These are a few references that I find useful in identifying King's Crown and just to drool over pictures of King's Crown. I have seen some of these at the library if you don't want to buy them.

Popular American Ruby-Stained Pattern Glass
by Richard Carter Barret - Just bought this book off ebay. All I can say is WOW! It had a very beautiful picture of King's Crown on the cover, but it didn't compare to the 2 pages of rare pieces of King's Crown inside. I fear my want list is going to grow longer. It was copyrighted in 1968 so you'll have to scan a used book store for it, but it's definitely worth having in your library.

Collectible Glassware from the 40's, 50's and 60's...
by Gene Florence - This was the first book I bought. It had a King's Crown goblet right on the front of the book! How could I pass it up. It has a very nice page with a small description of the pattern and a list of some of the pieces in the set. Then there are 7 pages of pictures. Worth the price of the book in my humble opinion.

Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Book 7, Ruby~Stained Glass From A to Z
by William Heacock - Again worth it's price just in the beautiful pictures of all the ruby glass. This book has helped a lot in identifying the different pieces of ruby glass that is NOT King's Crown. There is a full page color photo of 24 pieces of King's Crown not to mention the color photos of the other patterns. I still love to look through this book. There is book 8 (Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Pattern Glass/Book 8 More Ruby Stained Glass by William Heacock) that is supposed to be the continuation of this book, but I have never seen it. I haven't worked too hard in trying to locate one. I would want to look at it first before purchasing it; therefore I have not attempted to order it.

Early American Pattern Glass 1850-1910
by Bill Jenks and Jerry Luna - Not a whole lot about King's Crown, but very informative and a picture of a footed punch bowl to die for.

Identifying Pattern Glass Reproductions
by Bill Jenks, Jerry Luna, Darryl Reilly - It is another good book for a list of what is in this pattern. It didn't clear up the confusion as to what is a reproduction and what is not for me, but it's good reading.

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