Welcome to the "House of Shame." These are pictures of just a few pieces of glassware that I have seen labeled King's Crown and they are not. Some dealers will listen to suggestions about their pieces and some are insistent that they are correct. What do you think? 02/99 I've updated several mysteries with some tips from visitors to the King's Crown Collection Page. Thank you everyone for helping me to educate King's Crown collectors!

TIFFIN, Ruby Flashed,Kings Crown CAKE COMPOTE
- RUBY FLASHED, KINGS CROWN CAKE COMPOTE. This piece just sold for $207.50. I was a little surprised to see it go that high considering it wasn't King's Crown. My hope is that the bidder didn't think it was the rare Adam's Co. cake plate, which would be worth that price and probably more. This pattern is called Manhattan.

- A BEAUTIFUL EARLY 2 PIECE COMPOTE SET/HAS THE RED AND THE CLEAR. IT IS 11 1/2 " TALL BY 6 1/2 " WIDE. At least this seller added question marks admitting to not being sure if this was King's Crown or not. This pattern is call Crystal Wedding.

- AN EARLY KING'S CROWN ?? RED AND CLEAR COLOR CAKE PLATE. HAS A GRAT BASE.IT IS 7 1/4 " TALL BY 10 " DIAMETER. IT HAS ABOUT A 3/4 " LIPS . HAS 12 BULL'S EYES. At least this seller added question marks admitting to not being sure if this was King's Crown or not. This pattern is call Manhattan.

- AN EARLY KING'S CROWN ?? RED AND CLEAR GLASS JAR. IT HAS 8 BULL EYES AROUND THE CENTER OF THE JAR, AND HAS 8 0N THE LID. IT IS VERY RARE. At least this seller added question marks admitting to not being sure if this was King's Crown or not. This pattern is call Manhattan.

Kings Crown Thumbprint Green Fairy Lamp
- Pretty fairy lamp. Measures about 7 inches high. Two pieces. No chips, cracks. I am pretty sure this is called Kings Crown. This is Moon and Star. There are several bids on this piece. Not by any known King's Crown collectors though...could they be...fairys?!

- This is a really beautiful dish. It stands approx 3 inches with lid. It is in the shape of a crown and the medalions are raised bubbles of glass that magnify and reflect. I thought this might be a KC candy box disguised as a powder box. To my surprise it isn't even King's Crown.

OLD "KINGS CROWN" Biscuit Jar - Elegant
- OLD "KINGS CROWN" Biscuit Jar. Magnificent! Simply stunning! This OLD Cut Glass Biscuit Jar is truly unique and so beautiful. A quality piece trimmed with 'Cranberry' at the top edge of the jar. This jar is in excellent condition considering its age. No chips or cracks. Beautiful finial crown at top of lid. A must have for biscuit jar collectors! Sawtooth need I say more. :P

- Kings crown diamond point{Ruby flashing} I call this a berry bowl although I'm not an expert in glass. This is in good condition. It measures 5 inches wide and 2 1/4 inches high. Berry bowl? Let's try apples and oranges... not only is this not King's Crown it isn't Diamond Point either. Karen to the rescue with an identification of this piece. She has identified it as Tiffin #708 pattern. Thank you Karen again!

King's Crown (Thumb Print) Depression Bowl
- This is a CRYSTAL KING'S CROWN (THUMBPRINT) 4 INCH FINGER BOWL made by US Glass (Tiffin)Co. 1800s - 1960s. It is in PERFECT CONDITION! This pattern has shown up several times as of late listed as King's Crown. I've tried to ignore it, but I think it is time to identify it. Any help would be appreciated.

