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Rantings of a King's Crown Collector

I don't really think you have lost your mind. I have felt the feeling of wanting a piece of King's Crown that I paid way too much for it. Now though I have learned to just bide my time. With the internet I have found that I come in contact with the pieces I need for my collection much more quickly than perusing the antique shops. Considering my range is about 3 states using the internet is wonderful since it opens up the world. Below are some of my rantings OK maybe whinings about pieces of King's Crown that I think went for too high a price. Being a Libra I'm always looking for fairness; yes my mother told me "life isn't fair", but it doesn't stop me from looking.

Square Ashtray - Another ebay blunder
Butter Dish
Punch Bowl
Banana Stand
Footed Punch Bowl
Ruby Stained Punch Bowl Foot
U.S. Glass Covered Sugar Bowl
Bulbous creamer 4 7/8 inches high
Candy Box

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