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Richardfest Kids Carnival
Saturday, March 27, 2004      
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

The Carnival committee will be looking for volunteers to help with the Olympic Village Café, ticket sales, hall sales, and a variety of other areas. Please watch your child's backpack for signup sheets or contact if you would be willing to work a shift.

Note: We welcome help from former students or older siblings!

Please watch for the next edition of the Richardfest News for complete Kids Carnival details and volunteer information. Thank you very much! – Betsy

Join the Fun
The Carnival Committee is planning an incredible day filled with games and activities, food and entertainment. The Carnival is the highlight of Richardfest in the eyes of our children, please bring your friends and neighbors to Richard School on March 27th and help celebrate Olympics around the world. 

Richardfest Games   
One of the most popular parts of the Richardfest Carnival has always been the individual classroom games. Everyone will "win" a prize just for playing! The parent volunteers have planned a wonderful variety of games and activities with something for everyone to participate in. If you would like more information on how to get involved within your child's classroom  please contact your classroom teacher or parent representative.

(Room Game List)      
Schulte A.M. Nancy Labadie:  Luge/Bobsled:  Germany
Schulte P.M.: Cynthia Sohn:  Luge/Bobsled:  Germany
Cueter:  Amy Desel/Nancy Follett:  Luge/Bobsled:  Germany

First Grade
Kelly:  Pari Turner:  Olympic Development:  USA
Stonik:  Beth Tech:  Softball:  Japan
Bendure:  Biglin/Monique Turco:  Ring Toss: Argentina
Black:  Kyle. Middleton (Cavatio): High Jump:  Greece

Second Grade
Sue Schmitz: Kerry Kavanaugh: Pastry Walk:  France
Kathy Schmitz: Foy/Wendy Schmidt:  Football Rings: Guatemala
Vetor/Lapensee: Clarissa Piecuch/Kathy Effinger:  Face Painting: 
Int’l Olympic Committee

Third Grade
Flannigan:  DiDi DeBoer:  Glow-In-the-Dark Biathlon:  Sweden
Ferri Aldrich:  Anne Sullivan: Skeet Shooting:  Australia
Gerlach:  Pamela Flom/Biglin:  Go-Fish:  Iceland

Fourth Grade
Holman:  Jackie Muller:  Hockey:  Canada
Swansey:  Kim Poirer-Alle:  Basketball:  USA
Havern:  Bette Wisniowiecki:  Equestrian:  Ireland
Piasecki:  Joan Grenda:  Wacky Olympics:  Poland

Fifth Grade
Greer:  Claudia Wakely:  Hole-In-One:  Scotland
Gerow:  Huebner/Suzy Daudlin:  Soccer: England
Schwartz:  *****  :  Hospital: Sweden
Wrosch:  Lisa Turne:  Beach Volleyball:  Brazil

Mike Vandruska “That Tall Juggler Guy”
Come see Mike at the Carnival! He will be performing throughout the day in the Richard School Library. Mike has dazzled audiences all across the U.S. Canada, and China. He has performed his upbeat comedy, juggling, ball spinning and unicycle show for hundreds of schools, festivals, cruise ships, and even under the “bigtop”, circuses. Check out Mike on the web !

Obstacle Course 
Everyone will have a chance to take a turn on our Obstacle Course Moonwalk (weather permitting).

Olympic Village Cafe
Nobody will leave the carnival hungry! The international Olympic Village cafe will be serving foods from around the world (ie American Hot Dog, Italian Pizza, Chinese Egg Rolls, Greek Salad, etc), offering something for everyone in your family.

Tickets will be available to purchase during the week prior to the Carnival as well as at the door. Tickets will be .25 each and classroom games and entertainment activities can be played for 1-4 tickets (depending on difficulty level).
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