These are a few leads that you might find useful in finding King's Crown.

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Train Your Friends and Family
Sometimes friends and family who collect visit antique stores when they are not with you. If they are not a collector encourage them to take a peek in an antique shop or two to help you find King's Crown. Especially, if they are on a vacation or business trip to some place you don't frequent. Ask them to just squeeze in one antique store. Who knows from what they find you may want to plan a trip there yourself.

Also, if you are on vacation and you have to stop for gas or to eat allow some time to see if there is an antique store close by to check out. My family stopped in a small town for gas and took a short drive and found 4 antique stores close together. I jumped out and ran into each one while the kids had a snack in the car. To my surprise one store had a whole table set with King's Crown in the window. To my dismay they were CLOSED!! I stood there for a few minutes with my nose and hands pressed up against the window. Then I got their phone number and called them back when they were open.

ebay-auction on the web
King's Crown - Anyone not heard of Ebay by now? If not give it a try. There are many pieces of King's Crown up for bid there. Use the search box to also do a search on "Kings Crown" without the appostrophe.

Replacements, Ltd.
They now have a web page! - I must admit that this resource hasn't found anything for me (in King's Crown), and they can be a bit pricey at times, but when you buy a piece from them you know it is going to be PERFECT! I am not exaggerating. My experience with another pattern I collect up holds this statement. Also, receiving their sales list 3 or 4 times a year is fun. Anyone new at collecting will find some of the more ordinary pieces for their collection here. Call 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) and get on their mailing list. It's free! Any other patterns you may be interested in can also be found here.

Some Useful Links
Links - Here are some miscellaneous things and some personal web pages I find interesting that are worth checking out!

A Treasure Hunt - Antiques & Collectibles
This is an antique store - Normally, I wouldn't put a store on my page. I found this store to be very refreshing. I was amazed at not only the amount of King's Crown, but the variety of colors as well. Now don't get too excited. There were mostly the ordinary pieces the day I was there, but to someone starting out this place would be a good place to fill in some holes. Plus I'm sure their inventory varies and you never know when something really interesting might come in. The prices were also reasonable. I asked if they would do mail order and they said yes they would. They are located in Northern California. Their telephone number is (916)781-8047. And their email address is I don't think they are expecting any calls from my web page, so if you contact them you'll have to explain yourself and what you are looking for so they know what you are talking about. I told them I'd put them on my web page, but this is nothing official just a lead to some possible King's Crown.

04/05/00 - I went to A Treasure Hunt today. Again shopping here is nice even if I don't buy something. I like seeing the King's Crown in different colors. There were probably 2 dozen goblets and sherbets in the dark cranberry color. Just beautiful, but I have enough. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they have gotten a few calls from my lead here. Glad to hear you all are finding this info useful.

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