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SWTNZ Free Game - Rebel TieFighter - The Game and The Plot

The game was built up over a number of months back in 2003 and is a space
shooter with a Star Wars theme, the cockpit view ( Below ) is a standard
tiefighter graphic view. Various optional targets with different features will
try to destroy you unless you destroy them first, you can choose which targets
to confront and the level of difficulty, but you have to destroy all the targets before
you run out of fuel. The onboard computer will inform you of the ships conditions
and reroute energy when and where it is needed, if you can complete the course
you can try another setting with different results and at the end of each
mission you are shown how well you performed.

Proceeding the death of the emperor and the destruction of the second
Death Star imperial forces throughout the galaxy gathered in the remote
system of Rangor. Under the command of the dark lord Provius a new
imperial legion and Death Star has been secretly constructed to once again
to take control of the local systems. The Dark Lord has dispatched
probe droids to establish outposts and clear passage for cargo ships through
newly formed Rebel sectors. However with the help of spy's, imperial plans
have leaked back to the Rebel base and so the development of a new task
force has been formed...The Rebellion has constructed a prototype ship
based on the short range Tie Fighter class, disguised to get close to imperial
craft and fitted with multiple shield generators its your task to pilot this ship
and destroy the imperial craft as best you can.

Rebel TieFighter - Star Wars Trader - New Zealand Rebel TieFighter - Star Wars Trader - New Zealand
Above, Intro Menu and Game Options Screen

Rebel TieFighter - Star Wars Trader - New Zealand Rebel TieFighter - Star Wars Trader - New Zealand
Above, Two Cockpit Views - Launch Intro, Radar and Targets.

Minimal System Requirements

Windows ( Any Versions )
800x600 screen resolution or higher
Direct X version 5 or higher
Game pad or Joystick is recommended for best game play.

Depending on your machine type you may be able to adjust the game
speed to match your system speed, you can do this by pressing the
"F12" key during game play, settings of 15/18/21/24/27/30fps can be
selected, the frame rate is displayed in cockpit views upper right corner.

Download From MediaFire

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