M   o   u   n   t   a   i   n            B   l   u   e   s

I was about 24 years old the day I packed my bags and set off for Mt Kinabalu. With camera in hand, tripod on my shoulder, and backpack on my back, I climbed the mountain and spent some wonderful time there alone -  taking pictures, and enjoying the cool stark environment. At night, alone on the mountains, with the winds howling across a moon-lit landscape, I never really felt lonely.



[above] Here's my personal favourite. It looked really good on print. At that time, I didn't realize I had matching shoes and shirt. Fortunately it was this consistency in colours that made a good picture better. It wouldn't had looked nice with white shoes, for example. 

[above] I like the interesting perspective of two mountains providing a counterpoint of light against darkness. One was a sunlit peak and the other, the shadow of a peak.







[above] I was faulted by my friend for 'posing' in this picture. Well, I wasn't, at least not consciously.









[above] I sat high above the clouds, surveying the land below me. I saw rain clouds sweeping across the skies, and the sun setting below me.

[above] Up at the top, it's all barren rocks and jagged edges. I took the time to explore the stark and alienating environment after all the climbers has gone down. One thing I noticed is the quietness that surrounded me, and the gentle echo of the wind.


       [left]  Ha! No shirt on.

[right] This is an interesting shot. I knew what I wanted but the problem was getting it right. The clouds were right on spot to provide a fitting contrast for me against the blue sky. The small rock beneath my legs gave a much needed symmetry to this picture.


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