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All About Palitoy

Palitoy was founded in 1919 by A. E. Pallett and being recognized mainly for
Palitoy dolls was also an innovative company that took some creative license
with the likes of Hasbros GI Joe etc way back in 1977, In the following year
Palitoy Bradgate acquired the distribution license for Star Wars in the UK
and put their own clever spin on the new American Toy line. The toys were
designed by the Kenner company but packaged in the UK at Palitoy's factory
in Coalville, Leicester. In 1968 Palitoy was acquired by General Mills and then
later took over Chad Valley Toys, the famous Action Man producers.

By 1978 Palitoy was responsible for the distribution of Star Wars toys in
England and issued most of the same figures and toys that were also
released in the United States. There is a large community of collectors in
England that have been documenting the variations between items such
as the cardboard Death Star Play set, which is almost identical to the
Toltoys version. Being that the Palitoy issued toys are so much harder to
come by than their Kenner counterparts Palitoy item prices have now
risen to extraordinary prices and there are only slight differences
between the Palitoy and Kenner items. Such as the missing white pricing
area and the upper left stock numbers and where the kenner logo and
the safety disclaimer would have been there is of course the Palitoy logo
instead. Palitoy continued its distribution for another 8 years with its final
toy release in 1985 after the screening of "Return of the Jedi", it was
then finally taken over by Kenner Parker..

Vintage Palitoy Items - Click To See Full Image, 1978-85

Palitoy - DeathStar Palitoy - Droid Factory Palitoy - Cantina
DeathStar, Droid Factory & Cantina

Palitoy - Snow Speeder Palitoy - Tie Fighter Palitoy - Destroy the DeathStar Game
Snow Speeder, Tie Fighter & Destroy the DeathStar Game

Palitoy - Han Solo Blaster Palitoy - Modelling Set Palitoy - Talking R2D2
Han Solo Blaster, Modelling Set & Talking R2D2

Palitoy - Land Of The Jawas Palitoy - Boba Fetts Slave Palitoy - X-Wing
Land Of The Jawas, Boba Fetts Slave & X-Wing

If you want to see some more pictures and info on Palitoy cardbacks there is a
good website at the address below that can point you in the right direction..

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