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Homeschooling E-mail Interest Groups

An E-mail interest group is similar to newsgroups only they come right to your e-mail box. There are general ones & specific ones. Be forewarned, some of these lists generate a lot of mail! If you can't find a list that interests you here, try going to Smartgroups Homeschool Search List (which has has 3 pages of listings as of 5/26/01), Topica Homeschool (which lists 67 loops as of 5/26/01), or Yahoo Groups Search - Homeschool which has a total of 957 last time I checked on 5/26/01 & I THAT is just the lists that specifically mention homeschool in either their names or descriptions! I also just found out about a little trick to find groups on Yahoo Groups. Go to the search & put in every variation of homeschool & every variation of your state to find all of the groups. For example, I'm in NJ & you will find more groups by doing NJ homeschool, Jersey Homeschool, NJ Homeschooler, NJ homeschoolers, NJ homeschooling, NJ unschool, Jersey unschool, etc. If you are looking for a statewide group, I advise you to first look under the subtopic USA & then, if you don't find anything that suits your needs, do a search multiple ways. For example, I'm in NJ & if I type in NJ Homeschool, I don't really find any groups BUT if I type in Jersey Homeschool, I can find 3 or more. Some loops require to use AND when searching, so, if there is a search help link, read it! Also, you can search sites by using the name of a specific curriculum (i.e Konos, Singapore Math, Sonlight, etc.).

You may also choose to do a bunch of variations using your county instead of you state name/initials. If you start a loop, make sure that you include many variations as keywords in your description to make it easier for others to find you!

Eclectic Homeschool Email Discussion Lists, Mailing Lists, and Newsletters has links to some unique lists for homeschoolers.

Helm Online Homeschooling Email Lists and Free Newsletters has listings of e-mail loops broken down by topic.

Homeschooling Email Lists and Free Newsletters contains info on lots of lists broken down either by subject or alphabetical order.

Sometimes people ask me about starting there own e-mail loops. Here are some sites that allow you to do just that!

Cool List



Yahoo Groops (formerly eGroups.com)

If you have any questions, comments, or additions, please feel free to e-mail me.

General Lists | Children's & Teens Lists | Christian Lists | Other Religious Lists | Unschooling Lists | Australian Lists | Canadian Lists | New Zealand Lists | United Kingdom Lists | US Statewide Lists | Lists for Specific Curriculums | Other Lists

General Lists

CommNet discusses general homeschooling issues; it is run by the publishers of Home Education Magazine. Send e-mail to Hegener@aol.com and ask to be placed on the CommNet mailing list.

Home Education This is a general homeschooling list. This link will take you to more detailed information on the list as well as information on subscribing to it.

Homeschool is set up for parents that homeschool their childern or children/teens that are being homeschooled.

HSHS (Home Schooling High School) is a discussion list for mothers homeschooling high school students, 9th-12th grade. Mothers of 8th graders are welcome so they can start planning for high school.

Leader Support is a support list for all HOMESCHOOL GROUP LEADERS, regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling philosophies. If you would like to give or receive input, ideas, and support from other Homeschool Leaders, then this is the list for you!

Many Paths Homeschoolers was started by a Christian mom and a Pagan mom because they wanted to have a homeschool loop that welcomed everyone, and that was a safe place to share and learn about each other without fear of being flamed. All homeschoolers or those interested in HSing are welcome, regardless of any other factors.

Secular Homeschooling is aimed at people who are homeschooling for non-religious reasons.

Children's & Teens Lists

Jon's Homeschool Resource Page - Online Discussion - Mailing Lists also lists 2 e-mail loops for teenagers. Just scroll down the page to Kids' Lists.

NJ Homeschool Hangout is a group for New Jersey homeschooled teens. You can make new friends or get help with your homework. Since this is an open group, make sure to respect others opinions and beliefs.

Christian Lists

AHIC (At Home in Christ) is a Kansas-based online support group sending homeschool & educational related email and generally supporting each other. There have several seasoned homeschoolers for helping the "young" ones in their homeschool. For more info, send email to Jill Jackam77@aol.com.

hub@XC.Org - Canadian Christian Homeschoolers To subscribe, click the previous link & send the e-mail out. To get info on this group, click on this link & send the e-mail that pops up.

Christ Centered Unschooling (CCU) is aimed at Christian unschoolers.

Classical Christian Education Support Loop This link gives all the information needed to subscribe to this loop.

Far Above Rubies E-mail List is for where you can find information, help, & support from others who are using this curriculum. To access this list or for more information send e-mail to RScarlata@AOL.com.

Homeschool Train Up a Child There are a total of 4 lists you can subscribe to. They are aimed at Christian homeschooling & parenting issues. All the info needed to subscribe to them is included on this page.

Homeschooling Central E-mail List is a place for Christian homeschoolers to network. It is a restricted list.

Hsjw is for Jehovah Witnesses who are homeschooling. This is a restricted list, which means that all subscribers must be approved by the list manager.

Tuac or Train-Up-A-Child This is more than just an e-mail list - it is a community of over 200 Christian homeschoolers on the web. There are links to many resources, including an IRC channel where you can chat with other TUAC members!

Other Religious Lists

Jewish HomeSchoolers This link will take you to info on this list & on subscribing to it.

Jewish Homeschooling is aimed at Jewish homeschoolers.

Jewish Homeschooling List is for Jewish homeschoolers to network together. This link will take you to the FAQ for the list.

Muslim Education & Home School Email Lists and On-line Newsletters lists e-mail loops all over North America as well as some in the UK!

