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If you're looking for tourist accommodation in this area, there's pleasant, comfortable, clean and friendly 3-star bed and breakfast accommodation in a Federation-style building called Cremorne Point Manor at 6 Cremorne Road. Cremorne Point Manor, 6 Cremorne Road, Cremorne Point, Sydney
It's only about five minutes walk from Cremorne Point Wharf. I have stayed there myself several times, but have no connection with the owners or operators.  See my links page for a link to their website.

Dinner/Evening meal

This is a quiet residential area, and there are no restaurants in the immediate area for an evening meal, but don't imagine this is a disadvantage!  Your options are plentiful.

However, plan to dine early (or order delivered meals) on Sundays, as the ferries and buses stop running around 7pm.

Of course, water taxis are always an option, albeit a more expensive one.  See the links page for water taxi details.

Here are some suggestions for eating out:

Stroll down to the ferry wharf and catch the ferry to Circular Quay to dine at the fabulous range of restaurants and cafes at the Quay or in The Rocks area nearby.  The Rocks has a fantastic ambience, especially at night.

Last ferry back to Cremorne Point/Mosman

12.10am Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Public Holidays

7pm Sundays.


Catch another ferry or jetcat (catamaran) from Circular Quay to Manly to dine by the Pacific Ocean

To ensure you don't miss the last ferry back to Cremorne Point/Mosman, you'll need to leave Manly on the jetcat by

11.25pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Public Holidays

6.10pm on Sundays.


Catch another ferry from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour where there are restaurants at all price ranges and a wide variety of cuisines.

Last ferry back to Circular Quay

10.25pm Monday to Friday

Saturdays and Public Holidays 7.15pm

On Sundays, you'd need to catch the 6.15pm ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay to ensure you don't miss the last Cremorne Point/Mosman ferry.


Catch the Neutral Bay bus, route 225, near Cremorne Point Manor and head north about 2 kilometres to Military Road (six minute trip on the bus).  Here you'll find an enormous variety of restaurants, cafes and bars with a variety of price ranges. Arm yourself with a bus timetable so you can minimise waiting times at the bus stop for the trip back to Cremorne Point.  See my public transport page for a link to the bus timetables.

Last bus back to Cremorne Point from Spofforth Street near Military Road is at

11.51pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Public Holidays

7.02pm Sundays.


Walk (via the Mosman Bay path described previously)  or catch the ferry from Cremorne Point to Mosman wharf, where you'll find the Rowers Restaurant at Mosman Rowing Club (see links page for a link to their website).  It's not cheap, but it's a magical experience.  If you want to enjoy the ambience without spending so much money, try Sunday breakfast instead - prices are very reasonable. 

Last ferry back to Cremorne Point is at

11.53pm Monday to Friday

12.31am Saturdays and Public Holidays

7.21pm on Sundays.


Or stay in and order food to be delivered from a wide variety of restaurants.  Brochures with details of what's available are provided in Cremorne Point Manor rooms.  Unless you have your own transport or decide to use water taxis, this is probably the best option for Sundays, when buses and ferries cease around 7pm.

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