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Unschooling E-mail Interest Group

[Last updated on: Thu Sep 19 16:18:30 1996]

Please read this message in its entirety before posting to the Unschooling List.


(But Were Afraid to Ask...)

* Why You Should Save This Message
* History in a Nutshell
* Posting Guidelines
* Subscribing/Unsubscribing Instructions

* Why You Should Save This Message

Somewhere down the line, you are going to have questions about this list. 99% of the answers you seek are contained within this Welcome Message.

* History in a Nutshell

Since August 1995, the Unschooling List has brought together families who are interested in child-led learning. These families share their personal experiences, offer advice, and pose questions.

You will find that this list reflects the varying "degrees" of unschooling: from "totally unstructured learning", to "a lot of structure with a little unschooling thrown in". Since this list was created especially to celebrate our children's diversity, please also remember to be tolerant of other parents' diverse beliefs and parenting styles.

* Posting Guidelines

1.) Unschooling IS life, so there are going to be many so-called "off-topic" posts. Please remember, though, that this is a public list. Ask yourself before you post, "Would this be something I would talk about with a 300+ member support group?" (because that's exactly what you're doing).

2.) Conversation Threads: PLEASE remember to change the subject line of your message, when the topic of a thread changes.

Also, Threads have also been known to unravel from time to time. There are a variety of reasons for this. Two examples come to mind:
1) A thread disintegrates into a personal conversation.
2) Only a few subscribers seem interested in participating in an ongoing, lengthy thread. If and when a thread-unraveling situation occurs, or is about to occur, I will personally contact the participants and ask them to take it to private email. A public message will then be sent to the list to let you know where the conversation has gone, so you can join in if you wish to do so.

3.) KISS (Keep it short 'n' sweet) when quoting from another person's post.

4.) Private and public intimidation will not be accepted on this list. If I see proof of anyone engaging in this, that individual will be off the list - for good. *Please* forward any e-mail of this type to me, and I'll take care of it.

5.) If you have a concern or complaint about another subscriber, please talk it over with them (and/or me) in private email. Please don't do it publicly on the list.

6.) Please confine any advertising to a short signature file.

7.) Wondering what is okay on the Net, and what is not? Try these pages:

The Net: User Guidelines and Etiquette, by Arlene H. Rinaldi

* Subscribing/Unsubscribing Instructions

Unsubscribing: To unsubscribe from the Unschooling List send a message to: Majordomo@ctel.net Leave the subject line blank, or just type in a period. In the body of the message write:

unsubscribe unschooling-list

To unsubscribe from the Unschooling List Digest, follow the above instructions, but, in the body of the message write:

unsubscribe unschooling-list-digest

Subscribing: To subscribe to the Unschooling List send a message to: Majordomo@ctel.net Leave the subject line blank, or just type in a period. In the body of the message write:

subscribe unschooling-list

To subscribe to the Unschooling List Digest, follow the above instructions, but, in the body of the message write:

subscribe unschooling-list-digest

*DON'T FORGET* to unsubscribe from the list or digest if you subscribe to the other (unless you'd like to receive both).

To send a message to the list, write to: unschooling-list@ctel.net

Questions, complaints, and comments to:owner-unschooling-list@ctel.net

Cindy Stanley
owner, Unschooling List

Welcome to the list! :-)