A c r o s s   t h e   o c e a n s   o n   a   s i l v e r   p l a n e

[up] Under the Eiffel Tower, Paris - I've tried but it's almost impossible to take a decent picture of the immense metal structure that is the Eiffel Tower. So I looked down for inspiration and took this silhouette picture of its beautiful arches and curves with the help of the warm summer daylight.


[up] Sentosa, Singapore. Turn the camera and just click.

[up] Fruit seller at the Floating Market in Bangkok Thailand.

[up] Here's a close-up shot of a statue at the Arc de Triumph, in Paris. I framed this shot in my mind before I took out the camera - it's good practice as it train our eyes to look for alternative perspectives in our surroundings. Oh, I also noticed that the guy has nice biceps.

 [left] Chinese guard at Tiananmen, Beijing.

"See the forest when it's wet with rain"

[left] Purple Lotus in bloom, Bangkok, Thailand.

 [up] Panorama. Christchurch, NZ

[up] The Louvre museum in Paris, France. I used Photoshop to change the plain glass pyramid and make it more of a mood piece. Although nowadays, I would prefer not to do any touch up. Hah! Go figure!


[down] Orchid in Botanical Gardens, Singapore

[up] The Church of St Peter's in Rome, Italy. It was a truly awesome cathedral, adorned with imposing statues and wonderful paintings. I happened to look up and saw the delicate rays shining across the golden dome. !Click!

 [down] The colour of green is so soothing. Leaves and frangipani in Male, Maldives.


[down] Blue mural, Vatican Musuem



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