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Do I have to fill out the forms?
-Yes, you have to unless you want your mail to be ignored and deleted.

Will I get a nasty award saying 'The Worst Site Ever Award'?
-Yes, you will. But if you do think thaat your site will get this award and you are afraid to get it then do not apply for it!

Will you link to me/be my sister/be my affiliate?
-If you send an e-mail asking me to linnk/be your sister/affiliate I will.

Can I link to your site?
-YES, you can. I will be your slave andd love you forever if you do!

I hate you, bla… bla… bla… bla what are you going to do about it?
-Well it depends on my mood. If I feel like I wanted to beat the hell out of you and make a fool out of myself I will, if not I will just let it go.

How do you make this site?
-I made it using notepad and typed in aall the HTML codes. It is hell I tell you learning it all.

Why don't you use Front Page, Page Express or etc.?
-I don't have one and if I do I won't bbother to burden myself by learning all the tags.

Why are there so many errors on your page?
-Do not ask me why. All I know is that I have checked all the tags and I have ended them and bla bla bla. I find that there is nothing wrong, well maybe to me but not the PC. This is one bad thing making a site from pure HTML. But I came up with the conclusion that the errors may come from the geocities's pop-up/banner... stupid ads.

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