B a n g k o k ,   T h a i l a n d

 The salted stench hangs heavy in the air where dried fish are sold at the weekend market in Jatujak, Bangkok.


S h a n g h a i ,   C h i n a

It may seems like I've been invited into a small, cozy dining room of a Chinese family. Truth is, I was waiting for my noodles inside an eatery in Shanghai, China. No class pretensions here, my dear comrades.

R o m e ,  I t a l y

Walking down a hallway of the Vatican museum in Rome, adorned with murals, painting and elaborate carving.


B a n g k o k ,   T h a i l a n d

Flowers on sale at the Jatujak weekend market. I am fascinated by the repetitive patterns and colours in this picture.


S e o u l , S o u t h  K o r e a

That's how it looks like Seoul, South Korea - little matchbox houses that fit like jigsaw puzzles.

 Ro c k h a m p t o n ,   A u s t r a l i a

The sand, the sun and the sea here in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. I laid my camera on the ground, set it on timer and hoped for the best.


  C a i r o ,  E g y p t

The living amongst the dead, laid to rest in limestone sarcophagus. I was on the second storey looking down, waiting for people to pass by so that I can balance the, umm, lifeless scene.

K a n s a i , J a p a n

Maybe it's the clean lines, or the muted colours. Perhaps it's the cloudy sky, or the billowing clouds. Whatever the reasons, I feel the emotional resonance when I was there on a chilly afternoon.



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