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FLU is a group of several members, based in Spain. We love martial arts and as long as we do. We have prepared some AVI Releases just for fun and enjoyment. We do not pretend anything more than having fun with it. We do not pretend to say we're experts, just having fun. So don't blame us fot the results.
Now we are making an amateur action movie called Das Komplott, Most of our page is about it. We know only about two more webs where you can find something similar
There are two important diffences:
- first: we try to make a Honk Kong action movie like John Woo's ones
- second: Our movie was written and directed by a woman. Mrs. Geld herself.





The Master in #1:

Cuban Wrangler:


Computer editing:

─rztin Geld

─rztin Geld/N÷rberg/K'Arl



Johnny Garcia

─rztin Geld


Prepare for action reachin' the limit.

The first action pure may-hem amateur film ever done. The wild and evil world of Mrs. Geld, her fight against competitors and goverment... Geld's Universe plenty of violence and destruction will be reflected in "Das Komplott". An amateur project written by the FLU Team that will surprise you.

Johnny G.:
─. Geld
The film
main members, Staff, more things.
Our senior master.
Young power.
The excentric millonaire.
Das Komplott. Script, A MUST!

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NOTE: The Pill Logo is our distinctive But FLU is against all kind of drugs and stuff!!!

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