King's Crown Thumbprint Amberina Bowl
- A heavy piece that measures 4 1/2" tall and 7 1/4" across the top. It is in perfect condition without chips or cracks! It is a pretty tangerine color starting at the top and graduates to a pretty yellow shade at the bottom. A great piece for your collection! Buyer to pay shipping and insurance. I will accept a check or m/o. Thank you! A very helpful visitor to the King's Crown Collection Page identified this bowl as a Moon and Star reproduction referenced in AMERICAN AND CANADIAN GOBLETS by Doris and Peter Unitt. Publ:  For the Love of Glass Publishing Inc. pgs54-55. "Moon and Star Bright and heavy non-flint of the 80'sclear and frosted. Coloured pieces are reproductions of a later era. Refs:   Lee, plates 69,103 Mz Bk 1 pgs210-211"

Kings Crown Goblet
- This is something I see at antique malls frequently labeled as King's Crown. Nothing's more disappointing than someone asking me if I need help finding something...I tell them no and they insist on helping. Then they lead me to a booth full of these glasses. OK I'm talking from personal experience. These glasses have been identified as "American Whitehall" by Indiana Glass Co.

7 1/2 in Diamond Point Kings Crown Compote
- This is a beautiful piece. It is 7 1/2 inches high. It has no cracks or chips. The top of this piece is in the red cranberry color, it is in the diamond-point design. very pretty! Not only is this not King's Crown, but it is not Diamond Point either. We know from research I did earlier (check out my research on the guestbook) that this pattern is...class what is it?...It's Sawtooth. Very good class!

Kings-Crown sugar & creamer on a tray
- Another white King's Crown look a like. Don't know pattern name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kings-Crown sugar & creamer on a tray
- White King's Crown look alike. Saw this in an antique store labeled as King's Crown. I admit I walked over to look at it, because I too thought it was King's Crown. Once I got close I could see that it was not. It doesn't have the zig zag above and below the thumbprints.

King's Crown Thumbprint Creamer and Sugar
- "Sugar: 2 1/4" with no chips, some minor loss to color, but a 2" crack (see photo). Creamer has no chips or cracks, but some color loss. " Not King's Crown and after looking through my Heacock's book the pattern I think comes closest to looking like this pair is a pattern called Sweet Sixty-one.

- "This 6 3/4 inch tall ruby flashed candy dish is a fine example of Kings Crown at it's best.This piece is perfect in every way." This is one reason why I started this page to inform people WHAT King's Crown looks like, so they don't make a disappointing purchase like this. This has been identified by Matt Freier he states, "this is Westmoreland's English Hobnail pattern, made from the 1930s to the 1980s. I'm guessing that color treatment was done in the 60s and 70s, since it was obviously made to compete with King's Crown, but I could be wrong. A depression (1930s) pattern named Windsor (by Jeanntte Glass) has been seen with ruby staining similar to KC." Thank you Matt for your expertise!

Kings-Crown sugar & creamer on a tray
- "This is a beautiful Kings-Crown sugar & creamer on a tray. It's all in very good condition. This measures approx.: Sugar, 3 & 1/2" by 3 & 1/2". Creamer 4" by 3" and the tray 9" by 6". See picture below. Buyer pays Sh&ins. I just was informed by a very nice ebay person that this is called Diamond Point and it was made in the 70's." Man! This heading got me excited. I really want a King's Crown cream & sugar tray! Sucked in by another piece of Sawtooth mislabeled as King's Crown. This really belongs in the "House of Shame."

Kings Crown Diamond Cut Bowls
- "These are six of what I believe to be Kings Crown Diamond Cut Bowls. Bowls are 5 1/4 across and 2in deep.Ruby at the top and christal at the bottom, all in good condition, no cracks chips or scratches. Buyer pays shipping." Well, think it is attack of the sawtooth again.

Kings' Crown Wine Decanter & Wine Goblets
- "This is a King's Crown wine decanter & 5 wine goblets set in excellent condition. It has grapes & leaves etched design and the bottom half of the wine goblets are cranberry red in color." I toned the title of this ad down a bit looked very flashy, too bad it wasn't really advertising King's Crown!

