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SWTNZ Vintage Toy Review - From Steve Austin To Star Wars - Kenner

The Tooth-Brushes

PART #3 - The Tooth-Brushes

Another interesting Kenner re-issue from the "Bionic" line of items was
the Star Wars Electric Toothbrush, this was derived and sold under both
the Bionic Woman and Bionic Man lines. It was made with a clear plastic
casing through which colorful inserts could be seen, these were re-printed
with a Star Wars theme rather than the original Bionic design. The two
children that posed for the advertising were also reused and remain in a
very similar packaging, the toothbrushes came with two replaceable
brushes and used 2x "C" Batteries (Not Included)..

Electric ToothBrush, Click To Enlarge Electric ToothBrush

Above, These Tooth-Brushes are very rare especially MOC (mint on the card)

SWTNZ Vintage Toy Review - From Steve Austin To Star Wars - Kenner

Movie Viewers

PART #2 - Movie Viewers

Another popular line of toys which made its transition over to the Star Wars
theme were Kenner's "Movie Viewers". In the Images above you can see that
the packaging remains very similar and the cassettes that were produced can
be played on practically any other version of the movie viewer.

Movie Viewers Movie Viewers
Above, Kenner's Movie Viewers, (Click To Enlarge)

These are difficult to find especially boxed versions, they were not as popular
as the vintage figure lines but Kenner's Movie Viewer is a great toy and a very
desirable collectible. With the viewer you can watch your favorite scenes from
Star Wars at any speed, controlled by the rotating crank lever on its side you can
even watch them in reverse if you choose to. The viewers came with one additional
cassette and others were sold separately, the film cartridges were 8mm reels
and only five different cassette's were ever produced.

May the Force be with you
Destroy the Death Star
Danger at the Cantina
Battle in hyperspace
Assault on the Death Star

Similar movie viewers were sold In France, Germany and Japan, but with less
cassette's available, all the reels depicted various scenes from "A New Hope".
The Meccano version of the movie viewer was produced in green instead of
Kenner's choice of blue, the above picture shows some examples..

SWTNZ Vintage Toy Review - From Steve Austin To Star Wars - Kenner

Lets take a look at some of Kenner's older toy products that were re-issued
with a Star Wars theme, in this case we will review the "Six Million Dollar Man"
line of toys that were transformed into valuable Star Wars collectibles..

The HeadSets
Click To Enlarge

PART #1 - The Headsets

From one of Kenner's Bionic toy lines came the "Six Million Dollar Man" CB
Headset Radio Receiver which was released to toy stores in 1977, Its electronic
design could receive up to 40 different channels but you could only hear your
own voice over the headset as you spoke into its built-in microphone, it did not
allow you to actually send a signal of any kind. In 1978 Kenner replaced the CB
circuitry with a simplified AM radio receiver, with a change in its outer casing color
the headset began to look marginally like the small headset worn by Luke as
he sat at a Millennium Falcon's gun, this very image of Luke was then used
as part of the packaging design on the box. The item was then released as
"Luke Skywalkers AM Headset Radio"..

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