John (marriage to Martha Lizzie IREDALE) (i299), b.1860-d.1934
PORTER, Kathleen Elsie (i654), b.1887-
PORTER, Kathleen Elsie (marriage to James Andrew Stewart PORTER) (i654), b.1887-
PORTER, Major Harold William (i307), d.1967
PORTER, Major Harold William (marriage to Edith JOHNSTONE) (i307), d.1967
PORTER, Margaret Johnstone Fiskin (i481), b.1869-d.1870
PORTER, Martha (i649)
PORTER, Meredith Frank (i618), b.1890-
PORTER, Robert (i579), b.1830-
PORTER, Robert Dalway McGowan (i648)
PORTER, Robert Johnstone (i295), b.1857-d.1918
PORTER, Robert Johnstone (marriage to Georgina Mary Matilda MAGILL) (i295), b.1857-d.1918
PORTER, Robert Kerr (Bertie?) (i306), b.1889-d.1938
PORTER, Stanley (i418) (living status unknown)
PORTER, Thomas Fawcett (i617), b.1889-d.1889
PORTER, Thomas Johnstone (i293), b.1856-d.1919
PORTER, William (i16), b.1835-d.1906
PORTER, William (i291), b.1855-d.1919
PORTER, William (i645)
PORTER, William (i662), b.1883-
PORTER, William "Hawthorne Villa" (i289), b.1793-d.1883
PORTER, William (marriage to Charlotte Hester ALEXANDER) (i291), b.1855-d.1919
PORTER, William (marriage to Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane JOHNSTONE) (i16), b.1835-d.1906
PORTER, William (marriage to Hilda Nora Patrice SEAVER) (i662), b.1883-
PORTER, William Herdman (i616), b.1887-d.1953


REA, Agnes (i222), b.1825-d.1896
REA, Agnes (marriage to John JOHNSTONE) (i222), b.1825-d.1896
REA, Eliza Jane (i224), b.1829-
REA, Ellen Lousia (i536), b.1877-d.1950
REA, Ellen Lousia (marriage to John Douglas JOHNSTONE) (i536), b.1877-d.1950
REA, Francis (i223)
REA, James (i225), b.1834-
REA, James Anderson (i537)
REA, John (i416), d.1881


RODGERS, ?? (marriage to Mary JOHNSTONE) (i122)
RODGERS, Agnes (i672), b.1838-
RODGERS, Agnes (marriage to William James CLOSE) (i672), b.1838-
RODGERS, Alexander (i671), b.1836-
RODGERS, Elizabeth (i669), b.1829-
RODGERS, Janet (i667), b.1823-
RODGERS, John (i674)
RODGERS, John (marriage to Sarah WATSON) (i674)
RODGERS, Mary Jane (i670), b.1830-
RODGERS, Mary Johnstone (i201), b.1858-d.1949
RODGERS, Mary Johnstone (marriage to Henry ("Albany Cottage") LYNN) (i201), b.1858-d.1949
RODGERS, Paul (i200), b.1833-d.1901
RODGERS, Paul (i508)
RODGERS, Paul (i668), b.1827-
RODGERS, Paul (marriage to Janet (Jenny) JOHNSTONE) (i200), b.1833-d.1901
RODGERS, William James (i673), b.1843-


ROSS, ?? (marriage to Margaret JOHNSTONE) (i422)
ROSS, Andrew (i262)
ROSS, Andrew (i511)
ROSS, Andrew (marriage to Elizabeth (Eliza) JOHNSTONE) (i262)
ROSS, Catherine Morrison (i486), b.1866-
ROSS, Charles (i456), b.1868-
ROSS, Margaret (i258), b.1818-d.1905
ROSS, Margaret (marriage to Robert JOHNSTONE) (i258), b.1818-d.1905
ROSS, Mary Jane (i264), b.1850-
ROSS, Robert (i263), b.1846-


RYAN, Julia Ethyl May (i328), b.1867-d.1960
RYAN, Julia Ethyl May (marriage to Francis Edward JOHNSTONE) (i328), b.1867-d.1960
RYAN, Thomas (i553)


SEAVER, Hilda Nora Patrice (i663)
SEAVER, Hilda Nora Patrice (marriage to William PORTER) (i663)
SEAVER, Rev. Richard W. (i664)


SEEDS, Eleanor (marriage to Francis GLENFIELD) (i428), b.1822-d.1880


SPEERS, Hannah (i90), b.1824-d.1872
SPEERS, Hannah (marriage to William ("Bloomfield") JOHNSTONE) (i90), b.1824-d.1872
SPEERS, William (i471)


SPENCE, ?? (marriage to Rita BARKLEY) (i384)