Shamash This is a wonderful sight, especially for those who are Jewish. It offers many forums, including the Torch -d e-mail interest group aimed at religious Jewish homeschooling. To get to the list, simply choose Forums and scroll down to Torch-d. There are a lot of forums listed that you may also find interesting...hence the reason that I linked to the main page. If you are unsure of how to subscribe or get more info, the top link on the Forums page gives you the necessary instructions.

Unschooling Lists

Christ Centered Unschooling (CCU) is aimed at Christian unschoolers.

NZ Unschoolers is Restricted to those who are unschooling in New Zealand. Just click on the link & send out the message that pops up.

Radical Unschoolers List is an inclusive list for homeschoolers.

Unschooler's Circle is a new unschooling list. It is a thought provoking new list with semi to high volume. For the regular list use unschoolers_circle-request@MailingList.net or Majordomo@mailingList.net & send off the e-mail that pops up. For the digest, choose unschoolers_circle-digest-request@MailingList.net or Majordomo@mailingList.net & send the e-mail that pops up.

Unschooler's List Everything you need to know about the unschooler's list & how to subscribe to it.

Taking Children Seriously list The focus of TCS is noncoercive education and parenting, and this list is of particular interest to unschoolers.

Australian Lists

Home Education in Victoria: Internet Discussion Groups This page lists several of them!

Canadian Lists

Canadian Homeschooling Resource Page This link will take you to numerous Canadian Resources, including a few e-mail interest groups!

HBLN - National Capital Region Home Based Learning Network This link will take you to Ontario area resources, an including e-mail interest group & newsgroup information.

hub@XC.Org - Canadian Christian Homeschoolers To subscribe, click the previous link & send the e-mail out. To get info on this group, click on this link & send the e-mail that pops up.

New Zealand Lists

NZ Unschoolers is Restricted to those who are unschooling in New Zealand. Just click on the link & send out the message that pops up.

United Kingdom Lists

HE-SPECIAL-UK is a UK based mailing list, which has been started with the aim of providing support and encouragement, to families who home educate children with any kind of special educational need (SEN).
The main aim of the list is to provide a supportive meeting place, where the special, day to day, issues involved in Home Educating children with Special Educational Needs can be discussed. Where we can all offer encouragement to one another, sharing in our difficulties, and celebrating our success stories.
If you are home educating a child with SENs, or if this is something your family is thinking about, then I'd like to invite you to join us. You will be very welcome.

US Statewide lists


Alabama Home Education Network (AHEN) An email listserve that has been setup for Alabama Homeschoolers. For info on joining, just click on the link above.

HEART (Home Educators of Alabama Round Table) Alabama Homeschooling List is for all of Alabama's Home Educators. To subscribe, click on this link & send out the e-mail that pops up.


Alaskan Homeschoolers (AH) Mailing List provides timely and useful information, and to support and encourage homeschoolers in the state of Alaska. To join it, send e-mail to list@beluga.com & send out the e-mail that pops up.

CHEK (Christian Home Educators of Kodiak) Mailing List just click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page to join this Alaskan list.


Southern Arizona Home Schoolers Mailing List is is a list open to anyone interested in homeschooling in Southern Arizona. Use the link to get more info & to subscribe to this list.


Arkansas Homeschool is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in Arkansas. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas! support each other! give links for school stuff! just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites. Please be considerate of others Please, no rude talk, bad language, or anything of the sort. This is an unmoderated list and the list owner does not have any legal responsibility to any postings. Please-no SPAMMERS! No bad words and no teasing and no racism!


CA-Homeschooling-HSC ~You're invited!~ Join the California homeschooling community in our fun and friendly online group! Participate in lively discussions while making new friends with a wide diversity of people from all philosophies and levels of experience. Share ideas, ask questions, and get information about homeschooling--and HSC's contacts, news, and fun get-togethers like group camp-outs, our big California Home=Education Conference, and other events you and your family can attend. ~NO ADS OR PROMOTIONS OF ANY KIND PLEASE! ~ This community is sponsored by the HomeSchool Association of California, HSC, an inclusive group that has long been an important source of support and information in CA. HSC is a non-profit, inclusive volunteer organization that honors the diversity of homeschoolers, supports and promotes the entire spectrum of homeschooling, provides information, monitors and influences legislation, and offers opportunities for families to get together. HSC welcomes anyone with an interest in homeschooling! See HSC's website at http://www.hsc.org for extensive information about homeschooling, legalities, getting started, resources, local contacts, and much more - including a helpful free online book, From Chaos to Confidence 2000: Starting the Homeschool Journey.

CCHN "is an *informational* and *interactive* list for all homeschooling families on the central coast of CA. I will be using this List to occasionally send out various items of information about homeschooling in CA & SLO CO., keeping list members apprised of any new developments our state and county. I will also try to answer any questions list members may have regarding homeschooling in general, or specific questions you may have. I am a member of and an LC ("Local Contact") for CHN (CA Homeschool Network), and will be happy to help you find answers to any hs'g questions you may have. List Members may feel free to send emails to this list, asking questions or sharing information about hs'g that would be of benefit to others (such as what to do if your local high school won't give your child a work permit, etc.), or what you learned from your experience, etc. that could be beneficial to others. We will be having a CCHN Parents Support Group where parents can meet once a month. Date of meetings TBA ("to be announced"!). This list is for all CC hs'g parents regardless of race, creed, religion, political affiliation, or homeschooling style! HS'g is the main focus here, especially for CA & SLO CO."


Colorado Homeschoolers is open to all Colorado homeschoolers. To subscribe, hit this e-mail link & send out the message that pops up.


Fl-HomeEducation-Law is a list if for all home educators to network on issues concerning Florida Home Education laws and legislative issues pertaining to home education. Open to anyone.

