The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act & Animal Welfare Act
Federal funding of animal welfare laws
Horse slaughter Updated
Puppy Mills, PAWS & Class B Animal Dealers Updated
Canned Hunts & Internet Hunting
Captive Primate Safety Act
Congress funds big-game hunting with your tax dollars Updated
Open Government Act
"Downer" Animals, Updated
Importation of Endangered Species
Congress gives tax break to cockfighting organization
Animal Fighting
U.S. Military experimenting on animals with your tax dollars
High voltage taser guns used on pigs
Safe Air Transport for Animals Act
Urge Congressional support of the Antifreeze Bittering Act
Urge Congress to ban the interstate commerce of cruel leghold traps
Protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Updated
Urge your U.S. Senators to oppose the Hunting Heritage Protection Act
Urge the USDA to define "distress" in the Animal Welfare Act
The lessons learned from Huricane Katrina--Demand that animals be included in disaster response plans
Urge your U.S. Representative to OPPOSE the Threatened and Endangered Species and Recovery Act of 2005 Updated
Urge the USDA to apply the Twenty-eight Hour Law to transport by truck
Comment on U.S. Fish & Wildlife's decision to allow hunting & trapping on National Wildlife Refuges
Urge your U.S. Reps to support the Great Cats & Rare Canids Act
HSUS sues USDA to protect birds during slaughter