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Mosman Bay Houses

Rejoining the main path again, you'll notice from time to time, other paths and stairs leading off it. Those to the left generally go up to one of the adjacent residential streets, those on the right down to the water's edge.
You'll pass many lovely houses and apartments perched on the hillside amongst rambling gardens. Cremorne Point houses
Cremorne Point house Cremorne Point house

The housing here is mainly of a grander, older nature - dating mostly from the early 20th century, the "Federation" style of architecture.

Federation style architecture was in vogue from about 1890 to 1920 and is characterised by

Decorative timber fretwork

Complex terracotta tiled roofs with terracotta finials (ornaments on top of roof)

Leadlight and coloured glass windows, often made in art nouveau style with waving and swirling lines and floral shapes

Bay windows

Cremorne Point house Cremorne Point house

Soon the path passes Old Cremorne wharf. If you wanted to, you could wait here for a ferry - although from around 4pm in the afternoon on weekdays, the ferry only stops here on the inbound trip to Mosman (not the outbound trip to Circular Quay). 

You can still board the inbound ferry, and stay aboard for the outbound trip, but may have to pay an extra fare. This won't be a problem at all if you have a ticket such as a Day Tripper which, for $A15.00 (at December 2003) allows unlimited trips on Sydney buses, ferries and suburban trains for one day.

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