King's Crown sightings on television, in movies or in print.


Rainmaker poster
The Rainmaker - Starring Burt Lancaster, Katharine Hepburn, Wendell Corey, Lloyd Bridges, and Earl Holliman - I saw this on the American Movie Classics channel one Saturday night. I was watching with a friend, who just happens to be a collector too (of another pattern thank goodness), but she knows what I collect. We both perked up when we saw the kitchen scene. The dad and Noah were talking and pouring themselves some milk in the kitchen while they wondered where the younger brother had run off to. They poured drinks into King's Crown light cranberry tumblers. There also was a King's Crown dark ruby spooner on the table with spoons in it.

Barkely Family
The Big Valley - Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Richard Long, Peter Breck, Lee Majors, and Linda Evans - I saw this 60's television episode years ago (rerun in the 90's) I don't know, which one. I vaguely remember King's Crown goblets either on the table or in a hutch next to the table. Here is a Barbara Stanwyck web site with an almost complete list of the episodes. Maybe we can all work on this together and get the episodes checked off until we find the one with the King's Crown. Now to find a station with the reruns.

06/14/99 update found Big Valley reruns on the PAX station in my area. It is on at 1pm here in Northern California. Check your TV guide.

06/15/99 Watched my first episode of The Big Valley today entitled "The River Monarch". In an effort to find the episode with King's Crown I hit pay dirt with my first day. During the beginning of the episode the greedy group of men are sitting around discussing how to get out of their predictament and the leader of the group is sipping wine out of a King's Crown wine glass.

All in the Family cast
All In The Family - Starring Carrol O'Conner, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers, and Rob Reiner - Dawn wrote in a reminded me of this sighting. It was in a Christmas episode. She says they were drinking out of King's Crown ice teas. Here is an "All in the Family episode guide" web site with a list of the episodes.

06/16/99 Well, spotting King's Crown on this show isn't going to be as hard as I thought. I got a call from a friend this morning saying turn on the TV. There were the Bunker's and the Stivics having a meal. Mike and Gloria had a big glass of milk sitting in front of their plates in King's Crown tumblers. This was episode #41 GLORIA AND THE RIDDLE. So, don't wait for Christmas for this sighting. Start watching now.

Runaway Bride poster
Runaway Bride - On video now! Starring Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Joan Cusack, Hector Elizondo and Rita Wilson - In this movie you will see amber goblets. My friend Marley went to see this movie and said she thought she saw a familiar amber goblet and took a second look to see the goblet being set down on a table and she new it was KING'S CROWN.

I rented the video and almost missed the King's Crown shot. I was engrossed in the movie and it wasn't until my husband said, "Isn't that King's Crown?" did I remember what my mission was. The scene is when "Julia" comes home to find "Richard" at her house with her family. The dad is drinking wine out of the amber King's Crown wine glass.

Gilligan's Island poster
Gilligan's Island - Starring Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Russell Johnson, Jim Backus, Tina Louise, Dawn Wells and Natalie Schafer -Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale... whoops reverting back to my teenage years when I use to watch this show. I hadn't any reason to ever watch this silly show again, baciscally because I've seen every episode 10 times I think. Well, a fellow King's Crown collector has spark new interest in the show for me when they wrote to tell me... "Was watching Gilligans Island and low and behold I spotted kings crown Iced tea glasses. The episode concerned a mad scientist who took Gilligan and friends to his island castle. During one scene the table setting includes the glasses, there may have been more pieces but I didn't notice." I hate to admit this, but I'll be looking for this show now. This web site gives an idea of when the show is on and where it can be found... Gilligan's Island Page of Goodies.

A River Runs Through It poster
A River Runs Through It - Starring Craig Sheffer, Brad Pitt, Tom Skerritt, Brenda Blethyn, and Emily Lloyd - I saw this movie about 6 years ago and obviously I wasn't paying attention yet to King's Crown in other places than an antique store. This tip was sent in by Fred Chicken. He said there is a King's Crown glass shown in it. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to have to rent this one again and try and ignore Brad Pitt. giggle.

09/27/99 I rented the movie and several fishing scenes later I spotted the King's Crown. When Norman goes to the train station with his girlfriend's family start keeping your eyes open to spot this tumbler.

Pepto-Bizmol Commercial - A visitor to the King's Crown Collection Page sent in this sighting..."Pepto Bizmol X-mas commercial aired in Virginia over the holidays had Ruby stained King's Crown bread plate used on mantal for cookies left for Claus."

Wild Wild West poster
Wild, Wild West - Starring Robert Conrad, Ross Martin and a multitude of other famous faces - Check out the TNT web site for the TV listing in your area. I'll be taping the episodes in my area, because they come on at 6 A.M. in the morning on weekdays and 9 A.M. on Saturday mornings. This tip was sent in by a fellow King's Crown collector who said, "There are a couple of episodes of Wild, Wild West (w/ Robert Conrad) that show Kings Crown. One of the episodes is in the series with Dr. Loveless." I watched this show in reruns as a teenager. The show is a cross between a western and science fiction is why it appealed to me. Robert Conrad in tight pants wasn't too bad of a reason either.

