The Lalor's of my family were farmers in Queens county (Laois), Ireland, settled in and around Rathdowny. Baptismal and death records show that at various times the family may also have lived at Errill, (1835-46) Lyrogue, (1846-50) Kileahaw (1850-55), (there are various spellings of this town given) andKilcoke. Griffiths Valluations show that JAMES LALOR leased 18 acres of land in Rathdowney with two other people. John Lalor leased land and a house in Kilkoke with 5 other people including a Daniel Lalor. all the above mentioned places are near Rathdowney and in the Rathdowney parish but are in different directions and not far from Errill. Grogan was the Parish church at the time.

Historical note on Rathdowney; It takes it's name from the rath or ring fort which until 1840 was at the end of the town square near the Church of Ireland church. It was originally a 13th century manor. Rathdowney was not developed as a town until early in the 19th century with brewing as the main industry up to 1966. For information on the Septs of Laois and Lalor origins follow this link.

They emigrated to Australia in 1857 after the Great Famine. The family came in separate groups as assisted and unassisted migrants, no mean feat as the passage to Australia was far more costly than to America, and given the privations they must have suffered during the famine, saving for the journey must have been extremly difficult. On arrival in Australia the family settled in Victoria, where once again they were farmers. The Victorian Landscape where the Lalor's setteled was not unlike that of Laois, the difference being that James Lalor's sons and daughters soon after arrival became landowners. An impossibility in Ireland. Ten years after his arrival James Lalor owned a house and two acres of land in Epping (1867- to his death in 1877 ).

The Genealogy of the Lalor Family

The names in green are my ancestors and the linked names follow other lines.

1. John Lalor born Queens Co. (Laois) Ireland. Married Margaret BROPHY/BROFEY

Their known children were;

1. William Lalor born at Rathdowney, Queens County Ireland, (1802-1893). Married in Irealnd, Mary CONNOR (1808-1863) born at Emo, Queens Co. Ireland.

2. James Lalor born at Rathdowney, Queens Co. Ireland (btw1805-11), died at Epping Victoria, Australia in 1877) follows under 2.

3. John Lalor born at Rathdowney Quens Co. Ireland in 1816. Died about 1850, in Queensland, Australia, (he went missing while mustering and was presumed dead)

William and John emigrated to Australia in 1840 on the "Premier" disembarking at Sydney. In 1852 William bought land at Bengalla, on the Queensland, New South Wales Border. Bengalla Station is on the banks of the McIntyre river. Many of their descendants live in Queensland. I do not yet know of other children of John Lalor and Margaret Brophy.

2. James Lalor born in Rathdowny, Queens County Ireland, died 1877 at Epping, Victoria Australia. Married at Grogan chapel, Queens Co. Ireland about 1830 Johanna CREAGH/CRAW (abt 1805 - 1897) Johanna also died at Epping in Victoria Australia. All their children were born in Ireland. James and Johanna emigrated to Australia in 1857 on board the "Cyclone"

Their Children were ;

1. John Lawler/Lalor

2 . Margaret (Peggy) Lawler/Lalor (1831-1902) born at Errill, Queens County, Ireland, married 1854 at Kilehaw, Queens Co. Ireland, James PRATT. Emigrated to Australia 1855, on the "Calliance".

3 .Patrick Lalor (1838-1923) Follows under 3.

4 . Michael Lawler/Lalor born at Errill, Queens County, Ireland (?- 1918) Emigrated to Australia in 1858 on the "Rodney" Married 1.( in Queens County Ireland) Johanna FOGARTY in 1861, and 2. Marion STEWART in 1863 in Victoria, Australia.

5 . William Lawler/Lalor born and died in Ireland.

6 . James Lawler/Lalor (1839-? ) born at Lyrogue, Queens County, Ireland. Christened at Rathdowney, Queens Co. Died in Ireland.

7 . Johanna Lawler/Lalor (btw 1844-6 died 1928) emigrated in 1857 on the "Cyclone". Married in 1864 ( Ireland) (1) : Daniel BREEN. (2) : James MAHONEY 1873 in Victoria, Australia.

8 . Timothy Lawler/Lalor (1846-?) in Lyrogue. Christened at Rathdowney, Queens County, Ireland

9 . Mary Lawler/Lalor (1850-1882) born at Kileehaw/Kileahaw, christened 1851 at Rathdowney. Emigrated 1857 on the "Cyclone". Married Allan McPHERSON 1866.

10 . Catherine Lawler/Lalor (1855-1942) born at Kileahaw, christened at Rathdowney, Ireland, 1855. Emigrated 1857 on the "Cyclone". Married 1878 Stephen BRAZIL

With thanks to Jenny Cassidy for the above research and information.


