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[left] If there is one picture that can show you the person that I am, this is it. I took this picture while trekking in Auckland, NZ. It's about 8.45pm and everything about the scene is just right.




[right] Check out some of my pilot pictures  with SIA.


[left] The sun, the sand, the sea, and me version 2. You may have noticed by now - I like to take back shots. That's just me, lah. In Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia 2004.

[left] It's just amazing what some clouds, a few rocks and the sea can do to invigorate you.

[up] Out of the sea, in Male, the Maldives.

[right] Reservist training in the Navy.

Here I am, in the hot afternoon sun, getting bored with the long journey. So I asked my Navy buddy to take a picture of me at the back of the ship.



[up] My dad is a barber and he gives me the coolest haircut.


[up] Mood shot, in Auckland, NZ.

[down] Assorted trekking pictures.

[left] A cool dip in the waters of Berkelah, near Kuantan, West Malaysia. I included this picture here because most of my friends whom I showed this to seemed to like it a lot. Invariably, when I asked why, they say it's the nice foam effect surrounding me.


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