Florida Inclusive Home Education Network is for approved leaders of FIHEN affiliated groups to post field trips and events. They also welcome you to post your groups newsletter. For more information see FIHEN

Heat Teaching Our OwnHome Educated Activities Teams and Teaching Our Own. TOO (an inclusive, non-sectarian state-wide group) This a place for us to visit and share. HEAT - Teaching Our Own

USAHEAT/Teaching Our Own is a subsidiary of USAHEAT. Teaching Our Own is a statewide network of home educators, sharing information, ideas, and help with others. We do activities on a state wide basis and are open to all homeschoolers.



Indiana Homeschoolers is a networking list for homeschoolers in the state of Indiana. It is intended to link individual homeschoolers and provide information about support groups, activities, legal issues, and homeschooling news in general in the state and nationally. This is an inclusive list, open to homeschoolers of any religious belief or none, and any style of homeschooling. All are welcome!


Louisiana Home Education Network (LAHEN) has set up an e-mail loop. Just choose the "Subscribe to E-Mail List" on the sidebar menu.


Maine Homeschooling List this link will take you to info on how to subscribe to the list.


Michigan Home Schoolers To subscribe, just click on hib@XC.org & send the e-mail that pops up

Mich_HomeschoolOnline support group for Michigan Homeschooling families including the planning of group trips and events. We welcome any and all Michigan residents (and those soon to become residents) to join us. We all enjoy the exchanging of links, curriculum, materials, joys, and even the heartaches of homeschooling. No deliberate spitefulness or unpleasantries, thank you.


The Homeschool Melting Pot is an INCLUSIVE support group open to all homeschoolers in the Vegas Valley area. We value and respect our different educational philosophies as well as our diverse religious views and affiliations. Because we have different backgrounds, we require acceptance (or at least polite toleration) of all members. Our common ground is that we are all home educating, and we have children who just want to have some fun! For information on how to subscribe, click on the link.

Homeschoolers Of Latter Days (HOLD) of Reno, Nevada and surrounding areas. We are an LDS homeschool support group open to all LDS homeschooling families and other homeschoolers who are open to Latter-day Saint beliefs and will uphold LDS standards of living.

Nevada Homeschool is a mailing list for people who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling in the state of Nevada. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas! support each other! give links for school stuff! just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites. Please be considerate of others Please, no rude talk, bad language, or anything of the sort. This is an unmoderated list and the list owner does not have any legal responsibility to any postings. Please-no SPAMMERS! No bad words and no teasing and no racism! is an e-mail loop open to all homeschoolers in the state of Nevada. The purpose of the list is to connect homeschooling families statewide! Home educators of any religious or secular belief system are welcome! Practical advice, scholastic/academic discussions, and general encouragement are the focus here! Join the list by clicking on the link and following the on-screen directions!

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources mailing list is for anyone in New Hampshire involved with or interested in homeschooling. For subscription information, use the link above.

New Jersey

Atlantic Homeschoolers Group This group is centered in Atlantic County in Southern New Jersey. The group is to help gather together homeschoolers in this area (and the surrounding counties if they are near enough to want to participate) in the hopes that we can meet for playgroups (tentatively on Mon, Tues, or Wed every week or biweekly and possibly pool resources for co-op classes or workshops.

Believers' Home Education Co-operative We seek to encourage all current and potential home-schoolers in their home-schooling endeavors and in strengthening them in their Christian walks.

Bergen County Attached Parents This group is for parents in Bergen County, New Jersey who practice any or all aspects of attachment parenting. This includes, but isn't limited to: co-sleeping, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, non-vaccinating, baby wearing, etc. I'd love to chat with some other stay at home moms (or dads) in Bergen County who practice attachment parenting. Discussions can include any aspects of attachment parenting as well as eating natural and organic foods, homebirths, homeschooling, holistic and alternative medicine, homeopathy, essential oils, etc. etc. Please be open to all ideas and accepting and tolerant of others. The only requirement for membership is that you are from Bergen County or the surrounding area.

Catholic Homeschoolers in NJ The purpose of this list is to connect Catholic homeschoolers in NJ, whether homeschooling independently or as members of local groups, to share information about our Catholic faith, about homeschooling, about living in NJ; about being Catholic homeschoolers living in NJ! :-)

DE Classical Home Educators Network DEClassical Home Educators Network --- This discussion loop is intended as an on-line extension of the classical network group forming in the DE-MD-NJ-PA area. This group is for those following the classical homeschooling education model, such as described in "The Well Trained Mind" (Jessie Wise and Susan Bauer) or similar method.

Delaware Valley Attachment Parents This group is for poeple in the Delaware Valley (PA,NJ,DE) who practice Attachment Parenting. AP includes Baby wearing, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, gentle discipline and responding to your baby's cues. Though not principles of Attachment parenting, many ap parents eat whole foods, do not circ or vax, homeschool and cloth diaper. We hope to meet other ap parents to chat with, discuss and meet with for playgroups.

Doorposts Christian Homeschoolers of NJ Founded in Fall 2003, we are Christian homeschooling families dedicated to diligently teaching our children to love and serve God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (Deut. 6 6-9)

Elite Homeschoolers Monmouth And Ocean County , NJ Area

Essex Area Catholic Homeschoolers (EACH) is for Catholic homeschoolers in Essex County, New Jersey, the Newark, New Jersey Archdiocese, and the surrounding area.

Four Seasons Homeschooling Families committed to sharing their homeschooling ideas and philosophy through living, learning, activities and adventures. A co-operative community where individuality is valued, recognized, and encouraged in the experiential, uninhibited life learning styles we share.

