photo of Ruby King's Crown lidded compote

This is the first piece I acquired. Can't say that I collected it as I did all the other pieces. It belonged to my Grandmother and when she passed away I brought it home. I thought it was beautiful. I admired it's excellent condition. The stark difference between the iridescent ruby stain against the crystal clear glass was very pleasing to my eyes.

It was that same year that a friend of mine dragged me to another antique flea market. In the past I didn't find much to entertain myself. She frequented them trying to complete a set of Herring Bone/Iris that she collected. I didn't see what she saw in such a pass time until.....I saw 6 King's Crown wine glasses! I didn't know there was matching dishes to my candy dish! The dealer, who sold me the wine glasses was very helpful and showed me an antique price guide she had and there was a list of other King's Crown pieces. Well, I was bit by the collection bug right then and there in Moss Landing, California. That was around 1990 and I have been collecting ever since.

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