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"It’s Celine, the friendly ghost! With her spooky green skin and bruised chest, she could give anyone the heebie-jeebies! But really, she’s the same beautifully talented diva as she was before. Push the red button and see… if you dare…"
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Celine Dion's Barbie Set
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Who Are We? Jamie & Jessie Productions!
All updates written by Jessie "Jamie & Jessie Productions"! I'm Jessie, and this is Jamie.
All the skits and song paradies you see listed to the left are all written by us (don't steal them!). However, please note that the "Animated films" were created through We intend on writing humor, so we hope you enjoy our creations, and we hope they make you laugh. Have fun. Go wild!

If we made fun of something or someone you like, here's something you should consider before flaming anyone: First of all, it's only out of good fun, and we don't promote hate to get attention. We can think of other ways! Besides, we have better things to do with our time. They're just jokes, so don't take them seriously. Second of all, none of the "ads" on this website are for real. And finally, if we made fun of a song, movie, or celeb you like, remember that we are NOT dissing it, or him, or her, or whatever. Also, if you like what you see,
feedback is a must.

People, if you don't have something nice to say, shut your trap and go away. ;-)
Note: This site will be updated once a month. Any new feature will be in red.
Note from the girls: Man, it feels good to be back on! We didn't neglect this site for four months on purpose, I swear! Urgh. Our good-for-nothing computer crashed TWICE on us, because it was heavily attacked by three viruses. Finally, just two days ago, we got ourselves a free new computer that works! Wahoo! Then we had trouble getting our internet connection. But thanks to Jamie, we got it going this afternoon. So prepare for MANY updates! :-)

Updated Short: The Nicolette movie short has been redone, and for the better. Not to mention that it actually has a story now! LOL the other version only had a couple lines taken from the beginning of the Nicolete: Cigarette Medicine skit (which is where it was taken from), and we left out Nicolette, the chief character! So check it out, and see the fuller and better version.

New skit: We actually wrote this skit about two months ago, but we couldn't put it up on the site (see the note above). It's called: The Celine Dion Barbie Set! It's another commercial parody, of course. We haven't written one in forever. In this one, we decided to make fun of Barbie dolls and Celine Dion. No offense to Celine Dion fans out there-- my skit is NOT anti-Celine!

New Song Parody: Papa Came Home, parody of Sunny Came Home by Shawn Colvin. Here's another feature written awhile back! We co-wrote tis song with our older sister Amber back in 1997. We actually wrote it about our Grandpa, but I'm sure that most of you have an old man just like the one we described in our song!

New church bulletin:
Spotted by mom here in Whittier, California. It was so funny, I had to put it in Here with all the other ones. Once again, we are not anti-God or anti-religion, and we're not making fun anyone's church or beliefs. Remember, this site is not inspired from hate!
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