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My Personal Home Page
Dolls taken from the doll palace
A bit about me.....
My name is Elaine
I am 28 years old
I am about 1.70m tall
I am a very very scary catholic, very religious... ...so beware!!!
I am schizophrenic te he he he
I love the
my email is
I have two other websites www.myspace.com/the_medusa_virus
Things I'm interested in (if you can be bothered to read it...)
I also like a bit of Garbage, LINKIN PARK!!! Gorilaz, Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilera
I like to do a bit of reading, currently reading a book  called the Book Thief
I have three (3) dogs, yes three. I love them all....
I also like reading about apologetics....see my other website www.oocities.org/stone_veil
I also like Keanu Reeves (hubba hubba), Winona Ryder, and Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie.
I am a big fan of 3rd Rock from the Sun
Programs for Pocket PC's Pocket PC 2003
Other Random Files
How tragically true......
My history
False Fiction
My life now
Scraps of Stuff
My mental suffering experiences
How I got better
Graffiti of the insane (warning may be triggering)
Computer paint  (22nd June 2005)
Pictures of perfection
Update (15/2/04) Update (12/7/04) plus stories
Update (1/4/04)
Update (18/11/04) Story plan 11/4/05
All hail the mighty JESUS!!!
No regrets update 21/6/05 UM peanuts update 17/2/06