My Wish List

I collect King's Crown in ruby and/or cranberry stain and I am looking for the following pieces...

Open Salt - ruby
Master Salt - ruby
Bulbous Water Pitcher, 2 quarts, 8 inches high
Accessory Pieces
Salt and/or Pepper shaker, original tops pewter
Flower Floater Bowl 12 1/2 inches
Wedding Bowl and Cover, 6" dia. 10 1/2" high
Tidbit Tray 3-tier 14" high
Pickle castor in silver plated frame
Adam's Co. Cake Stand, top edge serrated, bottom edge of top rim scalloped with serrated edge, 7 1/4 inches high, 10 1/4 inches diameter
Square covered cheese or honey dish, 8 inches square, 5 1/2 inches high to top of cover
Covered mustard jar, 4 inches high
Open compote, extremely rare belled shape, serrated edge, 7 1/4 inches high, 10 inches diameter
Lazy Susan, Complete with ball bearing Spinner, 8 1/2 high, 24 inches diameter
Footed punch bowl, serrated scalloped edges, 9 inches high, 12 inches top diameter
Jam or marmalade jar, without finial on cover, 5 inches high, 3 3/4 inches diameter
Two handled bowl with divider, 8 inches from handle to handle
Rectangle-shaped ashtray, There are 3 King's Crown ashtrays. The square one we are familiar with then 2 more. A 4 inch and 6 inch rectangular shaped ashtrays with a glass case was also made. This is an example of the 6 inch one.
Ruby Thumbprint Mug, this is not King's Crown, but a pattern called Thumbprint and Stars. I just want one. (smile)
Cup and Saucer
Custard Cup and Saucer, Adams Co.
Unusual Pieces
I am always looking for pieces that are unusual in color.  I would like a solid yellow compote and lid, a compote and lid with painted thumbprints and anything else you think is unusual.

Thank you for your time.  You can contact me through this link.

King's Crown Fanatic

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