FreedomQuest Alternative NJ Statewide FreedomQuest Alternative is coordinating with the Unschoolers Network to provide NJ homeschoolers experiencing special circumstances (parents and/or children) such as chronic illnesses, learning differences, emotional/mental illness challenges, developmental delays and special needs, etc., networking opportunities. This list is a place where you can find support and companionship as well as share resource information.

FREE of NW NJ Welcome to the re-formation of F.R.E.E. (Families Reaching for an Eclectic Education). This is an open, secular homeschooling group with members located in NW NJ, mostly Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties.

The Homeschool Exchange of NJ is a diverse group of homeschoolers with no particular religious or political affiliations. We meet every Tuesday at 1:00 in an area playground. All homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling are welcome to join us for some informal fun.

Homeschoolers of Central NJ meets once a week to offer support to homeschooling families in Central New Jersey. We are not affilated with any religious denomination. We are open to all homeschoolers.

Secular group, by invitation, for homeschooling boys and girls in southern New Jersey ages 9-12 who would like to get to know other homeschoolers in their age range with similar interests. This is an inclusive group that welcomes kids with special needs. Messages are moderated by an adult to ensure safety. Inappropriate content will not be allowed, including profanity, threats of violence or bullying. This is a friendly, fun forum. Kids can share discussions about homeschooling, hobbies and popular culture, from Harry Potter to Legos to Garfield! Members, please post a few of your interests in your introduction!

Home_Schooling is a list for people to chat about homeschooling and how they like it. Things they find hard and things they find easy. For people to meet each other and make new friends. This is a friendly list so please no spamming, or name calling. Respect each others ideas and choices.

HSSNNJ (HS Special Needs NJ) is a forum for NJ (or nearby) parents educating children with special needs at home. We can share information about groups or classes that are sensitive to the needs of our kids, plan our own events, gripe, brainstorm, and chat.

K12NJ This group is for folks currently using, or thinking about using, Dr. William Bennett's K12 curriculum, either as a homeschooler or a member of a Virtual Charter School in New Jersey.

Learning With Family Welcome Homeschoolers - particularly in the NY Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut), but all Homeschooling families and people very involved in their children's lives and learning are welcome!

Little Egg Harbor Homeschoolers is for parents homeschooling in Little Egg Harbor NJ and the surrounding areas. It's purpose is to offer support and provide a place to discuss issues pertaining to homeschooling.

Live and Learn Homeschoolers A group for Christian Homeschoolers in the Middletown NJ and surrounding areas. Group features a 4H club, playground day, Gymnastics, Pizza Hut Book It, field trips and more. Please join us here at our online home, bring your ideas for activities and field trips. Visit our Files for slow cooker recipes and monthly printable newsletter. Stop by our Database for activities, curriculum companies and freebies. We look forward to getting to know each other better. Our goal is to pursue homeschooling our children to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ and to provide Godly friendships for our families.

Madison Homeschoolers is an ecletic groups of homeschooling families based in Madison, NJ (Morris County). Our main focus now is to organize field trips and playgroups for our homeschoolers. All are welcome.

Mercer County Catholics is for Mercer County, NJ Catholics who are faithful to the Magisterium. Topics of discussion may include things like Mercer County happenings, spirituality, NFP, homeschooling, and parenting from a Catholic perspective.

New Egypt Homeschooler Support Group Welcome to New Egypt Homeschooler Support Group. We are a support group for New Egypt, NJ and surrounding areas such as Jackson, Millstone, Wrightstown, Browns Mills and other areas. This group is for all homeschool families and parents in our area who are currently homeschooling or is interested in homeschooling. We will discuss homeschooling issues and plan social and educational events for our homeschool children. Feel free to join our group.

NewJerseyhomeschool is a mailing list for people who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling in the state of New Jersey. Kids and Parents alike! Here you can exchange ideas! support each other! give links for school stuff! just talk including, scripture, God, church, parents, kids, home cleaning, lessons and curriculum, on-line courses, and web sites. Please be considerate of others Please, no rude talk, bad language, or anything of the sort. This is an unmoderated list and the list owner does not have any legal responsibility to any postings. Please-no SPAMMERS! No bad words and no teasing and no racism!

New Jersey Secular Homeschoolers is a place for homeschoolers to connect, give support, exchange ideas and news, and to join forces for projects that will help our communities - while promoting acceptance and support of homeschooling. It is a place to meet homeschoolers of ALL kinds. It is an open forum - for all non-religious AND all *religious* homeschoolers who believe that homeschooling and religion can be separate - allowing us to work together to exemplify the diversity of the homeschool community. **Together we can unite a truly *inclusive* mix of homeschoolers from High Point to Cape May!** --- Everyone is Welcome - Hope YOU Will Join.

New Jersey Homeschoolers is a group for New Jersey homeschoolers to trade info, ideas and resources. Who knows, maybe we can get together and meet face to face!

NJ Homeschool Prom This is an announcement-only list for updates on the annual NJ Homeschool Prom. All NJ homeschooled teens and their parents are invited to join.

NJ Homeschoolers Open to all New Jersey homeschoolers, we are an eclectic group who embrace diversity. All people, regardless of religion, race or creed, are welcome to join. This is an unmoderated list and debate will not be censored. We ask that all members be sensitive to the diversity of the group when considering whether a topic is appropriate for posting.

