B e i j i n g    C h i n a


The bronze lioness standing guard in one of the many gates inside the Forbidden City. I like the rich gold colour on the beautifully carved lioness.

When there are too many elements to cramp into a picture, I'd just focus on one thing. And in this picture, it's the framed portrait of Mao Ze Dong located on the Tiananmen.

The little kid was told by his mom to sweep the front door. Without him, this picture would have looked empty.

Outdoor dining in Beijing, with bright red lanterns and swirling crowd. I had to stand really still to take this picture without flashlight- just enough to capture the deep reds and the formless darkness of movement. The one clear shot of a man sitting down and enjoying his meal anchors the picture, and adds meaning to the whole scene.


C h r i s t c h u r c h

On the road to Mt. Cook -  expansive terrain and glorious mountains in a forceful interplay of light and darkness.   

The scenery in New Zealand is breathtaking. Everywhere I turned, I get inspired. To a city boy, inspiration comes easily with just a few trees, a lake and distant mountains.


I took this picture as the aircraft I was in turned right, towards the airport. With the sunlight behind me, I was able to capture the shadow of the aircraft against the green fields.


N e w  Z e a l a n d

I like the orderly layered textures in this shot - the rocky shoreline, the gentle lake, the mountain ranges, and clouds like icing on a cake topped with a clear blue sky.

I like to play with shadows in my pictures. Here, traveling in the car just before sunset, I captured the silhouette of the van my friends and I were in against a field of gold.

I arrived into Auckland on a cloudy afternoon, checked in my hotel, and took the first ferry to Waiheke Island - a half hour trip by fast boat. I passed by Rangiotto Island, and immediately fell in love with the turquoise sea, the gnarled trees and rolling plains. No doubt I'll be back to visit this island, and take away a few more memorable pictures.

O u t b a c k

Overlooking the northern tip of Western Australia, with it's rivers and tributaries They looked like lungs, don't they?

A u s t r a l i a

In the middle of nowhere, clouds and barren landscapes form beautiful patterns.



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