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SWTNZ Review - The Star Wars, "Droids" and "Ewoks" Cartoon Phenomena

In 1978 Nelvana Studios produced an 11 minute Star Wars animated segment
for the Star Wars Holiday Special, this was the infamous "Boba Fett Cartoon".
Seven years later in 1985 Nelvana created 13 "Droids" episodes and 13 "Ewoks"
episodes, but because of production costs, Lucas films decided to halt the
making of anymore Droids series and focus on another season of Ewoks instead.
The show suffered a huge number of cuts and edits by ABC which saw it through
to doing a third season and after 26 episodes it was finally canceled forever.
The series wasn't a success financially and this also included a whole range
of merchandising such as lunch boxes, toys, clothes, coloring books etc.

Droids, 13 episodes 1985-1986

Ewoks, 26 episodes 1985-1987

Droids DVD Ewoks DVD
The Droids and Ewok Cartoons can be found on DVD

Below are a selection of items made during the promotion of both the
Droids and Ewok animated television series, the packaging is quite good using
strong bright colors. I especially like the graphics on the Ewoks Cards and
its all very difficult to find good examples of these, different characters were
released to various country's for unknown reasons like Spain and Brazil..

 Unproduced Droid Figure Case Droids - Figure  Droids - Figure
Un-produced Droid Figure Case - C3PO and Kez Iban, Carded

Droids - Figure Droids - Figure Droids - Figure Droids - Figure
Droids - Kea Moll, Kez Iban Figure,Thall Joben and Vlix, Carded (Brazil)

Droids -Store Display Droids -Store Display Droids -Store Display
Three large store displays that were never issued by Kenner, with numerous
un-produced toys featuring both Droids and Ewok items..

Ewoks - Figures
Ewoks Carded Figures, which also included collectable coins..

If you want to learn more about the characters of both animated series
you could visit this website below..

SWTNZ Vintage Toy Review - Droids, A-Wing Fighter - Kenner 1985

Droids, A-Wing Fighter Droids, A-Wing Fighter Booklet
Above, Boxed A-Wing and Booklet, (Click To Enlarge)

This is one hard to find item, the Droids A-Wing Fighter is also one cool looking
collectible. Its quite a large ship that will accommodate the 3 3/4 inch droid fighter
pilot or other figure, it even has electronic sound effects which makes it even
more appealing. Difficult to price this one with such little reference, but the
picture above gives you a better idea of what to look out for..

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