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Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, The Artists

Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, The Artists

Now a lot of Star Wars fans may or may know the name but one thing is almost
certain, I bet you recognize the picture below, this is where it all began and
its one of the most famous images ever created by the Hildebrandt brothers.
But there is more to these two brothers art work than you might realize and here
is a little background information to get you started..

Hildebrandt Art

Brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrandt were born January 23rd 1939, at the ripe
old age of two, the twins were already demonstrating their artistic talents after
their father taught the boys to color with crayons. By the age of eight their artistic
influence was coming mostly from comic books, such as the Green Lantern and
Superman. They were inspired by fantasy, science fiction and films such as
"Frankenstein" and "The War of the Worlds", but perhaps their biggest influence
was the work of Walt Disney, with animated features such as Snow White and
Fantasia. They dreamed of becoming cartoon animators which led them to their
enrollment in Meinzinger’s Art School in Detroit, from here they quickly become
celebrated animators and won the Golden Eagle award for "Project Hope".

Hildebrandt Art

In 1969 they began illustrating children's books for various publishers but after
six years of drawing they were still virtually unknown to the artists world, it wasn't
until 1976 when they suddenly won the opportunity to illustrate a Ballantine
calendar that their talents become really noticed. Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy
classic "The Lord of the Rings", they went on to illustrate these calendars for two
years, selling more than one million copies alone in one year. Now known as the
Brothers Hildebrandt they illustrated the best-selling novel by Terry Brooks,
"The Sword of Shanarra" and for the movies they painted a posters for
"Barbarella", "The Clash of the Titans", and of course "Star Wars".

Hildebrandt Art

In 1981, the Brothers separated to pursue their own individual careers, Greg's
illustrations appeared on the covers and pages of many magazines, Franklin Mint
and Lenox have issued his work on collectors plates, figurines, dolls, knives and
swords. His art has been used in advertising for ABC, Dr. Pepper and licensed for
products such as puzzles, greeting cards, needlepoint canvases and a religious
plate series based on his illustrations of "The Lord of the Rings". Tim had gone
on to illustrate many calendars, five of these calendars were produced for the
Dungeons and Dragons series and three for the Realms Of Wonder series. Then
in 1984, Tim illustrated a calendar depicting Anne McCaffrey’s award winning
novels The Dragon riders of Pern. He has painted the covers of many magazines
and books, including Starlog and Amazing Stories, plus his images have also been
used for video games and game boards.

Hildebrandt Art

After 12 long but productive years, the Brothers Hildebrandt reunited, Although
they have continued to pursue their individual careers, the bulk of their recent
work has been created together. In 1994, the Brothers completed 158 paintings
for Fleer’s Marvel Masterpieces Card Set depicting the Marvel Universe. They
connected with Michael Uslan, executive producer of the Batman films, to bring
back the action adventure comic strip Terry and the Pirates. Then Marvel
comics approached them with a commission to create a comic for its X-Men 2099
series, entitled “Oasis.” They spent the better part of a year creating a fully
painted graphic novel, which was published in 1996. Greg and Tim spent most of
the following year painting 100 pieces of art for George Lucas's "Shadows of the
Empire" saga. The set was created for the Topps Trading Card Company. Their
art book, "Star Wars" the Art of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt was released in 1997,
The book is 128 pages long and spans 20 years of their Star Wars art. To this very
day the brothers continue creating fantastic pieces of art and their work is proudly
displayed in art galleries across the United States..

Hildebrandt Art

You can learn more about the brothers by visiting their official fan site below:

SWTNZ News - Tim Hildebrandt Passes, 1939-2006

Tim Hildebrandt

Artist Tim Hildebrandt passed away on June 11th from complications due
to diabetes, for more information you can visit the Hildebrandt website.

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