This is going to be a skimpy page to begin with, but maybe I can get a few of these rumors cleared up and we can learn something as I go.


The theft of Tiffin Logo stickers applied to items being sold now.
I was told by a fellow King's Crown collector that she had been told at an Antique Show by a good source that some of these stickers or labels had been stolen in the 1970's. That when you buy a piece of King's Crown with the Tiffin sticker/label on it you need to make sure that the glue looks old and not freshly moisten and applied the day before. (wink)
I'm getting an email out to the good source and see if this rumor can be substantiate or ruled a rumor.

In regards to why there are light blue King's Crown items
As repeated by a dealer on ebay..."All we know is that a dealer at Blue Moon Antiques in Grants Pass, Oregon told us that they made only so many colors during a manufacturing run and if the colors didn't sell well they would discontinue the color."
I'm going to get a letter sent out and see if I can get more information on this one.

Ruby stained tray to go under cream and sugar
Someone once wrote to me looking for the tray "Oh yes, the tray is ruby.  If you picture the Amber Thumbprint tray, in ruby, you have the perfect mental image." Her mother had once had one and it had gotten broken. I have asked around and looked through books and catalogs and I haven't even seen a picture of this item or read a mention of it.
I need someone who has one in their collection or knows where it is mentioned in a book to either send me a picture or give me a clue where to look.

Email me if you can dispell a rumor: King's Crown Fanatic

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