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Mosman Wharf

At the northern end of Mosman Bay, you come to a pleasant view across a marina, and a spot where there are a few houses on the right side of the path as well as the left. Mosman Bay viewed from Cremorne Reserve
Footbridge, Harnett Park / Cremorne Reserve Just past the last house on the right is a set of steps to descend, before crossing a small wooden bridge over a gully and following the path to the right.
Now you're going round the head of Mosman Bay, (its northern foreshore), and have lovely views south down the whole bay, including the southern shores of Sydney Harbour in the distance. Mosman Bay viewed from Harnett Park / Cremorne Reserve
As you approach the other side of Mosman Bay, you'll encounter some steps down to a laneway near a Sea Scouts building and the Mosman Rowing Club.  You turn left into the laneway (after making a diversion to the right, if you like, onto a grassy flat with views up Mosman Bay).  The laneway leads into a car park next to the Mosman Rowing Club.
Mosman Rowing Club / Rowers Restaurant The Mosman Rowing Club welcomes visitors and is open for lunch and dinner (and Sunday breakfasts).  Meals are quite expensive, but the prices for Sunday breakfast are very reasonable.  See links page for a link to their website.

This is almost the end of the walk.  At the end of the car park, you turn right along the perimeter of Reid Park then right again to follow the path in a horseshoe shape around the marina to Mosman ferry wharf.

Reid Park is a large, long, open and grassy park, popular with picnicking families.  Towards its northern end, it's closed in on both sides by steep slopes and has a suspension bridge high across the top.

There are no water views from the suspension bridge, but it's still fun to walk across, and to gaze down into the park below.  To get on to it, you walk into the park, keeping towards its left boundary (but not on the road).  Soon you will see a small steep narrow path leading upwards to the bridge.  Having crossed the bridge, you can turn right and follow the road back down to Mosman Wharf.

Approaching Mosman wharf, there's a wide and pleasant promenade and plenty of seating overlooking the marina tucked into the end of the bay.  There are some particularly classy looking yachts moored here! Marina, Mosman Bay

It's a very pleasant place to sit for a while, with the high slopes surrounding the "dog leg" at this end of the bay giving it a very enclosed and intimate feel.  I particularly like it late in the day when the sun is low and the water is glassy.

House near Mosman wharf A lot of the housing around Mosman Wharf is unremarkable, but there are some grand Federation style places.

At Mosman wharf itself, are a small grocery store, a shoe repair business, public toilets and Wharfy's Cafe.  Wharfy's Cafe has a few tables and chairs under cover with low volume music playing.  They serve snacks, drinks and some meals.

Mosman wharf

Before long you'll hear the ferry chugging down the bay before it turns into the corner to tie up at Mosman wharf to take you back to Circular Quay.

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