04/02/00 I finally was able to record a 6 A.M. episode called "Night of the Freebooters". To my dismay it was black and white. I thought I'll have to really look closely since I can't key in on the red color. I wasn't 30 seconds into the episode when on the wall on a shelf were King's Crown goblets standing upside down. 30 more seconds past and Gordon served West a drink in a King's Crown cordial. At the end of the episode the dinner table was set with King's Crown water goblets and wine goblets. Again it shouldn't be too hard to sight King's Crown when my first episode was loaded with them.

Chef Emeril Lagasse
Food Network Holiday Commercial - Featuring Chef Emeril Lagasse of "Kick it up a notch...BAM!" fame. - Check out the Food Network web site. This one will be a little hard to check out if you don't have cable. This commercial has been on TV every night I've surfed over to the FoodTV channel in December 2000. I don't watch it much, but I skim by it on commercials and I seem to catch this commercial every night. There is a holiday table set with King's Crown dinner plates and it goes by so quickly I haven't been able to see if there is any other King's Crown. So, I'll let you know if I catch anything else.

1960's Time Machine
The Time Machine - The 1960's cult favorite starring handsome Rod Taylor - I wanted to view my favorite 1960's version of this movie before I saw the new 2001 version. To my surprise in the first dinner scene the table is set with various sized King's Crown drinkware. YAHOO! The picture is blurry and there appears to be something that is cranberry and not King's Crown, but there are several pieces of King's Crown to get excited about.

The Golden Girls
The Golden Girls - I got an email regarding this sighting I haven't seen it myself, but I'm looking forward to checking it out. The emailer said, "I was watching a rerun of the Golden Girls a few days ago. In this episode Dorothy is having lunch at an elite book-oriented restaurant with a new friend (played by a lady who appeared on Little House On The Prairie - actress Bonnie Bartlett). Anyway it looked like their lunch and beverages were served on Kings Crown ruby dishes. The lady is a snob who thinks Blanche and Rose are dumbheads. The episode ends with Dorothy telling off the lady for being a snob and being a racist." Thanks for the tip and you can check out the Golden Girls episode called "Dorothy's New Friend" by clicking here.

Major League
Major League - Starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen Margaret Whitton, James Gammon, Bob Uecker, Rene Russo, Wesley Snipes, Charles Cyphers, Dennis Haysbert. It's about a baseball team owner who assembles a motley group of baseball players hoping their poor performance will enable her to sell out. I received 2 emails regarding this sighting it must have been doing the rounds on TV. I really enjoyed this movie the first time around and looked forward to checking out this sighting. I was told to look for the gun-metal colored compote in the locker. First scene comes up with the sacrifice to "Joe Boo" and what is in the locker a big witches caldron. I was SO disappointed. Then I got to thinking how could someone be SO wrong in identifying King's Crown. I decided to hang in there for one more scene with the "Joe Boo" locker. At last one gun-metal black King's Crown compote. It is featured in the rest of the movie.

Dickie Roberts:  Former Child Star
Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star - Starring David Spade, Mary McCormack, Jon Lovitz. Surprisingly this was an enjoyable movie. I'm not a fan of David Spade and you usually have to drag me kicking and screaming to see something he's in, but someone I trusted said I'd like it. I loved the play on all former child stars. What made it more enjoyable was in a dinner scene with the family there was a King's Crown salad bowl on the table.

Maryland State Lottery
Maryland State Lottery - Starring cows, yes, you read right the cows are the stars of this commercial spied by my friend Marley, while back east for a wedding. Said she'd seen the commercial twice and was pretty sure it was King's Crown. She wanted me to check out their website and see if I could see the commercial for myself. As of May 2005 the commercial is up for viewing. There is definitely a King's Crown gold stained compote sitting on a coffee table in the beginning. The cows have knocked it over and the candy is spilled out.

Newsies - Starring Christian Bale, David Moscow, Luke Edwards, Max Casella, and Marty Belafsky - A musical about the 1899 newsboy strike. I've always had a small interest in seeing this movie, but it wasn't until it came on cable that I actually got to watch it. To my great surprise there was King's Crown! The character Jack is on his own and his friend David invites him home for dinner. The dinner is served on King's Crown. I wish I had TIVO, because I would have liked to have played the scene over and over. Movie not really good enough to buy, but I'll definitely be looking for it in the sale bin. To us King's Crown Fanatics it's definitely worth renting!


These are sightings sent to me and I've checked them out. There isn't any King's Crown in them.

Moonlighting - The movie starring Cher...I was sent this sighting with an "I think" attached to it. I rented and watched it and there are some red stained glasses in the china hutch, but they are not King's Crown.

Cheaper By the Dozen - Starring Clifton Web and a cast of 12 children...I like this movie have always thought it was cute. It was a pleasure to watch it again. Alas, there is no King's Crown. In one scene the father is seated in front of the children for a family meeting. Sitting on the table in front of him is a red stained glass. Hard to see what pattern it is, but the shape is clearly not King's Crown.

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