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Download All these Wallpapers in one Zip File!

Because of the massive amount of downloads I have created a Zip file containing
all of the following Wallpapers, they are all 1024x768..

Download From MediaFire

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Ewoks!

Ewoks Ewoks

If you remember the 80's you might remember these little guys,
created from original Ewok artwork these wallpapers are sure to
stir up a few childhood memories..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, ESB

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

The man himself, more than 25 years ago he set the standard and bought
an end to the rule of the empire..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Oola is in the House!


The former slave girl is no longer chained to the gruesome Jabba
the Hutt, so take a little break cause Its time for some Oola!.

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura

Amy Allen as Aayla Secura, this is one of the best known images of
Aayla and for this wallpaper I made a new section to the upper left
portion to complete the picture..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Padme "is" Natalie Portman

Padme is Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman looking gorgeous as always..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Gentle Giant's, "Leia"

Gentle Giant's Animated Series, Leia

Gentle Giant has created this truly awesome statue of Leia in animated form,
this will be a sort after collectible and it makes a mighty fine wallpaper..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - City Transport, Combination Image

City Transport, Combination Image

This wallpaper was made initially from a high resolution picture depicting
Anakin and Padme leaving a transport and saying farewell to Obi Wan and
R2D2. The original (Below) had a closed in roof and a short amount of
flooring, the first thing done was to remove the upper section and increase
the lower. Then a completely different image (Below Right) was used to
fill the empty sky line, after cloning and mixing the colors we get the final
image which blends both scenes together very nicely..

City Transport, Combination Image City Transport, Combination Image

Above, the two original images used to create the final picture..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - AOTC Padme and Anakin

AOTC Padme and Anakin

An all gooey scene from Attack of the Clones (EP2) when Padme
and Anakin are starring hopeless into each others eyes upon a
vast grassy field, makes a nice wallpaper..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Han Solo ANH Montage

Han Solo ANH Montage

A montage of Han Solo images from ANH, (promotional pictures)

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Endor Forest Revisited and Revamped

Endor Forest Revisited and Revamped

The above picture was made from a narrow image only 595 pixels in width,
an additional 429 pixels was cloned from elements in the background in
order to complete the required size of 1024. Small trees and large were
included with a lot of additional retouching to make the newly cloned
pieces blend into the original picture. (Below)..

Endor Forest Revisited and Revamped

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Carrie Clone, Super-Imposed Magic..

Carrie Clone, Super-Imposed Magic

For this image Carrie Fisher's face has been super-imposed onto the
body of another slave girls body, the original un-modified photo was
taken by Marc Wilde and posed by Australian model Vanessa..

Carrie Fisher Cloning

The above image shows the substitution, Carries head was almost at the
perfect angle, after flipping the image horizontally the face was carefully
imposed onto the head of Vanessa. Some color correction and retouching
completed the image, subtle lighting sets the mood and there you have it..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Anakin Skywalker and the Slave-Girls..

Anakin Skywalker and the Slave-Girls

Anakin versus the slave girls!, can this really be true?..
No not really.. but its a nice bit cloning...

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - The Yavin Rebel Base - ANH 1977

Yavin, Rebel Base

Some of you may recognize the image below, its an clip from the Yavin Rebel
Base that was pictured in episode 4 "A New Hope" back in 1977. I found this
image on the net and thought it might be suitable for wallpaper if I added some
extra pieces. The entire top half of the image is cloned from the bottom
half so we get this pyramid looking structure, then with some enhancements
and retouching we get the final picture, which makes a pretty nice wallpaper..

Original Yavin Picture
Original Yavin Picture

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Master Yoda, Its not easy being Green..

Master Yoda

Lets Not forget Master Yoda, he took us all by surprise.. He Da Mann!

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Chewie, The One and Only!


How about getting your teeth around this wallpaper, its really Chewie!..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Empire Strikes Back - Hoth, AT-AT vs Rebel

Hoth, AT-AT vs Rebel

Two images are joined together in this Hoth Wallpaper to create one amazing
image, the rebel soldiers are made from a magazine scan and the AT-AT in the
background is a clip from "Empire Strikes Back". Although the pixel quality is
not that high the two parts of the puzzle blend very well together..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - ROTS, Yoda Bids FareWell

Yoda Bids FareWell

Remember this from Revenge of the Sith?, this is an adapted image from
the scene which makes a perfect desktop wallpaper.

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - ESB Vader and Snow-Troopers

ESB Vader and Snow-Troopers

A Classic Image of Vader and his dedicated crew of Snow-Troopers, this scene
takes place inside a Rebel Base hidden away on the ice planet Hoth (1980).