3. Patrick Lalor (Paddy) (1838-1923) born at Rathdowney, Queens County Ireland, emigrated to Melbourne in 1858 on the "Rodney". Married in Melbourne at St. Francis Catholic Church, Lonsdale St. on the 23rd Jan. 1861, Harriet PALMER born 1844 Died in Victoria, Australia. A family anecdote is that Patrick and Harriet met on board ship while travelling to Australia, and that Harriet had plans to become a nun. So far no records shipping or otherwise have been found to verify they were on the same ship. Patrick and Harriet settled in Healesville, in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. (see Lillydale, for maps and further information)

Their children were :

1. John Lalor born at Woolert, Victoria, Australia (1861-died btw 1938 and1943). Married Annie LAWLER.

2. Mary Ann Lalor born at Woolert, Victoria, Australia, died at Hawthorn, Vic. Australia (1863- Apr 1933) Married John CAHIR 20th April 1892 at St. Brigids Church, Healesville, Vic. Australia.

3. William James Lalor, born in Vic. Australia 1st June1866 died at Canberra A.C.T. Australia, Dec1946. Married 20th Feb 1895 at Gruyere, Vic. Australia, Ann (Annie) Matilda Madden, born 4th April 1868 at Yering, Vic. Australia, died 1st August 1924 at Gruyere, Vic Australia.

4. Michael Lalor (1868-1953) Follows under 4.

5. Matilda (Tilly) Lalor born at Healesville, Vic. Australia. (1871-?) Married John DONOVAN on the 7th Sep. 1904, at Healesville, Vic, Australia.

Because some of my Lalor ancestors were illiterate there are variations on the spelling of the name in Australian records. These are: Lawler and Lawlor.

4 .Michael Lalor born 1868 at Healesville, Victoria, Australia. Married in Melbourne 1893, Eliza Ostrom. (1876-1952) daughter of Carl Anton Ostrom and Eliza MURPHY. Michael and Eliza lived and died in Healsville Victoria, Australia.

Their children were :

1. Maurice Lalor, born at Healesville, Vic. Australia. Married 1929 Ellen CAMPBELL at Perth, West Australia.

2. John Lalor (Jack), born at Healesville (1896-1969) married Edith Veronica LLoyd in Melbourne Vic. 1924. Follows under 5.

3. Harriet Lalor born at Healesville Vic. Australia 17th April 1898, died 15th Oct. 1980 at Healesville.

4. Patrick Lalor born at Healesville, Vic. Australia 1899 died 13th April 1928. Married 1924 Margaret FARQUHAR at Brunswick, Vic. Australia.

5. Phillip Lalor born 1902 died 19th Dec. 1954 at Ararat, Vic. Australia.

6. Mary (May) Lalor born at Healesville Vic. (1904-1996)

7. Frank/Francis Lalor (1907-1916)

8. Michael Lalor born at Healesville, Vic.(1908-1984) Married Dorothy TAGLIAFFERI

9. Gertrude Lalor born at Healesville, Vic. 1910 died 8 Sep. 1963 at Footscray, Melbourne, Vic. Australia, married 1932 at West Brunswick, Vic. Australia, Ernest Leslie HUNTER.

10. Ethel Lalor (1912-?) Married Robert HANLEY

11. Geofrey Lalorborn at Healesville, Vic. 1915 died 18th Feb 1990 at Healesville, Vic. Married 1950 at West Brunswick, Vic. Ethel Marjorie KELLY.

12. Jean Theresa Lalor born at Healesville, Vic. 1918 died at Healesville 30th Aug. 1978

5. John Lalor was born in Healsville Victoria in 1896. Died In Perth, West Australia. He married (1) Edith Veronica Lloyd (1899-1941) in Melbourne in 1924.

Their Children were:

1. John Lalor born in Victoria, Australia 1920 died 1943. Died in New Guinea during W.W.2. He was in the 2/16th Battalion and is buried at Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby, New Guinea. No issue.

2. Kathleen Elizabeth Lalor born at Victoria, Australia 1922 died in Perth West Australia 1990.

3. Ronald Kelvin Lalor born Mebourne Vic. 1923 died at Perth West Australia 1974. No Issue.

4. Marion Patricia Lalor born Melbourne 1924 died1924

5. Gwendoline Lalor born Victoria, Australia 1925 died Perth West Australia 1982

6. Peter Maxwell Lalor born at Mckinnon, Vic. Australia 1928 died at Perth West Australia. 1966. Married Emma Florence Landsberger

7. Mary Pamela Lalor

John's Second wife was Mary Ellen Bedford, married 30 March 1949 at Perth West Australia. No issue from the second marriage.

To protect the privacy of my own family and other living persons the next two generations are not shown. Cheryl Beattie.