Kings Crown Cranberry Punch Bowl & Cups
- "Cranberry flash on punch bowl and 15 cups. The punch bowl is in excellent condition, no damage to the flash-on 4 of the cups do have some damage as can be seen in the photo. The remaining cups are in excellent condition.There are no chips or cracks to the set. There is a small reserve on the set, as this is a consignment piece. The punch bowl is 13" across and 7 1/2" deep. The cups are 3 1/2" high and 3 1/4" wide. I still can't find this pattern in a book yet, but I have exchanged emails with someone by the name of Auction Joe they stated "The style or pattern is the "Lexington" and it is made by the same company as Kings Crown, which is Indiana Glass." He had a Lexington punch bowl up for bid on ebay in it's original box. So, this mystery is solved.

King's Crown Plate and Bowls
- Looking for the pattern name on this too. I'm going to have to spend a day at the library and figure out some of these mysteries. (I was told that this is Princess House, their Regency pattern from the 70s & 80s. I'll have to verify, but a big help to have a place to start.)

King's Crown Punch Bowl and Tray
- "Amber punch bowl and tray in the King Crown pattern. No chips or cracks. Bowl is 9 1/2" in diameter and the tray is 12 1/2"." Someday ebay is really going to have a punch bowl. I'm still waiting though. This is a salad bowl and under plate. I have this set and use it for parties. It is quite beautiful.

King's Crown Compote
- Saw this a lot when I first started collecting. This is called Dakota or Baby Thumprint.

King's Crown Candy Dish
- Saw this in an antique shop, a full set. It was beautiful and it had a big sign on it saying "King's Crown". I quizzed the dealer on why it was labeled that and he said it was sold to him as King's Crown. He asked me to bring my book in showing different ruby patterns, and we identified it as Red Block. The set sat in the shop labeled as King's Crown for another 2 years.

King's Punch Bowl
- One of the most heart breaking mislabeled pieces. Looks kind of sort of like King's Crown, and label quite frequently as King's Crown, but alas it is not! I have seen this particular pattern labeled as King's Crown I think the most of any other. The style or pattern is "Lexington" and it is made by the same company as Kings Crown, which is Indiana Glass."

King's Crown Bowl
- It definitely qualifies as a crown. Have to say this has given me the biggest laugh when I found out is wasn't King's Crown. Anyone have any idea WHAT pattern this is? This was made by Fostoria. There were three different crown designs. This one was their #2751 Navarre crown, made in the 1950's and 1960's. Thanks Karen for your expertise!

King's Crown Bowl...
looks good, but no cigar. This is a pattern made by Westmoreland known as Waterford. It was first made in the 1930's in clear, and then later with the ruby stain. Thanks Karen for your expertise!

King's Crown Punchbowl?
I think not. The title got my heart beating when I saw it on Ebay though. This is called Button Panel. Here it is pictured in gold, but it also comes in ruby as pictured on the cover of Heacock's "Ruby Stained Glass From A to Z, Book 7."

King's Crown compote...
nice try....Sawtooth. Quite frequently see this pattern labeled as King's Crown.

King's Crown Punch Cup...
Saw 2 complete punch sets in this pattern at an Antique show I attended. The dealers swore up and down that it was King's Crown. The style or pattern is "Lexington" and it is made by the same company as Kings Crown, which is Indiana Glass."

King's Crown Relish Dish...
I wish! Looks like another piece in the Sawtooth pattern.

King's Crown Bowl...
again with the Sawtooth pattern. I have to admit I am sometimes tempted to buy a piece, because it is beautiful, but then I remember..."where the heck am I going to store it!"

Kings Crown 13 inch Bowl
- Saw-wa-shocked again. Sniglet for thinking something is King's Crown only to find out it is Sawtooth.

Frequently Called King's Crown
- had a dealer at a antique flea market try and sell this as King's Crown. It has thumbprints, it has a star on the bottom and it even has a sort of zigzag pattern running around it. It is another lovely piece. Looked through my "Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Book 7" and haven't been able to place it yet. This is a pattern made by Westmoreland known as Waterford. It was first made in the 1930's in clear, and then later with the ruby stain. Thanks Karen for your expertise!

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