Panoramic Pictures

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Panoramic pictures offer a revolving 360 degrees perspective and - forget 4R size! - they look very cool on prints. Still, it takes some effort and a whole lot of patience to take a good panorama but the results are worth it.

The first picture was taken while trekking in Quail Island, Christchurch, NZ, the month of March 2004. The shot would have been perfect if someone special has sat under the tree.

The second was shot in Singapore, near where I stayed - I loved old trees and deserted road, both of which are hard to come by these days in our concrete jungle. The third panorama shows my good friend Howard at Seletar camp, near where we trained as cadet pilots for SIA.

You can now click on the last two pictures to get a virtual 360 tour! Due to file transfer limitation, I can only show you a stripped down version of the picture. You'll need the Quicktime player, available  from


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