I have not found any email support yet for NJ homeschoolers, so here it is!! I intend this list to be open and inclusive. Please share any and all information, trips, links,etc...I hope this becomes a valuable support for all NJ homeschoolers :)))

NJ-Unschooling We are a bunch of non-religious, disorganized, not so mainstream unschoolers who attempt to get together on a semi-regular basis to have fun. And we chat a lot ) If you are interested in joining, please send an email to shannoncc@comcast.net, introducing yourself. I will email you our description and you can decide if we are the group for you. This list is for those of us in North and Central New Jersey who are unschooling (child-led, "relaxed" homeschooling).

New Jersey Homeschooling This list is open to anyone homeschooling in New Jersey. Let this be a forum for supporting one another, sharing ideas and questions, events, information, etc., WITHOUT religious references. It is open to anyone and different homeschooling styles/ideas are welcome! If you are unable to contribute without voicing your religious beliefs, then please do not join.

NJ Homeschool Hangout is a group for New Jersey homeschooled teens. You can make new friends or get help with your homework. Since this is an open group, make sure to respect others opinions and beliefs.

NJloop Open to all NJ homeschoolers for discussing homeschooling, sharing homeschooling experiences, and posting announcements of events & activities for homeschoolers. When you join, you will receive a Welcome message with further information that doesn't fit here. Many of our listmembers are Christians and this will be reflected in some of the messages. This seems to be a real problem for some non-Christian homeschoolers while not bothering others. If you are one bothered by this, and you cannot live with Christian messages without commenting about them, please don't join.

NJTeenHomeschoolers is a place where 13-18 year old NJ Homeschoolers can come speak their minds. This list is *all-inclusive*, with the assumption that you ARE a NJ Homeschooler! Please keep it clean, no spam mail, no flaming others, be respectful of other's views.

Northeast Attachment Parenting For mommies in Eastern PA, NJ, NY, to meet up (either online or in person) and share tips and ideas on our AP and crunchy lifestyles. Topics include vaccination education, no-circ, family bed or co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing and slings, cloth diapering, non-spanking and gentle discipline, home schooling / unschooling, natural childbirth, natural healing (homeopathics, herbalism, etc), minimal plastic toys, among others. NOT included is Ferber-izing, Ezzo-ing, baby whispering, no religious debates and absolutely no CIO. If this is how you parent and you practice some or all of the above then you belong here! NO SPAMMING. SPAMMERS WILL BE REMOVED. *Established members of the list are of course allowed (and ENCOURAGED!) to talk about home businesses (WAHM, etc)*. You will be asked to provide an intro upon requesting membership. Memberships will be denied if no intro is provided!

North Jersey Homeschoolers is a group for all homeschoolers wanting to form co-ops, get together and for general support and information sharing. I am hoping to form a strong support team for our area. This group is open to anyone in Northern NJ, with emphasis on Sussex, Morris & Passaic Counties.

The Parent's Network The Parent's Network is an association of homeschooling familes. We meet to provide support and information to homeschooling parents. We provide a group where children meet to make friends and have fun!

SkyHomeschoolers SkylandsNJ Homeschooling Community A support/play group for parents and homeschoolers in the NJ Skylands area. Children are primarily preschool age, although all ages are welcome. Our mission is to share ideas, help one another with concerns, and encourage friendships for our children.

Shore Homeschoolers is open to all NJ homeschoolers in, or bordering, Monmouth and Ocean counties. Feel free to post any information about homeschooling. We encourage *friendly* discussions.

Sistaahs was created to provide a forum for African-American Home Schoolers who reside in Northern New Jersey.

somersethomeschoolers Somerset Hills Homeschooling Group This is the place where the Somerset Hills homeschooling parents meet. This group was created by Alex F., a homeschooling parent, located in Bernardsville, NJ. The purpose of this group is to provide a central communication vehicle where homeschooling parents can find the answers to frequently asked questions and share homeschooling news and information with each other.

South Jersey Homeschoolers This group is for members of South Jersey Homeschoolers. It is for posting of current events, area happenings, links to interesting sites, homeschooling methods, etc. (No urban legends, please.) South Jersey Homeschoolers is a diverse group, and tolerance is expected, whether of homeschooling method, religion, race, etc., and a sense of humor welcome. Flaming is not allowed.

South Jersey Pagan Homeschoolers is a group for Pagan homeschoolers in Southern NJ to get together and talk about anything homeschool related. I will be a new homeschooling mom come september so I am looking for other local homeschooling parents to share ideas with. Hope you enjoy your visit.

South Jersey Pre-teen/Teen Homeschoolers List is a group for homeschool pre-teens and teens in the South Jersey area to meet, mingle, and exchange ideas.

Southern NJ Jewish Homeschoolers This is a group for Jewish Homeschoolers in Southern New Jersey or neighboring states (PA and DE). This is NOT a group for those interested in learning about Judaism or those converting to Judaism. My goal for this group is to bring Jewish Homeschoolers and Unschoolers closer together with hopes of having support groups, field trips, and holiday celebrations.

Sussex County Homeschoolers is a place where homeschooling families in Sussex County, NJ can get together and plan activities. Socialization is important for children who are homeschooled. This list is only for homeschool families in Sussex County NJ.

Teens, Tweens, & Company of Northern NJ Several of us were looking for older activities aimed at middle/high schoolers. We have now started a network aimed at teens and their siblings. We try to engage all of the children, but are particularly focused on the older ones, who, many times, get lost in the shuffle. Everyone is encouraged to meet up whenever, not just on meeting days. Teenagers are a social breed & we are hoping to fill this need, as well as get them involved in more formal activities. Members are also encouraged to plan their own activities & events. Plan on hanging out at least a little while after the structured part is done so that the kids can relax with their friends & we can get some downtime with each other, too!

