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Shell Cove 2

Amongst the Federation style buildings, you'll notice substantially more residential re-development compared to the Mosman Bay side, but it's mostly quite attractive low-rise modern apartments, with the occasional red brick monstrosity from previous decades.
Shell Cove houses Shell Cove houses
A short way along the path, another smaller path leads off to the left to the MacCallum pool, a small swimming pool on the edge of the harbour. Maccallum Pool, Cremorne Point
Further north as you head up Shell Cove, the land rises higher above the water, the slope down to the water's edge gets steeper and the vegetation gets bushier.  Sandstone cliffs and boulders hide the houses from view to your right, but you can still glimpse the cove, its boats and waterfront houses through the scrub on your left.
Shell Cove Shell Cove

At the head of Shell Cove the reserve comes to an end.  There are quite a few steps to negotiate up to street level, and a little patch of grass with a seat where you have a view down the cove.  You can also scramble down a roughish track onto the sand to enjoy the view down the cove from water level. 

Only one side of Shell Cove is accessible to the public. The land on the other side of the cove is privately owned down to the water's edge and thus inaccessible.

So when you have reached the head of the cove, you can either retrace your steps to Cremorne Point Wharf, or walk uphill via residential streets to Kurraba Point, the point on the other side of Shell Cove, separating Shell Cove from the next bay, Neutral Bay.

At Kurraba Point you can take in marvellous harbour views from the lookout, or descend to the open grassy parkland close to the water. You can also catch a ferry to Circular Quay from nearby Kurraba ferry wharf, reached by descending about 100 steps from the road.

That's the end of the walk.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do.  

Continue through the next few pages to see the harbour lights at night and find out about public transport, accommodation, guidebooks and links.

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