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Comparison Between Britney Spears and Siti Nurhaliza

In Malaysia, people are busily comparing between Siti Nurhaliza and Britney Spears. One group likes Siti while the other likes Britney. So these two groups were like flaming each other which singer is the best and etc. so the story goes on.

To tell you honestly, I prefer Siti Nurhaliza to Britney. OK lets see the differences and similarities between them.

Similarities Between Siti Nurhaliza and Britney Spears

  1. Siti has natural beauty, see the above picture? Light makeup, but she still looks gorgeous.
  2. She is hardworking, that is one thing why she is so famous and respected.
  3. She sometimes has great taste in clothes and sometimes not.
  4. Says that she wouldn't shape her eyebrows, color her hair and etc. but in the end she did all those. (She has the right to change her mind does she not?)
  5. Albums with tons of hit songs!
  1. Britney too is kind of pretty, she's cute. But I have seen her pictures without makeup. Not much difference but she's not as pretty as in her video clips.
  2. Hardworking too. Just like Siti.
  3. An ok taste in clothes but sometimes not. Some are so horrible.
  4. Said that she would stay a virgin, but broke her promise to her fans. (Hey, she do has the right to change her mind does she not?)
  5. Britney too! Tons of albums with a lot of hit songs.

Ok now lets talk about their differences. Here is the list.


 Differences between Siti and Britney

  1. Looks much more younger without makeup and much more beautiful.
  2. She can absolutely sing!
  3. What she wears are never too exposed. It's always from neck to toe.
  4. Can sing any type of songs.
  5. NO plastic surgery.
  1. Looks old without her makeup.
  2. Can't really sing but her voice has it's own trademark though.
  3. Very eye-bulging clothes sometimes not.
  4. Only pop and slow.
  5. Silicon for the boobs.

So those are the differences between these two. You will say that I am more to Siti Nurhaliza's side rather than Britney. Ok, maybe I was a bit umm, unfair? Anyway the part that I said Siti Nurhaliza can sing way much better than Britney is so true. Go ahead and look for Siti Nurhaliza on the internet and hear her songs. She can surely sing way much better than Britney Spears.

Siti can sing different type of songs including traditional Malay songs. While Britney can only sing pop and slow pop songs, others like the Frank Sinatra's songs, she can't sing them like him. Her voice is not melodious. Siti is so innocent but not Britney, she's wild (especially since Justin left her).

Britney can really dance, even tough her dances cannot be compared to that of Michael Jackson's and Janet Jackson's but she sure can dance compared to Siti Nurhaliza. From the looks, Britney is more rough/wild and Siti is like so fragile and an angel.

Siti faces her life in a calm manner but Britney is totally the opposite. Ok I think that is all that I have to say about them. About the eye-bulging clothes, I do not have a problem with that, I am only listing down the differences. I find it rather funny, because as the singers are getting richer their clothes just keep getting little . I will be adding in some more.

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