Tri-County Homeschool Association (Bergen, Essex, Passaic) is open to homeschool parents throughout New Jersey, but concentrating on uniting homeschoolers in the North Jersey tri-county area; Bergen, Passaic & Essex counties. I would like to get in touch with other homeschooling parents in the area, my ultimate goal being to form a group where we can all meet and conduct co-op classes together, social activities, field trips, etc... I have been homeschooling my daughter (age 9) and sister (age 15) for two years and have had no luck so far in finding other homeschoolers close to my area (I'm in Passaic County). If you are in the area and would like to start up some sort of group, please feel free to join in and contact me! This group is open for kids of all ages; I am particularly interested in getting North Jersey teens together for college & career prep and teen social activities.

Tri-stateAAHomeschoolers is for homeschoolers of African-American decent in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. We will offer support, information, exchange of ideas and in person get-togethers. All African-American homeschoolers are welcome regardless of teaching and/or learning styles.

Unschooled - The School Of Rich Arts We are a "family" of un-schoolers in South Jersey that understands the importance of learning through living. Our philosophy is that the child will learn through everyday situations and in that the child will lead the path in his or her own learning experience. With this knowlege, our job as parents is to allow the child the freedom of following his or her interests with gentle guidance. We put emphasis on the child's strengths and encourage work on the child's weaknesses. In this way the child will maximize his or her potential of being a true leader in his or her adult years. Our mission is to be an extension of your existing support group in providing you with information on homeschool-friendly websites. The websites, along with a brief description of it, can be found in the links section. The database has a place to share and store favorite recipies and a place to give your opinion of websites visited. Suggestions are always welcome!!!

West Jersey Homeschoolers is an email list for Homeschooling Parents in West Jersey. We came together at a "Not Back To School Picnic" in September 2001, at which time we started "West Jersey Homeschoolers" and have been having fun together ever since! Our group doesn't focus on 'schooling' ... we leave that to parents and children, as we feel each family is unique unto themselves and knows what works best for them. We have families with children of all ages, from babies to teens and get together for field trips, Homeschool swim, bowling, park days, socialization and fun! We are a diverse group, from different religious backgrounds, homeschool styles and education philosophies. We share a mutual respect for each other. All ideas and opinions are welcome and appreciated. Our common goal is having fun together, while fascilitating our children's education outside of the traditional classroom.

North Carolina

Gaston (North Carolina) Online Resources lists 2 North Carolina e-mail loops. Click on the link to find out how to subscribe to one or both of them.


Ohio Homeschool Email Discussion List This link will take you to information on the Ohio Homeschool list including how to subscribe.

Ohio HSLeaders is a support list for all OHIO HOMESCHOOL GROUP LEADERS, regardless of religious beliefs or homeschooling philosophies. If you would like to give or receive input, ideas and support from other OHIO Homeschool Leaders, then you've found the right list! Membership to this list is by approval of the list moderator. To join, you will be required to post an introduction and qualifying factors that you believe make you a leader with Ohio home schoolers. After approval you will need to submit your introduction post to the group, just to let everyone know who you are and where you are from.


Home Educators' Resource Organization (HERO) of Oklahoma, an open membership homeschooling resource/support group, is sponsoring 2 e-mail listservs. Topics for OK Homeschooling will include:
- upcoming events/festivals/fairs/openiings/conferences, etc. across Oklahoma.
- Oklahoma legislative action
- Oklahoma media coverage of homeschoolling
- philosophy discussions--with an emphaasis on respect of the differences we all have.
No advertising, please.
To subscribe the regular version, send the e-mail that pops up to majordomo@MailingList.net. You can also subscribe to a digest version by sending out the e-mail that pops up from this link: majordomo@MailingList.net-Digest Version.

The other list is for limited to OK/educational/legislative issues only. To subscribe to the full version of this list choose this link & send out the e-mail that pops up. You can choose the digest version by sending out the e-mail you will get when you click here.

If you have any questions, comments, or problems with these lists, you can e-mail Leslie.


lds_Oregon_Homeschoolers LDS Oregon Homeschoolers is a new group for homeschoolers of the LDS faith who live in Oregon. This group is for discussing homeschool issues, giving encouragement, informing others of educational experiences and providing opportunities to meet other homeschool families. Please be patient as we get started and spread the word to other Oregonians!

ORSige-mail list is an inclusive list for sharing information and resources in Oregon. Subscription information can be obtained from retromom@aol.com.


Home Education Mailing Lists of Specific Interest to Homeschoolers in Pennsylvania - I think the name says it all!

Homeschooling In Pennsylvania Ezine - a general announcement type list letting folks know what is happening for homeschoolers in our state. Use this link to subscribe. Just send out the e-mail that pops up!

Penn Homeschoolers Support Group Leaders Email Conference - a list for homeschooling support group leaders in Pennsylvania. Use this link to subscribe. Just send out the e-mail that pops up!

South Carolina

Christian Homeschooler's of South Eastern South Carolina & New Beginnings Homeschool Association Joint E-mail Loops are an inclusive & tolerant place for homeschoolers from each county to meet, discuss issues, share ideas, information & to get to know other homeschoolers in their own backyard (county). There are a total of 43 loops listed here.

Homeschool Leaders of South Carolina is a gathering place for South Carolina homeschool leaders from state or local support groups (co-op, play group, or any type of support group for homeschoolers) and accountability associations to share information, and discuss issues concerning SC homeschoolers. Any board member, group contact, or other person(s) representing a group may join.

SC HomeSchool Alert Newsletter The more information homeschoolers are armed with, the better decisions homeschoolers can make. Make a difference for homeschooling in SC! Stay informed, be prepared to act, and act when needed! ALL SC homeschoolers are welcome! Members do not have access to personal information! Only moderators can access your email address and the archives.

