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Views from Water

As you travel up Mosman Bay, via Old Cremorne and Musgrave Street wharves, you can get another perspective on Cremorne Point by viewing it from the water.
From the water, the path around the northern foreshore is invisible through the trees.  But you can now see the houses above that weren't clearly visible to you from the path. Harnett Park viewed from Mosman Bay
Cremorne Reserve viewed from Mosman Bay The path around the eastern foreshore, in front of the houses at the top of the tree line is also not visible from the water.
After stopping at Old Cremorne wharf (unless it's the time of day when this wharf is bypassed), next stop is Musgrave Street (also called South Mosman) wharf. Musgrave Street wharf viewed from Mosman Bay
"Clifford" and other houses near Musgrave Street wharf South Mosman

As you're leaving Musgrave Street wharf, it's worth looking back to see "Clifford" a cube-shaped apartment building.  This area develops a golden glow late in the day when the sun is low.

After rounding Robertsons Point, with its little lighthouse, the ferry calls in at Cremorne Point again, the last stop before crossing the harbour to Circular Quay. Harbour view on rounding Robertsons Point
If you haven't had enough, get off at Cremorne Point again and head down the other way, to Shell Cove.

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