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Bus and ferry timetables

See my public transport page for relevant bus route numbers.

Cremorne Point Map

North Sydney Council site with information about Cremorne Point. At the bottom of the page is a large, clear map of Cremorne Point, with streets and walking paths marked.

Cremorne Point Manor

Tourist accommodation at Cremorne Point.

Rowers Restaurant, Mosman Rowing Club

Upmarket lunch, dinner and Sunday breakfast.  Visitors welcome.

Water Taxis Combined

Alternative to ferry transport, especially after 7pm on Sundays.

The Bounty

Replica of 18th century tall ship.  Offers harbour cruises.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Find out how you can climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, day or night, for a breathtaking view of the harbour.

Sydney Panorama

Stunning panoramic picture of Sydney by night taken from Cremorne Point by astronomer Gordon Garradd.

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