s     p    a     c    e          o   f          m    y          o    w   n  

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The picture above was taken a few years back when I went to Pulau Hantu with my friends. My friend Jac asked me to jump into the sea just so she can take a picture of me doing so. You know girls ... anyway, I liked her picture a lot. Thanks Jac!

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This is taken during my days in Perth, Western Australia. Take a look at my room! Well, one side of it anyway; the other half is claimed by my roommate. 

I did some tidying up for this picture. Most of the time, I lived like a pig.

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Practicing underwater photography with my friends. Till now, I have no idea which one of them is me. But I assure you I am in there somewhere!

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Autumn 1998. Here's my legs in Paris under the Eiffel Tower. I was bored staring up beneath the Eiffel Tower. So I stared down and pointed my camera.

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It was a balmy evening with the beginning of a beautiful sunset  when I took this picture outside my room at Seletar Camp.

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Here's picture of the resident dog when I was a trainee at Seletar Camp. She gave birth one night to 4 cute puppies on a trainee's bed in that building behind her.

I was the only guy still in camp that night when the lady (who cooked our meals) pleaded with me to remove the puppies from the bedroom.  The unexpected discovery must have shaken her up quite a bit. That night,  I found an abandoned building to house the puppies.

It was the Christmas eve of 1996 and the nativity scene was played all over again. 

At the hotel pool one early morning. I like the hues of emerald green and fluorescent yellow.

Climbing up the cool limestone rock caves in Pahang, East Malaysia. I took this timed shot with my Nikon camera and trusty tripod.



[up] Here I am in Male, Maldives, the month of February, 2004. I swam in the sea - cool and inviting - and took a picture of myself just for the fun of it.

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[up] The sun, sand, sea and me. This picture is one of my early favourite. I framed this shot in my mind, set the timer, and ran down the beach to position myself properly. It turned out quite nice, I think.

Rome, Italy - The few remaining ancient ruins, like the Coliseum above, are just as awesome as it was then in the Roman Empire. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is scrap metal compared to the marbled statues and majestic Roman columns found around the city. 

Summer 1999. It was a hot summer day in Paris and despite the tourist crowd milling around, I managed to capture a shot of the Eiffel Tower - on the ground.






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