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Welcome to the unofficial web home of Westfield
on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, California
Our beautiful entrance sign denoting our Equestrian heritage.
Here we hope to bring you news of upcoming community events as well as news from the community on subjects that affect us all. We hope this will be our communities one stop for information.

We have three organizations within Westfield that deal with the affairs of our community.

Westfield Park, Recreation and Parkway District #12 (Park Board) is made up of 5 community members.  The Park Board holds open community meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 7pm to 9pm (check below for dates and location).  The Park Board is a Special District sanctioned under the State of California.  The Park Board administers maintenance of such things as the Parkway Trees, Riding Arena, Bridle Trails, Tennis Court, Entrance Signs and the areas around them.  It also has the power to adopt local ordinances such as parking restrictions.

Westfield Property Owners Association (WPOA) is made up of 5 community members.  WPOA holds an open community meeting (hopefully) each quarter (dates and times will be posted as they are available).  WPOA is responsible for organizing community events such as the Halloween Carnival on Bolan Lane or the Easter Egg Hunt at the Tennis Court. It also maintains a supply of blank community home address signs.   WPOA publishes The Grapevine (our community news letter) and is primarily focused on community and social activities.

Neighborhood Watch program in conjunction with the Lomita Sheriff's Station provides a real time network for collecting and disseminating information relating to suspicious activities and crimes committed in the Westfield community.
Please do not deface our entrance sign by posting messages on it.
2004 Halloween Carnival
on Bolan Lane
2004 Easter Egg Hunt
at the Tennis Court
Next Park Board meeting is Thursday Sep 20th at 7:00 pm at the RHE George F. Canyon Nature Center.
Email at least 1 week prior to the meeting to add community concern topics to the Agenda. The agenda will be posted along with a draft of the last meeting minutes on the Bulitin Board located across from the Riding Ring on Eastvale Road 3 days prior to the meeting.
Click Here to view the Jun. 21st meeting minutes.
Click Here to view the July 19th meeting minutes.
Click Here to view the August 16th Agenda.

Next WPOA meeting is September 5th 2007 at the PV Library Community room.
All seats on the Homeowners Board are open. If you are interested in serving on the Homeowners Board please contact a Anne Olsen or
send an email . This is your chance to get involved in the social activities for Westfield and make a difference. The meeting will also focus on planning this year's Halloween Carnival on Bolan Lane. Again all are welcome and encouraged to attend and help to make the Carnival another wonderful success.

The following are crimes reported in Westfield for the week ending Jan 21st.

Jan 19th Grand Theft overnight - Two boxes containning medical equipment were stolen from the porch of a home in the 27200 block of Sunnyridge Rd.
Click Here to view past crime reports.

Click Here for information pertaining to the Westfield Horse Riding Ring renovation.

Click Here for a view of Westfield from Space on March 29th, 2004.
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2004 Easter Egg Hunt
Westfield 2004 Halloween Carnival on Bolan Lane