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Thanks for visiting; you are visitor since July 1, 1998 (if you believe page counters). So far, 1997 Atlanta Celtic Quarterly reviews are on-line and some from 1998 as well as a bunch of other stuff. We're working to bring you rest of the 1998 reviews soon. Agree with a review? Disagree? Got a suggestion? Please leave comments here (or read comments) before you go. Shopping? I recommend CDNow for on-line CD shopping. Good prices; excellent service.

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Special Article - The Lomax Collection: Ireland
  Altan The First Ten Years "a great way to introduce yourself to the delights of Irish music and Altan" (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
brief review Armstrong, Chris notes in ma heid (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  At the Racket At the Racket "Absolutely outstanding." (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 1/97)
  Begley, Brendan We Won't Go Home 'Til Morning "a fine showcase of authentic Irish traditional music"(Ceolas Pick of the Month)
  Bennett, Martyn Bothy Culture Bagpipes + techno rhythms! (RootsWorld)
  Brakin Tradition Presence in the Past "... hugely successful ... a lively and enjoyable album." (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
brief review Breatnach, Maire Celtic Lovers (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
Byrne, Dermot Dermot Byrne (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 1/97)
  Cameron, John Allen My Cape Breton Shore "a feast of Canadian melodies with more than a suspicion of their Scottish origin" (The Scots Magazine)
  Capercaille Sidewaulk "sheer power ... Matheson's rich voice wrings your heart" (RootsWorld)
Ceolbeg Ceolbeg 5 "a dense high-energy album that demands and holds your attention" (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 1/97)
brief review Cherish the Ladies Live! (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  Chieftains Santiago (RootsWorld)
brief review Clancy, Aoife Soldiers and Dreams (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)

Connolly, Johnny Drioball na Fainleoige (The Swallow’s Tail) "a master player" (George Fowler)
  Cormier, J.P. Another Morning (The Mining Company) I haven't reviewed this album but I am VERY fond of it!--DM
  Cunningham, Phil & Aly Bain The Pearl "One of the outstanding things about this album is the emphasis on delicate, gentle melodies." (Dan Beimborn, CelticMusic.Com)

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  Dervish Playing with Fire "Each musician is featured in turn in a number of stunning pieces of instrumental virtuosity." (Dan Beimborn, CelticMusic.Com)
  Doherty, John The Floating Bow "an extraordinary recording of one of the greatest traditional fiddle players" (Musical Traditions)
  Dun Cregan The 80's Live "Like the dance tunes, the vocal tracks are rich and varied." (Dan Beimborn, CelticMusic.Com)
Edgley, Frank Bridges "A seasoning of Northumbrian tunes combine with Irish and a few Scottish tunes in graceful, light, relaxed instrumental performances..." (7/5/98)
  Flanagan, Jim Anso is Ansúd / Here and There (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
  Flanagan Brothers Tunes We Like to Play on St.Paddy's Day "the familiar combination of Joe's melodeon and Mike's tenor banjo lash out with fury" (Musical Traditions)
Fraser,Alasdair 4/19/97 concert review (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
Grotewohl, Chris Under the Influence (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
Harte, Frank 1798 the first year of freedom Beautifully sung and produced! (6/22/98, unpublished)
  Hayes, Martin Under the Moon "If you like Irish fiddle played with skill and soul, Martin Hayes is your man and UNDER THE MOON is your recording" (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
brief review Holland, Jerry and J.C.B. (Jura Ceilidh Band) Trip to Cape Breton "a wonderful blend of old world and new world Scottish music" (Briefly Noted, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
  Hunter, Willie The Willie Hunter Sessions "the inimitable style of an exponent of Shetland-based fiddle music who, in his field, had no equal" (The Scots Magazine)
  Hunter, Willie & Violet Tulloch Leaving Lerwick Harbour "Shetland fiddle playing at its best" (Musical Traditions)
Irvine, Andy Rude Awakening (RootsWorld)
Jackson, William Celtic Experience (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 3/98) "an album of no small beauty"

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  Keane, James With Friends Like These "this album gets an A+" (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 4/98)
  Kelly, Alan Out of the Blue "He plays with great expression and delicacy of touch, the triplets flowing from his fingers..." (RootsWorld)

Kelly, James

Traditional Irish Music "deliberate and respectful, deceptively straightforward ... fabulous intricacy and ornamentation [set off by] spare arrangements which don't obscure the central performance" (George Fowler)
The Ring Sessions (with Zan MacLeod) "absolute must-have recording ... one of tightest duos ever recorded." (Dan Beimborn)
brief review
Kincaid, David

The Irish Volunteer: Songs of the Irish Union Soldier 1861-1865 (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  Kinnaird, Alison The Harp Key "an unevenness that may not be particularly attractive to the pure listener. Yet, this album deserves a place..." (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
  Kila Mind the Gap "...this group creates a gentle wall of sound that takes its direction from the great rock guitarists as much as from the traditional Irish."(Dan Beimborn)

