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Religion deserves ridicule.

Live, from Ye Olde Merrie Englande, it's the website of Martin J Burn - an English Atheist. On this site are some articles that I have written, useful links, cutting quotes, home brew Atheist humour and some XG midi files. (To best appreciate the music on this site it is advised to use a Yamaha XG daughterboard, MU series tone generator or XG Softsynth.)

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The English Atheist's Online Emporium - buy something or suffer for eternity


Missus Gumby goes Photoshop bonkers! *Guaranteed laughter for Atheists*

... and joins in with Photoshop - Part Deux! *NEW*

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Religion sucks!

This site is under the constant process of evolution.


(Lots of atheist common sense -- and a whole heap of religious in-fighting.)

World-wide Internet time is now:

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As the Bible clearly states...

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The virgin mary tells baby jesus a story before she changes his nappy.

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