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Modified McQuarrie Art

Modified McQuarrie Art

This awesome wallpaper was created from two Mcquarrie images, both
depicting a scene outside the cantina on Tatooine. I think these two images
should be together and perhaps they were, so i have managed to join them
back together by incorporating some clever cloning and image manipulation.

Modified McQuarrie Art Modified McQuarrie Art
Above, The two original Mcquarrie pictures

Some buildings had to be changed and rebuilt as well as the sky and blending
of the ground, removal of some elements and retouching of a character was
also made. Then with new lighting and adjustments it looks like a fresh image..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - The Empire Strikes Back, 1980

The Empire Strikes Back

A fantastic shot of Leia, Luke, Han and Chewbacca on the ice planet of
Hoth. From episode five, "The Empire Strikes Back", this black and white
photograph taken back in 1980 makes an awesome desktop wallpaper..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Star Wars Public Radio

Star Wars Public Radio

Here's a flash back, created from an early public radio advertisement,
the original poster art was drawn by Celia Strain back in 1981..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Star Wars Tatooine

Star Wars Tatooine

A new Star Wars Tatooine wallpaper to adorn the desktop..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Zam Wessel

Zam Wessel

zAM!, here is a fresh wessel wallpaper for the desktop..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Jabba The Hutt's Palace - Tatooine

Jabba The Hutt's Palace

This Setting of Jabba the Hutt's Palace on Tatooine makes an
awesome wallpaper..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Natalie & Carrie, Like Mother Like Daughter

Natalie Portman Simply Carrie

Here are two very young and very pretty wallpapers of both Natalie Portman
(Padme) and Carrie Fisher (Leia). Like mother, like daughter these wallpapers
are sure to warm the hearts of every fan..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Adapted Vintage Lunch-Box Art, 1978

Adapted Vintage Lunch-Box Art, 1978

The above wallpaper was created from the artwork of an old Star Wars lunch
Box made back in 1978, the image was taken from the front of the box and
then adapted with help of various graphic tools into this splendid picture..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Conceptual Art, Sand-Trooper and Dewback

Sand-Trooper & Dewback

This wallpaper was made from an original concept drawing that Kenner had
used to create the prototoy vintage Dewback, the same one pictured in the
right hand top corner of this page.

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - "Christy Marie" in Leia's Metal Bikini

Christy Marie in Leia's Metal Bikini

If you were lucky enough to go to celebration III you may have seen this lovely
lady there adorning the classic Leia's Metal Bikini, Christy Marie fits the
costume well in this newly made wallpaper by SWTNZ. Click to download..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - New Clone Wars Desktop Wallpaper 1024x768

Clone Wars Desktop Wallpaper

A new Clone Wars wallpaper to decorate the desktop..

SWTNZ Wallpaper Making - Carrie Fisher, Created from Dutch Mag Scan

Way back after the release of Return of the Jedi, Carrie Fisher posed in a publicity
picture for a Dutch magazine, this is the best scan i have seen of it below..

Carrie Fisher, Original Dutch Mag Scan

Now since this was a rather unusual but cute scene for the intrepid princess i
decided this might make a good wallpaper or at least a salvageable picture project.
So if you take a good look at the original magazine scan above you will notice
a number of problems, the background was transparent enough during the scan
that the print on the reverse side was projected through to the front, the whole
background was painted over with a light blue sampled from the original sky color.
Then if you look closely you can see the original magazine clipping had been folded
in half leaving a crease right through the center of the picture, this was removed
using a clone tool. The writing along the bottom of the picture covered a large area
of the sand, so this had to be cloned away also using the other portions of clear
beach. Not easy to do without leaving noticeable clone marks so after re sizing the
image to wallpaper size the newly cloned sand was sharpened slightly to make it
look a little crisper. Next Carrie's body was rather pix-elated so to make her seem
more flawless the skin was carefully smeared using a smudging tool, this was also
used on the beach ball, bucket , flippers and the cooler bin next to Vader.

Carrie Fisher, Wallpaper

Finally to finish of the look and to add some mood, the blank blue sky section was
selected using the magic wand tool and a very small amount off random noise was
added to make it look less clean. Then while it was still selected the lighting was
adjusted so the ambient light is slightly stronger behind them. Now what a difference
that made, it now looks 200% better.

Graphics Tools Used

Adobe Photopaint - Painting, cloning and smudging.
Ulead PhotoImpact - Selections, Added noise and Lighting.
Irfan View - For all re-sizing and viewing.

Star Wars Trader - New Zealand , 2005-2008 Copyright SWTNZ
Original photographs, graphics & text etc is the property of SWTNZ unless
otherwise stated, "Star Wars" related media including images, video and characters
etc are copyright to and owned by Lucasfilm Ltd. SWTNZ is neither sponsored or
endorsed by Lucasfilm nor does it affiliate with any other division thereof.

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