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Getting there

Finding your way to Cremorne Point couldn't be easier. First, head for the ferry wharves at Circular Quay on the waterfront in central Sydney.

Circular Quay is well serviced by trains, buses and (of course) ferries. 

At Circular Quay, catch the Mosman ferry. This pleasurable ten minute trip crosses to the other side of the harbour, passing several famous landmarks on the way.

To the west, the Sydney Harbour Bridge Sydney Harbour Bridge and ferry
Sydney Opera House with ferry passing To the east, the Sydney Opera House
To the north, Admiralty House (the Sydney home of Australia's Governor-General, who is the British Monarch's representative in Australia) Admiralty House
Kirribilli House Next to Admiralty House, Kirribilli House (the official Sydney home of Australia's Prime Minister, the leader of the elected Federal Government).
Cremorne Point wharf (far right on the waterline in the photo) is the ferry's first stop, and this is where you disembark. Approaching Cremorne Point by ferry
Ferry at Cremorne Point ferry wharf If it's during the morning peak hour or on the weekend, you might be lucky enough to encounter the coffee and cake stall sometimes set up at the wharf.
After leaving you at Cremorne Point wharf, the ferry chugs on around the headland of Cremorne Point (the tip of which is actually called Robertson's Point) and heads north into secluded Mosman bay. Zigzagging east, west then east again across the bay, it stops at South Mosman and Old Cremorne wharves, then finally at Mosman wharf. Mosman wharf is where you'll find yourself at the end of this walk, and where you can catch the ferry back to Circular Quay.

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