"La-La-La - I'm not listening!"
(Emily, 1 year old)


(photo pending)


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  E1-720040722_05-Emily-LookingPuzzled.jpg What are you people doing?
(Emily, 10 days old)

"Hmmm... how puzzling..."
(4 months)

"Hey - What's This?!"
(8 weeks old)

What a Look!
Hpim0960wl_Mike_Lisa's_FunnyPout.jpg (Michael, 9 months old)  

"Did something scare you, Emily?"
 (6 months old)

Future Blackmail Material...?
Perhaps I'm terrible to take pictures of Emily overflowing with drool or blowing a snot-bubble, but she was just so proud of herself!

(4 and 5 months old)

And now, for our dinnertime show:
    HPIM2866sq_Em_puckerup.jpg     HPIM2817w_Emily_mischiefgrin.jpg  
The ever-changing face of Emily Grace...
(8 months old)

Now that is a
wicked grin!

(10 months)

A little excited, Mike?
(13 months)

Feeling a bit Confined?

Jen's sister, Lisa, has a mesh baby gate between the kitchen and living room...

(Mike, 13 months)

 And now for an Important Consumer Alert:

Grandma's little sweetheart?
"La-La-La - I'm not listening!"
(1 year old)

(More Pics to be added as opportunities arise....)

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