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About Remco & Azrak Hamway Inc

There is very little information to be found about REMCO and that includes,
images of Star Wars Toys released by them, i can however tell you that Remco
was founded near the end of the forties and was remembered for its
conventional product line all throughout the fifties. A turn towards more
interesting items in the sixties saw a shift to a wider range of toys including
battery operated items. Popular REMCO toys produced from this period
included the Barracuda Sub, Mighty Matilda Atomic Aircraft and the 1966
Lost in Space Robot. The second half of the 60's saw the fortunes of REMCO
take a nose dive and the company finally sold out to Azrak Hamway in the late
70's following a huge string of losses.

'Steel Tec' was distributed by Remco Toys, Inc. of New York, NY, from
1992 - 1997 and is a division of parent company Azrak Hamway International.
Azrak Hamway Inc or "A.H.I" is perhaps one of the quieter success stories
of the 70's. AHI held a large number of product licenses and was serious
competition for such other companys like "Mego". The company didn't
traditionally enter into the action figure game, their two best known and
most popular figure lines are "Universal Monsters" and "Astro Apes" .

SWTNZ Vintage Review - Rare REMCO "Utility Belts", Released in Canada

These are some of the rarer Star Wars items that were released in Canada,
they are a set of three Utility Belts, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth
Vader. The items that were included in these sets did not resemble anything
from the movie and was supposedly an attempt by kenner or Remco to cash
in on the Star Wars phenomenon.

Remco Utility Belts
Click To Enlarge

Luke Skywalker - Black belt, black pistol, grappling hook, rope and lightsaber.
Princess Leia - White belt, black pistol, red watch and black walkie-talkie.
Darth Vader - Black belt, black pistol and lightsaber.

Remco Utility Belts
Click To Enlarge

These Utility Belts were basically reissues of older sets made by Remco but
released under the Kenner logo, if you have a look at the image above you
can easily spot the similarity's between the walkie-talkie and Remco's Space
1999 radiation detector, then the watch and the remco watch / compass.

Remco, SteelTec Sets
Click To Enlarge

Above is the Remco Steel-Tec release of an X-Wing & Falcon.
Although the company finally sold out to Azrak Hamway these sets were
released using the Remco Logo, i have found no other Star Wars toys
apart from these baring the Remco Symbol.

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