l  i  f  e

Year 1: A posterior shot for posterity

Ybaby.jpg (1362071 bytes)

Here's the very first photo of me. I was brought to the studio to have my naked butt taken because it's my parent's first (and only) baby boy.

I know what you are thinking but no, there were no other more revealing shots of me.


Year 4: My first documented birthday!

Ybirthdayboy.jpg (501458 bytes)

Here I am, smartly dressed and all ready for that big birthday party. I liked that clip-on tie very much. There were boiled eggs and a big birthday cake, Best of all, 4 bottles of soft drinks were just within grab on my right.


Year 4: Among the potted plants

Ygarden.jpg (526134 bytes)

After a couple of (soft) drinks from my fourth birthday party, it's time to hang loose. Here I am at the garden sans tie.


Year 6: My graduation from kindergarten.

Here's my first scholastic achievement after playing my way through kindergarten. I remembered standing in line for this shot, the teacher putting on my gown and cap, and with a last minute parting of my hair, the camera clicked, the bulb flashes, and I am taken off the set. Rats! I didn't even have time to smile.


Year 10: One fine day at the beach

Yfat.jpg (394298 bytes)

You can call me chubby but you see, my mom over fed me. And she still does. I have no idea whose hand that is.


Year 12: My Hawaii Five-O phase

Let me just state categorically that I have no say in either my choice of clothes or hairstyles. My mom handles the former and my dad the latter. And what a lethal combination it was during the disco heyday.


Year 23: Thro' the lens

mirror.jpg (20504 bytes)

This is a self-portrait taken just after I started out on photography. I guess the most easily accessible subject then was myself standing in front of a mirror



Year 30: At the waterfalls 

My friend took this picture of me at the Berkelah waterfalls in Malaysia. I think I have matured a bit since Year 10



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travel 3


travel 2

travel 1


up close

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