Special Homeschoolers If you are homeschooling special needs children in South Carolina, you are welcome regardless of your religious affiliations. However please understand that this is a Christian based support group and email loop. We do advocate prayer for our children and our families. We will share resources, curriculum ideas, support and prayer if needed and always when requested. :-) This loop is moderated by a homeschool mom to 6 special needs children.


The Tennessee Homeschoolers Mailing List There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met. -- W.B. Yeats Tennhomeschoolers is an email discussion & support group. It was the first inclusive list for homeschoolers in Tennessee & is still the largest & most active! We recently moved to Egroups but the list has been up & running since Feb. 1998. We have homeschoolers from across the state (& border states) including many veteran homeschoolers who can help you find your own way along this most excellent adventure. Everyone has something to share. If you have knowledge let others light their candles by it . The political, religious, and philosophical diversity of this list keep it interesting -- treating each other with respect keeps the list enjoyable. Together we shall light a candle of understanding in our hearts which shall not be put out. Y'all come visit now, sit a spell, take your shoes off, but be prepared we can be a rowdy bunch.is up and running.


DF Well Trained Mind is intended as an on-line extension of parent resource groups forming in the DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX) area to discuss implementation of the home education philosophy and strategies outlined in "The Well-Trained Mind" by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer.

G-HAH (Greater Houston Area Home Educators) is one of the oldest lists in Texas. It is our hope that the Greater Houston Area Home Education list will bring people together and allow you to meet people you would not ordinarily know. This list is set up to discussion home education in and around Houston and

1) to learn about new techniques for accomplishing our goal of educating our children;
2) to find answers to your quandrys in your day to day efforts to educate your children; and
3) to share information about home education in and around Houston.

TAFFIE (Texas Advocate for Freedom in Education)is for anyone interested in topics related to home schooling in Texas. While many of the topics are specific to Texas, there is also discussion related to homeschooling in general. They are now in our seventh year of operation, making them the oldest Texas homeschooling list.

The-Events Texas Home Educators Events is the calendar of events Texas home schoolers.

THE-list (Texas Home Educators) is a list to serve the Home Educators of Texas in discussions of homeschool styles, philosophy, books, curriculum, events, and laws in a Christian atmosphere. Although discussions will sometimes stray from the direct purpose of home schooling, it usually does not stray from our children's interests. TxHmEd has been serving the community since August 21, 1998 and is now the largest statewide homeschool list.

Texas Home Educators Freedom Alliance Mailing Listis for "Texas home educators enjoying their inalienable right to direct the education of their children & aimin' to keep it that way." The link above will take you to more info & allow you to subscribe.

TxHELP - Texas Home Educators in Leadership Position is a private list for Texas home educators in support group leadership position to communicate with each other and exchange ideas about events.

THELMA TX Home Educators List Management Association is a list for Texas Home School List Administrators to:

1. exchange ideas,
2. learn about managing lists,
3. have an closed forum to discuss the challenges of this position and
4. to get to know one another.


Utah-hsThis list is open to all homeschoolers in Utah, regardless of race, religion, homeschool styles, etc etc etc. It's a great place for info on field trips, events and activities, support groups, dealing with school districts, and general homeschool questions and discussions. Because of the diverse membership of the list, religion and politics are off-limits on the list.



LTHomeschool is for families living in Lewis & Thurston Counties. The Purpose of this list is to announce events and meetings that are open to all homeschool families. Members may use this bulletin board to buy, sell or inquire about used materials. Polished Apple will provide occasional opportunities to save $$$ on materials via co-op orders. This is an information list only. Political or personal discussions, statements or critisism of other groups of people or organizations are prohibited.

Peninsula Homeschool Exchange (PHE) is an inclusive homeschooling network based in Port Townsend, Washington. The purpose of the PHEnet mailing list is to share information pertinent to homeschoolers on the Olympic Peninsula.

Washington Homeschool Education Network (WHEN) is for those interested in homeschooling in Washington state, particularly legislative news and discussion. We also share local resource information such as events,classes, or trips of interest to all WA homeschoolers. Information on interesting websites is also forwarded.

Washington Homeschool Organization (WHO) is the state organization for homeschoolers, families operating under the Home-Based Instruction Law. The purpose of this list is to inform and alert. We will keep members abreast of developments, both in the legislature and in the public school system, that affect homeschooling in this state. The email addresses on this list are private; only list moderators may view list membership.

Whatcom Homeschool Association is set up for homeschoolers in Whatcom County, Washington.

Lists for Specific Curriculums

ACE Curriculum loop is for homeschoolers using the ACE program from the School of Tomorrow.

CC Homeschool is aimed at homeschooling families who are using the classical approach to education as outlined in the book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum by Laura Berquist or her independent study program "Mother of Divine Grace".

CCS Latin Teachers is the main vehicle of the new Classical and Christian Latin Teachers' Support Group. Please post questions regarding teaching Latin, answers to questions, classroom experiences, curriculum suggestions, encouragement, prayer requests, any thing you have found helpful and especially quality Latin materials you have created, etc. The purpose of this list is to provide support for those of us striving to teach Latin in a Christian school or homeschool setting in the attempt to recover this lost tool of education. Those who are attempting to learn Latin in order to teach it are admired and most welcome.

Charlotte Mason Books is really a newsletter aimed at people using this method. For more info or to subscribe, just use the link above.

CMspecialkids Charlotte Mason for Special Kids is for those using Charlotte Mason homeschooling methods for special needs children. A wide range of special children are represented on our list, from learning differences to developemental delays, audio and visual processing disorders to deafness and blindness. This list is for the sharing of information related to adapting CM for special needs and for sharing the unique challenges and joys of everyday life with our kids, for support, encouragement and prayer.