SUNDERCOMBE, Bruce Alan? (marriage to Isobel JOHNSTONE) (i524), d.1960


SWINBURNE, Florence Murial (Florrie) (i525), b.1898-d.1955
SWINBURNE, Florence Murial (Florrie) (marriage to Arthur Rupert JOHNSTONE) (i525), b.1898-d.1955
SWINBURNE, William (i526)


SWITZER, ?? (i153)
SWITZER, Angela (i155) (living status unknown)
SWITZER, Gillian (i154) (living status unknown)


TATESON, Ethel (i249), b.1884-d.1967
TATESON, Ethel (marriage to Alfred George JOHNSTONE) (i249), b.1884-d.1967
TATESON, Frederick (i564)


THOMPSON, ?? (marriage to Mary JOHNSTONE) (i423)
THOMPSON, Margaret (marriage to William Morrow BARKLEY) (i341), b.1810-d.1850
THOMPSON, Robert (i482), b.1855-
THOMPSON, Robert (i492), b.1825-d.1885
THOMPSON, Robert (marriage to Charlotte Seeds GLENFIELD) (i482), b.1855-
THOMPSON, Robert Quartus (Bertie) (i497), b.1884-
THOMPSON, Wilhelmena Seeds (Ena) (i349), b.1880-d.1975
THOMPSON, Wilhelmena Seeds (Ena) (marriage to Capt Thomas Johnstone BARKLEY) (i349), b.1880-d.1975


THWAITES, Eliza (marriage to George THWAITES) (i519)
THWAITES, George (i518)
THWAITES, Margaret (i326), b.1844-
THWAITES, Margaret (marriage to Edward Thomas JOHNSTONE) (i326), b.1844-


TYRRELL, Elizabeth Ann (marriage to William SWINBURNE) (i527)


WALKER, Anne (i413) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Canon Walker? Leslie (i404) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Carlisle (i391)
WALKER, Carlisle (i403) (living status unknown)
WALKER, David (i130)
WALKER, David (i197)
WALKER, David (marriage to Isabella JOHNSTONE) (i197)
WALKER, David (marriage to Isabella McILROY) (i130)
WALKER, Dr Brian (i406) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Eleanor (marriage to John ("Longfield") JOHNSTONE) (i58), b.1840-d.1881
WALKER, Ena (i409) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Isabel Johnstone (i398) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Isabella (i485), b.1866-
WALKER, James (i52)
WALKER, James (i484), b.1864-
WALKER, Jane Jake? (i412) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Jessena T. (i401) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Lyla (i393) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Lyla (marriage to W. WILKIN) (i393) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Male (i475), b.1869-
WALKER, May (i53)
WALKER, McCheyne (i54)
WALKER, Michael (i407) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Norman (i389) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Patricia (i408) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Rev. James Johnstone (i387)
WALKER, Rev. Thomas (i390) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Roberta (i402) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Ruth (i414) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Stephen (i415) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Thomas (i400) (living status unknown)
WALKER, Thomas (i474), b.1868-
WALKER, Thomasina Toye (i476), b.1871-
WALKER, W. J. Martin (i51)
WALKER, W. J. Martin (marriage to Margaret G. JOHNSTONE) (i51)
WALKER, Wallace (i399) (living status unknown)


WALTON, Alston (i560), b.1891-d.1971
WALTON, Alston (marriage to Irene Annie Florence JOHNSTONE) (i560), b.1891-d.1971
WALTON, Joseph Edward (i604)


WATSON, Samuel (i676)
WATSON, Sarah (i675)
WATSON, Sarah (marriage to John RODGERS) (i675)


WERREY, Doris Rose (i599), b.1899-
WERREY, Norman (i600), b.1901-
WERREY, Thomas (i602)
WERREY, Thomas (Tom) (i242), b.1869-
WERREY, Thomas (Tom) (marriage to Alice (Rose) JOHNSTONE) (i242), b.1869-


WHARMBY, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas WERREY) (i603)


WILKIN, Dr Mitchell (i395) (living status unknown)
WILKIN, Joy (i396) (living status unknown)
WILKIN, Peter (i397) (living status unknown)
WILKIN, W. (i394)


WILKINSON, Colin (i101) (living status unknown)
WILKINSON, James (i100)
WILKINSON, James (marriage to Rhoda ??) (i100)


WILSON, ?? (marriage to John PORTER) (i624)
WILSON, Agnes (i439), b.1877-
WILSON, Annie (i436), b.1870-
WILSON, Henry Grattan Guinne (i438), b.1874-
WILSON, James White (i434), b.1866-
WILSON, John (i432)
WILSON, John (marriage to Eliza HAGAN) (i432)
WILSON, John Thompson (i437), b.1872-
WILSON, Mary (i435), b.1868-
WILSON, Robert Murray Mc(Cheyne) (i440), b.1882-

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