Kiltartan Road

4/20/97 concert review (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
In the Deep Heart's Core--Songs from the Poetry of W. B. Yeats (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
Lamond, Mary Jane

From the Land of the Trees (Bho Thir Nan Craobh) "A lustrous collection from a highly-appealing [Gaelic] singer" (The Scots Magazine)
  Landes, Roger Dragon Reels (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
Lee, Jack and Gilles, Alasdair The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series, Volume 1 (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)

Lunny, Donal Coolfin "the product of a logical progression in his blending of traditional and pop/rock/world-music idioms, but not necessarily a more successful one" (Philippe Varlet)

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MacIsaac, Ashley hi™ how are you today? (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
  MacLean, Dougie Riof "exciting, emotional, and impressive" (The Scots Magazine)

MacMaster, Natalie

My Roots Are Showing "If there is a better recording of Cape Breton fiddle playing, I have yet to hear it." (Judith Rosen)
No Boundaries (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
McKeown, Susan

Brushes & Briars (The Mining Company )
Bones "... a powerful yet fluid alto voice of tremendous range" (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
McPhee, Cyril

When I Say I Do (The Mining Company) [I haven't reviewed this album but I am VERY fond of it!--DM]
Miller, Ed Edinburgh Rambler (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 3/98) "a fine musician and a superb folk singer"
Morrill, Jeanne Shape Shifting (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
  Moses, Cliff The Coming of Spring (Ceolas Pick of the Month)
  Newton, Abby Crossing to Scotland (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
Nightingale Sometime When the Moon is High "... Ireland, Scotland, France and England ... transported on a sailing vessel to Eastern Canada." (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
  Nomos Set You Free "dazzling precision, manic energy and soulful interpretation" (Boston Irish Reporter)
O'Flynn, Liam The Given Note (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 1/97)
Open House

Hoof and Mouth (Dan Beimborn)
Second Story (Dan Beimborn)

The Carrying Stream (The Scots Magazine)

O'Sullivan, Herrington and de Grae The Smoky Chimney "a must purchase...perfect for listening" (Mike Dugger)

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  Patrick Street Made In Cork "one of the finest ensembles of old-style traditional musicians on the scene today" (Irish Reporter)
  Cornerboys "...the vitality of good music played straight, with real fire" (Rootsworld)

Puirt a Beul

Kinloch's Fantasy (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 9/97)
  Power, Brendan New Irish Harmonica (Dan Beimborn)
Rafferty, Mike & Mary The Dangerous Reel (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 1/97)
  Reeltime Reeltime "an extremely talented ... [traditional] quartet which specializes in modern-edged music" (The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.)
Reynolds, Paddy
Charlie Mulvihill
James Keane &
Felix Dolan
Atlantic Wave (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 3/98) "Pure, beautiful New York Irish traditional music."
  Rideout, Bonnie Gimme Elbow Room (includes Scottish Children Songs) "great fun and a real spirit lifter on a bad day ... chickens and trains included" (Scottish Radiance)
RTE Irish National Radio Orchestra 3/14/97 concert review (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
  Scatter the Mud In the Müd "...a grand satisfying album of Irish favourites and some new material from the up and coming Candian band " (Ceolas Pick of the Month)
Seven Nations Live! Road Kill, volume 1 "The energy of concert playing is certainly present... the main drawback ... a recorded sound lacking instrumental midrange" (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
Shannon, Sharon

Out the Gap "The traditional instruments' blend is nearly seamless with the variety of world beats." (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
Each Little Thing (RootsWorld)
brief review
Sláinte Mhath

Prophecies (New and Hot, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 2/98)
  Solas Solas & Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers "Energetic and brilliant" (RootsWorld)
  Stewart, Margaret Fhuair Mi Pog "Gaelic songs, with pipes" (Scottish Radiance)
  The Gary Blair Ceilidh Band Missing Time "Fun, high-energy ceilidh music very well done" (6/22/98)

The Harp Consort

3/21/97 concert review (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
Carolan's Harp (Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/97)
The House Band

Rockall (Dan Beimborn)
  The Iron Horse Demons & Lovers "exhilirating" (The Scots Magazine)
  The Music Makars Scottish Dance Music "three great musicians performing great music" (The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.)
  Theo Page Theo Page (Dan Beimborn)
  Uxia Out of the Blue "From the Galician region of Spain ... This could well be one of those recordings you can't get out of your CD player." (RootsWorld)
  Yankee Celtic Consort Wander the Wood "the pure Irish drop, but [also] Irish bluegrass (or maybe bluegrass Irish)" (Briefly Noted, Atlanta Celtic Quarterly, 5/98)
Wilkie, David

Celtic Cowboy "Fans of either genre should find plenty here to expand their listening horizons" (Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange)
Cowboy Ceilidh "so little substance" (The Mining Company)

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