CLASS-parents is for home-educating parents who use the Christian Liberty Academy School System, known as CLASS. It is reserved for CLASS' CLASS-Administration Plan users (what we call the "Full" plan) and Family-Administration Plan users. Members discuss schooling and CLASS curricula, offer homeschooling advice and encouragement, and share prayer requests.

Classical Christian Education Support Loop This link gives all the information needed to subscribe to this loop.

Classical Christian Homeschooling Newsletter Page offers a free, online newsletter, e-mail loop, & chat room.

Far Above Rubies E-mail List is for where you can find information, help, & support from others who are using this curriculum. To access this list or for more information send e-mail to RScarlata@AOL.com.

Konos Korner is a newsletter aimed at families using this curriculum. It also covers issues other than Konos involve homeschooling & family.

Learning To Read Adventure is aimed at families with children in grades 1 - 4 whose children are learning to read.

Life in America is a list aimed at people using this program to ask questions & support each other. To subscribe, click on this link & send the message that pops up.

Miquon-Key email list is open to all homeschooling parents using Miquon Math, The Key To... Series and/or Singapore Math curriculum to teach their children mathematics.

Prairie Primer Just scroll to the bottom of the page for info on subscribing for this loop.

Readers Roundtable is for homeschoolers using literature as a main or secondary learning resource. Please join us to share your experiences and to get great book recommendations!

Singapore Math "The elements that lead to the effective teaching of mathematics involve the instructors studying the textbooks and other teaching material, doing the math themselves, and discussing math with and learning math from other instructors. The purpose of this forum is to assist those using Singapore's Primary and Secondary level mathematics to achieve these elements. Discussions regarding all aspects of the methodologies and concepts in Singapore Math plus related math material is welcome. Homeschoolers, teachers, and parents who use these materials in the classroom or at home are welcome to participate. The list will be moderated to constructive discussion; any use of inappropriate language will be deleted at the discretion of the moderator." Although it is not listed in the desciption, there is also some talk of the Singapore Science curriculum, too!

SingaporeMathScienceis for the purpose of discussing Singapore Math & Science Curriculum, swapping materials, ideas and solutions.

Unit-Safari is a discussion group to share anything pertaining to unit studies.

Unit Study Collaborative is for homeschoolers primarily using unit studies, no matter what your homeschooling method.

Well Trained Mind Dscn The participants on this list discuss the book "The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home" by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. Although we have a moderator, we do not have any "experts" -- we're all trying to figure out how to apply these principles in our own home, according to our own experiences. This group is open to all homeschoolers who are interested in learning more about classical education methods. Therefore, although religion may be mentioned, it is not to become a point of contention.

Well Trained Mind Families discusses the book "The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home" by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. This group is open to all homeschooling families who are interested in learning more about classical education methods. This list is here to discuss how to implement TWTM into everyday life and all that goes along with it.

WWOL-Teen is a list for parents of teens using the Wisdom's Way of Learning style for their teens. This is a forum to discuss your triumphs and tragedies with Moms of teens and young adults. To subscribe click on this link and send out the message that pops up.

Other Lists

Chinese Homeschoolers is a list is to support those who are Chinese homeschoolers. Members may live in various parts of the world. They may live in areas supportive of homeschooling or they may live in areas where they are persecuted. They may have supportive families and relatives or they may have families that do not agree with their decision to homeschool. The children may be monolingual, bilingual or multilingual as well as biracial or multiracial. Some children may be adopted. Some children may have special needs others may not. This list provides support and discussion of all these issues of homeschooling Chinese children. No spamming or flamming allowed.

Heart Of Homeschool Moms is a safe place for homeschool Moms who suffer from depression to discuss their unique challenges and concerns.

Home-Ed-Politics All the info on this list is on this link, including how to subscribe.

HUUH Homeschooling Unitarian Universalists, Humanists & those on other roads less traveled I think the title pretty much sums it up! For more info on this newsletter, including subscription info, just follow the link above.

Homeschool Language Impaired Forum is a moderated list aimed at people who have an interest in educating language impaired children. There is a heavy focus on practical educational ideas which can be applied to children who have difficulties in language - speech/reading/writing. The link above will take you to the sign-up page.

Homeschooling and Working from Home "Many homeschooling parents are looking to supplement thier family income. This is an opportunity for those parents to see what opportunities are out there that won't take them away from one of the biggest reasons that they are home, their CHILDREN."

Home Schooling Special Needs Children is a homeschooling email list for special needs/medically fragile children. The focus is on homeschooling families with at least one special needs child. Most of the members have medically fragile children dealing challenges in speech, motor development and learning disabilities. We homeschool full time or part of the time. Topics include: curricula, speech, feeding issues, OT, PT, "other" sibling survival strategies, staying "sane"(whatever that is??) and a host of other issues.

Majordomo@efn.org - Homeschool This newsgroup is an outgrowth of the Willamette Valley Homeschoolers. WVH is a casually linked group of people who plan activities for the educational enrichment (and fun!) of their homeschooled children. This group welcomes all people interested in homeschooling. The newsgroup will provide support, a schedule of WVH activities and planning meetings, and a chance to get to know more homeschooling families. To subscribe, simply click on the link above & send out the e-mail that pops up!

Treasure Tomes is a collection of forums & an e-mail list for buying/selling/swapping curriculum. The link will take you to the main page which includes info on subscribing.

TUAC Used Curriculum List is an e-mail list aimed exclusively for buying & selling used curriculum.


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