Turns 11 Years Old

Keep the emails coming

Covered Compote

The above compote is still my most favorite piece. While looking over my web page it just occurred to me that I've had the King's Crown Collection Page up and on the web for 11 years.

I still get emails from collectors needing help with identification. I enjoy seeing new pictures of the pattern and hearing from others who enjoy having and using their dishes.

I have some pictures around here of me using my King's Crown for my brother's wedding. He requested it. Yes, it was a bit scary having my King's Crown leave my house but, really is there any better time to use it. It looked so beautiful. I asked if I could make the wedding cake and since they had no color in mind I used a color to match.

Keep an eye out I'll be posting the pictures as soon as I find them. And keep using your King's Crown.

Notes From the King's Crown Fanatic

King's Crown according to "Warman's Antiques And Their Prices" it is referred to as a patterned glass and pressed glass. As with other glass pattern selections King's Crown in addition to the regular table service has many accessories. Also in line with other pattern glass selections King's Crown has been highly reproduced. This making it difficult for the collector to distinguish new from the old. Also in the several books I have read even the authors tend to contradict each other about the original and the reproduced.

A basic time-line of the pattern starts with Adam's Co. beginning the manufacturing the ruby pattern in the 1890's. Then over the years it has been reproduced by Tiffin and Indiana in the cranberry color. There are a few companies that have decorated King's Crown also.

This site is devoted to my love for collecting King's Crown. None of the pieces here are for sale. They are all part of my personal collection. This is one of my hobbies and the hunt is almost as fun as the acquisition. I like educating people about the pattern and helping others to find pieces for their collection and maybe along the way I'll find something for myself. Please check the "King's Crown" leads there are some good suggestions on where to look for more King's Crown. And don't forget my Guestbook. I like it when people say there is one piece they are looking for then when I'm out antiquing or surfing the net I can keep an eye out for it. Don't hesitate to drop me an email too. I like talking about King's Crown. If you put King's Crown in the subject my email program will sift it out and I can get right to it.
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